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Two Sams

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le Oftrtd $iO Ir Itaiiíitmiis, Aun ArborDon't fat Anyl We want the Poor Man, the Workfngman and the Farmer to getalong in the OURSUCCESS IS DUE TO THEM. Our Clothing Sales have more than THRIBBLED since we introduced our LOW PRICE AND SACRIFICE SALE INTO ANN ARBOR. OTTIF. EFFORTS ATWÖ AJEFttJBlCTA.TttlZ Z THE TWO SAMS hereby acknowledge the above to be the cause of their success and believe in sharing with those who have aided thom Ye Wíll Give $250 of the $500 Oífered to ManuFactories to the Poor of Ann Arbor & Washtenaw Co #Síf.OO Ín Cnsh. We faall present to tlie Ladiea oí' lio Gorman Aid Society for them to diatritrate thcy dem í-.-.i to tho poor tind íioedy vrho are n w no gri-oatly suircriiijp. iu iiiiÍNt fi-om cold and want. .O in -i i r- li to tl l.iiiliiK Aid Associalion for tlicm to purchasc guch artielos ofneocsKit.v Por the Poor, Workiiigmon tmd tlieir liimilirs who need asxiiHtance. Those -huí-, ot'money, totytHr -with 11 otlior kiiiii!! tluit kIiuII le gfiven ly is -wo hnll take rec;oipts for (lie 11 nd lli-ili them as werccelve them. II v tr)ii?tiHitpiiii ask i lie f. 'lis ofiht abóte Aid and Oharity Asgdeiation lo eall al ow ptaet ofbwmeêton th 'HVh day nf Fehrmiry, 1885, mui rteetoetiu above tuncuna, GENTLEMEN TOK TOO HOI IB COPY II DON'T FOLLOW Our Sacrifico Sale of Clothing; is stil I going We have TOO MANY OVERCOATS,SUITS CHILDREN SUITS We must sell them. If you need any don't íorget us. We will uuJersull auy house in Michigan for the next two weeks Buy of the Two Sains whatever you need in the clothing line We shall offer The Biggest Drives in Underwear Thts Week Ever Held in Ann Arbor ! Come Ltnd seo tino ' 9 South Main St., Ann Arbor. THE ONLY STRICTLY ONE-PRICE HOUSE IN WASHTENAW COUNTYOur Manchester Store is Booming. Don't fail to ask for The Two Sams.


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