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' Kcepiiiff a dairv isnot whatitis ed up to be ïhirty days of accuraoy is i about the limit of the endurance; bat Dr. Bulls Congh Syrup bas never yet disapomted auy oue who has used ït; secure a bottle for tliat awful OOUgh. The baok stoop - Bending the crab. Hiicklcn's Árnica Salve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Brtuses, Sores, Ulcera, Salt Rlieum, Fever Sortss, Tetter, Ohapped Hands, Chilblains, Coros, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay reqnired. It ia guaranteed to givo perfect satisfation, or inoney refunded. Price '2.5 centa per box. For sale by Eborbach &Son. A bawl-rooni - A nursery. Veby Kemarkable Kecovery. - Mr. GeorgeV. Williny, nf Manchester, Mich., writes: "My wife h:is been a'most helpless for five yeare, so helpless that she ?ouM not turn over in bed alone. She used t wo bottles of E'ectric Bitters and is ao much improved that she is abie now to do her own work." Electric Bitters will do all that i claimed for tlicin. Hundreds of testimoniáis attest their great curativo powers. Only tífty cents a bottle at Eberbach & Son's. Far from the madding ciowd - The bank cashiers in Canada. A WoNDEBFCi, Diswmvery- -Consumptives and all, who sufi'er from any affection of the Throat and Luugs, can find a ertain cure in Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. Thousands of permanent euros verify the truth of this statement. No medicine can show such a record of wonderf ui cnres. i'hoiisands of once hopelosR RiifFerers now gratefully proclaim they owe their lives to this New Discovery. It will cost you nothing to give it a trial. Free trial boltles at Eberbach & Son's drug store. Large size, $1. Running expenses - Children. Oil From Natore's Wells. - The akin on the head is kept soft anp flexible by a secretion from oil gLmdu' When these are elojrged the hair dries iirul tulla off. Parker's H:iir Balsem renews their itetion, restores ihe original color to the hair and makes it soft, and glossey. It also eradicates dandruff. Not greasy, not a dye, deliciously perfuuiod. JMightful for a ladiè's toilet The best of dreasings. Preferable to all similar artieels becunse ■( its superior cleanliness and purity. Daily papers - Bills. Our largost and most extensive manufacturera in the land, constantly invent new ways of improving their goods. DeLand'ü Saleratus and Soda was thought to be perfect years ago, but the constaut push ind enterprise of this proserous tírm, e uibles them to distribuie to au apprecative pwblie, the flnet, whitest, and pnrest Saleratus and Soda ever known Oity Local. Well Digging. - I urn prepared to dig wells on short notice. All orders given immediate at.tention. For particular cali on or address D. B. GongU, Ann Arbor, .Mich. Farms For Sale. - Inquire of John Finnegan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Loanisg. - Monev toloan on tírst-cliss Real Estáte MortgageatCurreut rates of Interest. Satisfactory arrangement made with eapitalisis desiring such investments. Every conveyanee and transafition in abstracts of litles curtfally examimed as to legal effect. Z. P. King, Ann Arbor J. E. Harkins, manuf icturer and dealer in stove, tin and sheet iion ware, pumps and furu:ices. Work of all kinds promptly atten'led to. A full line of coal and wood stoves. Gojand see the prices given with ;;oods at Em inuel agner's grocery, South Main streel. Lamps - A large assortment at Einnnnel Wagners, Sout Main-st. For California dryed fruits cali on Chas. E. Wugner, No. 17, The only pure Cider Vinegar that is sold is purchaaed at Emanuel Wagner's, No. SS, gouth Mam-st. Everything is first-class bougbi at Chas. E. Wagner's, the grocer, No. 17 East Ann-st. I pay cash for Bntter and Eggs, at 33 South Main-st. Emanubl Wagner. For all kinds of Salted Fish en 11 on Chas. E. Wagner, No. 17 East Ann-st. A full line of Crockery Ware at Emanuel Wagner's. Chow Cnow and M ixed Pickles, Dried Beef, Smoked