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Letter From Sir Bartle Frere

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The papera are just now publishing a letter lately received by a southern lady f rom Lord Wolsel'y the commander of the British foro s in the Sondan giving his opinión of Lee, Grint, etc. A letter from another distiuguished Engliahniau to a gentleman in Ann Arbor has fallen into our bands, wnich may be of suflicient interest to justify its publication. The letter is as followB: CapeTows, South África, { May 1, 1883. ( Mv Deab Prof. D - : Your kind letter commending the "Aristophenes" íh received with many thanks. I fully agree with yon that the author of the "Froga" and "Olouds" was the brighteet of the Greeks. I liavo often wondered why his delightful comedies- sparklin with wit - are not niort' read and studied in onr higher inBtitutions of learninjr, especially his "Lyeietrata" and "Ecclesiazousae." Shonld yousnccet'd as yon hope in introducing the Lysistr.tta into your classes I should be glad if yon would inform me how the yoir g gentlemen and ladies appreciate it. I have just finished the Compte de Paria last volume of the liistory of our oivil war. Mei Mellan waa unqueationably your greaíeet general, Grant was a mere tíirhter without a spark of military scnius, Lee a tactitioa without dah - a necessary quai;ty in a great general. Thanking you again for your kind opinión of my work I remain respectfully yours, Baktlb Fbebb.


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