Sugar-Cured Meats at Chas. E. Wagner's, No. 17 East Ann-st. Oranges and Lemons cheap, at Emanuel Wagner's store, No. 33 South Mainstreet. "Where do you get your pure cider vineqar?" At Emanuel Wagner's, of course, No. 33, South Maiu-st. For Bargains in Grooeries cali on Chas. E. Wagner, No. 17 East Ann st. J M. Gould nextto the postoffice pays cash for Butter and Eggs imd farm produce. Remember that the only place to buy fresh Fish every day in the week, is at J. AI. Gould's place luljoining the postofflee. Smoker's Articles of all kinds, choice Chewing Tobacco, Cigars, etc, at No. 33 South Main-st. Emanuel Waoner. All kinds of farm produce purebased at Emanuel Wiigner's, No. 33, Sonth Main-st. I pay cah for Turkeys and Chickens. J. M. Gould. Bananas, Cocoanuts, Lemons, Oranges, Confoctionary, a fine line at Chas. E. Wagner's No. 17 East Ann-st. Chas. E. Wagner's is the place to Imy your groceries and get bargains. Dry and Wet Groceries, nice freali stock to select from. Emanuel Wagner. Chas. E. Wagner pays cash for butter and eggs. 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Tropical and Polar Explorers. lncluding the Official History of the late Greely Expedition in Search of the North Pole. ah the achfevemente, dlsooverlM, travela, and adventures of the i?rtat expiorera. with desoriptlonsof wouderftil-countriee, customs and han its of straiiffe and curioiK jieople, animulH, hirdw, and reptiles i the Wuiiders and great Natural ( 'ui iosiiies of the Tropical und Polar Worlds; a record of marrelous tnings od the earth, a ful] history oí all tbr World greatoet wonders nnd Famoua explorations, in onespldndid, lw priced profusas lüustrated Tolume Embraclngln the tropld all the travels and dlcooverlep 01 ttpéke and (Jrair, Sir S'iuol Baker and wife, Uvin. BtASley, Du Ghalllu, a allaoe, Lont;, ftquler," and many others; In the Artic regions, PraoJcUn, Kano, ilat Hall, Hchwatka. DeLonj?, ('rely and mauy others; foriniiijf a complete enoyck pedia of i xploration, Discovery and ld venture in all purts of the worid, with a history i savase raoes, Btranse "f-a ts, birds and reptiles, and pn-at natural Wonden libookofln Bstimable vahieand rapid selllor qu iities. Ncarr800uarto paces ovr liOO splundid illustrations. low pricH, outsellsallother looks Agenta wanted on salary pr eommittlon. Write for pictorial circulan and extra ternis. Addres. J. S. GOODMAN & Co., 14 La Salle SU, Chicago. William H. Mclntyre tlie well nowu I Grocerjraau hiw removed lus jilacu of bumness oue store eiiHt in the Don: block. Everythiug in the grocerj line an tonnd at Mr. Mclntyres st re. Nothing 8old at the bar on Sonda; . G RAMTTRUNK RAILWAY IX0LDD1K6 TUK GREAT WESTERN DIVISIÓN. The Niagaru Falls S! ort Line. Pullman and Waguer sleeping Cara and Elegant New Dining Cars on all Express Trams east and west. All triiins arrive at and depart from Bnixh-st. depct on Central Standard Urne, whloh l 28 minutes sluwer than Detroit city time. Main lme train via Fort Kurun. DEPOT FOOTOF BliUSH STRKET. Leave at Arrivp at Tor.mto, MontreiUancl East 8 00 am 6!i BiitTulo 'SOOum 5 0ó pm Port Huron Express 4 20 pin BOSpm Toron o, Montreal and East. {-1 Ou pm 988 pm UunVilu Kast, Express JjllUOpm 0 .': pm Great Western División, Depot Foot of Biusli Street. Leaveat Arrtre nt Atlantic Express $G85am H 83 ara Express {lSOSnoon HMpm London Express 5 80pm 8 60 pro hor tickets and intorniatlon apply in Qeneral Ticket ufllce. ltj'.t JelTerson avenue, corner WoodwarU, or it Depot Ticket Offloe, tooi "I Urush street. L)aily. Exeep: Sondar. .1 MICKSON, General Manager. WM. KOBIN8ON, Micli. & ü. V. l'ass. Agt , Detroit. Qilbkrt Bliss, l'ass. & Ticket Agt., Anu Afbor. S Bfcfc3 l.- 'TDt EL2 Jê MSBjk ' AND BB 6LAD. Tnn are hmmii to rio itíf you rcari THK CHICAOO i i DGER, Ii w;lt máke your family happy and hoarty. nii'i til: your home wlth tunwhine. It w:H uve tuedlcinr and aid riieesü n. Kverj ÍHBueteemí with hm and (rtows witu liclion oí a hitfli charaeter. It í Uie n -il ■ uud moví sprlffhtly weeklj inte t fn tbr DiiHed stai' s. If yon mnnnt tfRt it of yonr NcwsflcaltT or Postraaster, fwn.l a -cent stamp tor a ampie con? t tTHE ICAWÜ LKlKSER.Cbicaico,ni. ÜrOnl7 One Dollar v.;ir. ÍLYON&HEALYg State & Monroe bts.. Chicago. i2jL "b an'p'Ïa'taCoue -B -i Cboic Iiuil M j.k. ■ ■ ft I more money than at anythinff elae bv I IVI'''1'1' an aCen5" or l'1P 'H's sellinti BI I IHiiook hui. Bègtnnen nicoewi ersnaIllly. None fail. Terms f ree. Hallett Book & Co.. Portland. Maine. CAIN Health andJHappiness. 5 ? DO AS OTHERS O&OIAÏ 5 have DOME. Are your Kidneys disordered? '■Kidney Wort bnmght me froui my gravo, tm it wor afttrlhad teen glvcn up ly 13 Ik-pi doctonln üotroit." H. W. 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It kIvps a oonoise md ii terestin summary of THE WORLD'S NEW8, Fbrelgu, AmeriTnn, OongreMJonal, Watom n Northern. It prints 2HB NEWS OF MICHlfiAN, Joflod dowp for brief roadiriK, and gives a fuj synopsis of the doings of the Iegislature, It chronicles ALL THE I1APPENINQS OFANNARBOR, The county seat, KiWnpT full and accu rat o rtïports of the Circuit ('ourt., l'ulitical Meetings, Formen1 Clubs, University and School Uatters, Etu., Ktc. IT IS FEARLESS ín lts denunciatlon of monopoHcs, and all othet burdens that weigh upon tuelVoplo; and shows up all frauda regardless of who it hits. It pubUshes A OOOD S10RY Every week, and has interesting articles fon the f-oung. ÏSrits Price is $1. Per Tear, in Ailvnnce, A.nd is regarded by its suhscrihers r too vnluablf ■ o loan; so don't try to borrow. 'o invite1 your attention to some of the many complimentary hinga that arobemgsaidof Thk Demociut "It evuicca shrewdness, push and ability."- Lansing Journal. 'It is making friends eví .. day. It is a weUonducted and readablo .Jieet."- Ponttae IMS Posttr. "A. ery enterprteinsr, yide-awake local Jour ,''L); kof ney "" good sayings."-(Jc,t (.FUnt) Demoent, "It is a live, spicy newspaper, and a valuable aadition to the Journalist ie list of Washtenaw Tetumwh ihmXtl. "Editorially, locally and typographically it i pne of the flnest loking papers that ever canie mto thisofflee."- D, tniit ËverUna ffi "The Democüat abounds in able and vigoroui editorials, a great varicty of local Information and interestmg general news and miscellaneous matter."- Jackwn Patriot. 'THE DEMOHRAT" Estnte of Mary R. Clark. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Wasbtenaw. O BB. At asessiun of tlie probate court, for the i-uuiity of Washtenaw. holden at the probate of - fice in the ciij f Alm Arbor. on I ridny, the ■-■;kl day of January. in the year one thousand eight hundred und eighty-flve. Present, Willioni L. Harriman Judge of Probate. in the matter of the estáte of Mari K Clark. de.fasfd. Z Frank ClaiK, executor of the last will and testament of said deeeased. comes into court and representa ilmt he is dow prepared to render hia QnnJ nroountas such executor. Thereujon, it is ordered, that Saturday. the 21ih day of fc'eoruarr teno'clock In the forenoun, be assigned for examining and allowIntt K'iL-h account, and tliiit the devisees, legatees and lit-irH ut Utw of said deceaaéd, and all other persona Interested in said estáte, are required to appear at a sessioi of said court, then to be holden ut the probate office, in the city .of Ann Arbor, in said county. aud show cause if auy there be, wli' üie uu! account phould not be allowed. And it is further ordered, that said executOf notice to the persona Intereated in said estáte, of the pendency of said account, and the hearing thereof, by causbig acopy of tliis order tobe paoUshed in the Ann Ariiok Democuat, a newspapir printed and circulating in sai.l routiiy tiiree succeasive weekn previous to said day of hearing. W1LLJAM D. HARRIMAN. A true copy . Jndge of Probate. Wii.i.iam G. Doty. Probate Bevister ui h H f s LU It - "- j o I g M ü O o mam 1 1 S 5 Cstf J -E CO t Üj lo l - H H To olear ont my immense aasortment of liquors, I will Bell Fooi 8ummerB üld Hand-made Sour Mash lBourbon Whiskey At Detroit Priccs. Architeetnral Plans and Speriilcations. People who want Hoiises built according to modern style can obtain tke same fi-oin Andrew Climie. Heatiug and Ventilation a epeciaUy. Seo housce of O. Eberba.-h, E. E. Beal and E. S. Wor deu. Office at residence 'Li Mayuard-st., Anu Arbor. Notice to Crcditortt. STA.TB Ot MIOHIQAN, ('mintj of Washtenaw _ s. Notice is hereby piven tliat bv au ordar of the probate court for tne oountv ol Washtenaw ma(le on the I5thdav f January. . I). Iks:?. six mouths from that date wrre alloweti for crt'ditors to present thcir olafnis rti?ainst tlit't'stati of Cornelius LowfJ-, lat1 of said county, deceased, and that all creditors of said deceased are requircd to present tbfir i'laiias tn said probate court, at tne probate office in the city of Ann Arbor, f }r examination and allowance, on or before the lBtluiay of July m-xt. and tliat such claims will be heard befoie said court , on Kon day the 13th day of April, and on Honda; Ihe Wth day of .ïulv next. at ten o'clock in tlie forenoon of eacl of said days. Dated, Ann Arbor. January 1, A. D. 188ÍÍ. WK. MAM I). HAHK1MAN, Judge of Probate. Real Estáte for Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Oounty of Washtenaw ss. I n the Matterof the Estáte of Alrk-k H Bodwell, deceased. Notlce ia hereby Riven, that in penuanoe 01 an order granted tu the undersiitiu-il, Ariniinis trator of the estáte of said deceased, by tbe Bou Judge of Probate, for the Oounty of Washt -ni # on the 18th dayof February, A. D. 1886, thi-n will be Hnld at pubüc vendue,to t lie highest bid der, at the east front door of the courl house n thecilyof Ann Arbor, ba the County of Waat tenaw. In Baid State, on Tuesdav, tlie Sist day of Maren, A. L. ÏSS1, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day (subject to all enpumbrances by mortage or otherwise existin'nt. the tizne of the Jeath of said dfceased), the following described Real Estáte, to-wit: An undivided one-half interest in that certain tract of land in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, described as followö; Ixt nunibor fifteon (15) in bloek number threc (3) north of Huron street in ranpre foür (4) east in said city. Also an undivided half Interest in a piece of land fourteen rod in length off the east fcur rods in wldth of II two (2) block four (4) south range three (3) west according to the recorded plat of Wflllam S. Maynard's addition to the city of Ann Arbor, a recorded in Libr "L" of deeds on page I 8 in the nfflee of the register oí deeds in said cou:ity of Washtenaw. Dated February 18. 1885. JOHN FINNEGAN, Administrator. Estáte of Judoeus Josephus Van Waterschoot. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Cuunty of Washtenaw as. At a ses ton of tlie Probate Court for the county of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate ofllce In the city of AnnArbor on Wednesday.the "thdayof Jauuaiy. in thf year one thousaud ei(rht hundred and eighty-five. Present, Williám D. Harriman, Judge of Probate. In the matter of th estáte of Judocus José 1'liusVan VVaterschoot, deceased. On reading and tlling tlie petition, duly verlfled, of Willinm J. Fierle prayinK thai a certain Instrument now on file in tiiis court purporting to bo the last will and tc-tiuiicni of saiil ieceased, may be ndii-ltteil lo probate, and ihat he may bf appoiuted ezooutor thdreof Tliercuiioii it tí OnUral. That Mi nday, the 18th day of March, uext, at ten O 'dook ia the forenoon, be aasigntsd for the hearing of sald M-tiUon, and that the devisees. leñatees and lei at law of said ile eapd, and all other eraons intreated in aaid estáte, are required to ippear at ascssiou of said court then tole holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, and show cause if any Ibera b hy tho trayer of the petitioner sliouid not be granird: nditis furthpr ordered. that said oetltioner flve notice to the pf rsons iiit-Tisinl in saul osAte. of the pendeney of saii pt-tition and the ïearingthereof. by causing a copy (.f liiis order o be publl-ihed Ann Ároor Democrat, a newsDapeiprinted and circulated in sxid county bree successive week previous to said day of eariug. WiLLIAM D. HMtRIMAN. (Atrue cony.) Judge of Probt. Wm. Cl. Doty, Probat Regiaer. FOR SALE CHEAP. Board bilis cgaiiut Frank A. V. Dlemert, of Mildmay, Prose Co., Oatario, and Wm. tarr, of Han ksville, Ont. Kor parliriilars tnquire of WILMAM CA8PARY. Ann Arbor, .Jan 19, 188S. lÖENJAMINLFAEDEI SOLO VIOLINIST, Late of Philadelphia, gradúate of the Leipzig Conservatory, begs to announce that he has decided to remain in Detroit, and will receive pupils at the music rooms of Roei Stephcns, Woodward Avenue. Mr. Faeder has attached himself to the staff of the Detroit School of Music. WILL ACCEPT ENGAGEMENTS FOR CONCERTS. Address, B. JL. Faeder, Roe Stephens' Music Store, or 273 Fort Street, West, Detroit, Mich. ( 'mil ni i ss j inicrs' Notiee. STATEOKMIOHIGAN.Countvof Washtenaw, sa. The undersigned havingbeen appointed iy the Probate Coun foraaid rounty. Voiuiiiíksioners to rtveivr, exaniinean ladjust all claims and dt'iiiauds of nU persons aainst the estáte of James M. Smirh, lat of Baid county deoeawd, lircby ííive notiee that siz months i rom dote are ilkic.l.l)v order of said Pr bat Court, for creditors to present their claims against thn of said deceased, and that they will meet al che ttoreofOeorgeS. Wlieeler.Esq ,in the vil] ag6 "f Salem in said county, on Tburnday the ltíth day of April, and un Thursday 16th day of July next, at ten o'clock A. M. , of each of said da ya, to receive, examine and adjust said claims. Dated January IKtli, 1885. HKORQE 8 WHEELER, W1LLIAM MURRAY, Comuiissioners. lii'iil Kstiitc for Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN. County of Washtenaw, r v.s In the matter of the estáte of Thomas Bradley, deceased. Notice is hereoy Kivrn, that in pursuance o an order granted to the undersiened adminis trator of the estáte of said deceased, by the Hou. Judge of Probate for the county o Washttma-, on the ÜOth day of December, A. I) 1S84, there willbesoldat Public Vendue ;to the hlghest bidder, at the late residence of sai( de-eased in the tuwnship of York, in the county of Washtenaw, in said state, on Tuesday, the a.")th day of Kehruary, A. D. ÏKS-Xat 10 o'clock in the forenoo of that day (subject to all enumnbrances bv niortsrane or otherwise ezisting at the tune of the death of lid deceased), the fol'lowlng de8cribed Keal Estáte, to wit : The west half of thsnorthwest quarterof the nort-heast quarlr of MCtion thirtv one. containing twenty arres. Theeast half of the northeast quarter nf the Tlhwist quarter of xection tbirty ne, inntainiiig twenty acres. The east quarter of the Hrmtheast quarter of tUe south west quarter f ion thirty, containing ten acres. The south three-quarters of the northweat quarterof the southeast quarter of section thirty. contlnUK thirty acres. West half of Southwest quarter uf suiithrast quarter of section thirtv, contalniiii.' t aai y acres. All of said pieces or par'el of land abovp desoribed heinR situated in the townahip of York. Washtenaw untr, in Michigan. Hated Dec, 30, 188. ALKRED LEWIS, Administrator. Annl TT Send 1 cents for postage IJ I I and receive free a costlv tr K I E r box of giKids which wil] IIILL help ymi to more ïnonev riffht away than anythinjf else in this world. All of either sex succeed from flrst hour. ThO broad road to fortune opens before the workers, absolutely sure. Atonoe ddress, TrueL Co., cutía, Mullís. Motice to Creditor. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County or Washtenaw ss. Notice ia hereby giver , that b}' an order of the probate court for the county of Washtenaw, made on the itth dav of Jannary, A. I). 18HS, six months from that date were allowed for creditors to present their claims against the estáte of George Wacker. late of said county, deocased, and that all creditors of said deceased are required to present their claims to said probate court, at tne probate ofnce in the city of Ann Arbor, for cxamination and allowance, on or before the 20 day of July sext, and that euch claintfl will be heard before said court. on Monday, the MM day of April, and on Monday, th 2uth üay of July next. at ten o'clock in the forenoim 01 each of said dayi. Dated, Ann Arbor, January 19. A. D. 1885. WILLIAJI D. HAUHIMAN, .Juüge of Probate. Estáte of Richard Meuhan. QTATK OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw O ss. At a sesKion of the probate court for thecounty of Washtenaw, holden at the ProIbate office in the city of Aun Arbor, on Tuesday, the 20th day of January, in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty five. Previit, VVilliara D. Harrimau. Judge of Probate. In "f matter of the estáte of Richard Beahan. decensod. Libbie Beahan, executrix of the last will and testament of said deceased comes into court and represent that she is now prepared to der hor final account as sueh executrix. Thereupon it is ordered, that Tuesday, the V. tii day of February next, at ten o'cluck in ihi'fnrcnoiii, beasstened tor ezamining and alIowinr tiucfa account, and that the devisees, leñatees, and heirs al law of said delist-d, and all other persons interested in aid estáte are required to appear at a m'swoü of saidcourt theu to be holaeu at the probate office in the city of Ann Arbor, in said couuty, and show cause if any therc be, why thn said account should not beallowed: Am! it is further ordered, that said executrix give notic'e to tbe persons interested in said estáte, of the pendenc of said account, and the hear ing thereof, by causing a copv of Ibis order to be published in the Ann Arbor Democrat. a newspaper printed and circulating in said county, three succesüive weeks prerious to said day of hearing. WILLIAM 1. HAltRIMAX, (Atruecopy.) Judse of Probate. Wm. U. Dott, rrobate Reirister. Estáte of Williaui Huuiphrey. CTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Waehtenaw, O ss. Ata sas-iion of the probate court f or tb county of Washtenaw, holden at the probate of flce. in the city of Ann Arbor, on Wednesday. the Mh day of January, in the year one thouaand fiKUt nundrt'U and eitfhty-nve. PreBent, Williani 1). Harriman, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of William Humphrey, deceased. CoiiiKtook F. HUI, the udministrator of said estáte comes intu eourt and representa tbat he is uow prepared to reuder hiH annual account as such adniinistrator. Thereupon it is ordered, that Samrday , the Sist day of Kebruary next, at ten Vloek in theforeiiüun, be assigned for examiniug and allowing suah ai count and that the heire at law of said de ceast-d. and allother persons interested in said estáte, are required to appear at asession of said court.then tobe holden at the probate ofllce, in the city of Ann Arbor, in said county, and show cause, if any there be, why the said account ehould not be allowea. And it is further ordered that said administrator give notice to the person interested lu said estáte, of the pendency of said account and the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of this order to b published in Ï7i Ann Artvtr Vemiicrat. a newsjiiper printed. and clroulating in said county, lire.' sucvessive weeks previous to said day of Initlnj WILLIAM D. HARKIMA.N, Atrueoopy.) Judge of Probate. W. Q. Doty Probate Register AAAA AAAin presentstriven away. V "1 II II Se""1 us 5 "eut Posta ■ l Hand by mail you will yjimWtW Uget free a package of mQQB t ïarjievalue. tliat will start you in work that will nt cini'e liring you in moneyfaster than anytbing else in America, All ahou the t$200.000 in presents with each box. Agents wanted everywhere, of either sex, of all ages, for all the time, or spare time only, to work for us at theirown homes. Fortunes for all workers absolutely assured. Don'l dslay. H. Hallett L Co., Portland, Main.


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