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To-nioirow will be valeutine day. The Toledo road rau no trains this week. Judga Cooley spent Wednesday in Detroit. R. O. Willets left for New Orleans Monday. Dan Sheenan of Niles spent this week in the city. Isaac Wynkup is ooufined to his home by sickness. Ann Arbor Turn Verein masquerade I ball to-night. D. Einsey has a new arrival in his I ily; it is a girl. Airs. Root spent part of the week with I .lrs. Sinclair in Detroit. The Minnis oreheatra will play at I Fowlerville the 26th inst. A. M. Pett was at the Brunswick hotel I in Detroit on Tuesday last. The Chequamegons contiol all the best I orcbestra work in üpsilaati. I "Hearts of Oak" at the grand this evening. Immense is the play. Deputy County i lerk Robinson spent the first of the week in Ypsilanti. Jas. Clements v aa registered at the Russell house in Detroit on Priday last. Attention is calied to the advertisetnent of Fall & Hendrick. They do as they advertise. Mrs. A. S. Pettit, daughterof Mr. and Mrs. John M. Ghase, of this city, died m Denver, Pnda . Several of the Miohigau Central trains wei e snuwed and f rozen ïu uear thiscity the firat of the week. Dr. and Mrs. ï. J. tíuüivan aud Miss Sullivan attended the Governora Levee at Detroit last evemug. L. R. blawsou, for many years a resident of this place, died in Bay. t jty londay. He wii 8 70 jea ra of tige. ïhe Unity club give an eiitertainnient this evening in the p;irki of the Unitarïanchurch, in tueshape of a pantomime. Next Monday evening Miss Hattie Stricklaud will read a paper on ïenny Hon'e "Princess," before the Umty club. Jas . Kay, of Detroit, was iu the cify Friday the guest of Wm. Wanzeck. Mr. K. was on bis ay to visii his brotherin Toledo. JK. F. Trevelhuk of Detroit was udvertised to lecture ín Dexter Tnewday evenmg on "The Kuightw ot Jüabor, their Aiui aad Platform." A democratie couiuy convention is oalled for Monday Feb. 23d, to i lect delegates to the Htute convention lo be held at Bay City, Feb. 2b. Wm. J. Bunnett died Saturday at Plassatlena, Cal., leaviu a wife and two children. He was the youngest son of Air. H. D. Bennett of tus place. E. A. Nordman, ex-eounty draiu commissiouej, has ratunW from his soutüem trip. He took iu the New Orleans sxposition and had a big time generallyGrand Visitor and Lecturer Geo. W. Robertson, of Alt. Cemens, holdsa lodge of instruetion for tha F. and A. Ai. throughout the county Fnday, feb. 27. Dr. W. W, Nichole, who is the owner of the finest fruit farm in this couuty, is etill of the opinión that there will be an abundance of pears the coming seasou. Mrs. Marry A. Livermore, will lecture in tbe Uniterian church Haturday evening Feb. 21, under the auspiccs of tue tbe Unity club. Subject: A üream of To-uiorrow. Prof. 0. R. íákelton ma:)ipulates the razor in fine style ut the ton-orial parlara of Herman Wanzeck, over Gto. Olai ken's store on Main-st. Firsl chair after entering the door. The Jackson Commmdery, No. 9, Kuights Templar, wid visit the Ann Arbor Commandery, Thursday, February 26, to work in the order of the temple. Tlie Ann Arbor Oommaudery vvill tender them a grand banquei. Rev. J. L. Douthit of Bhelbyville wül preach in the Unitarian church next Sunday morning and evening at Üus usual hour' of service. Bubject in the morning: "Kuowing God;" subject in the evening; 'Some Essentials of a True E'lucaiion." Joseph Eisele, age'l 24 years, died Sunday moming of heart diaease. He was a young min held high in the esteem of all who new him, and always had a kind word for everybody. He was a member of the Ht. Laweren' e Benevolent society. The funeral took place alt Bt. Thomas' Catholic cliurch Wednesday morning. "Hearts of Oak" is of the best attractions of the season. The plity ig pretty and romantic; it, tells a sweet story of love, and sorrounds the narrative with beautif ui scenic pictures, wonderful for their reahitio fïeot and the perfeotion to wliich the artist has bronght his work. The drama is soraewhat sombre in t ne, but it is a good one, and has ome touohing points of a sympathie nature. The four Masonic orders of tuis citv, ctfnsistingof two lodges of F. and A. M., Kniffhts Templar Conmaudery :nd a Hoyal Arch Chapier are contemplatiug j the leasing of the eutire third story of the St. James block. I hevarious bodies have appointed corumittees to I sult with ,1. E. Beiil, the owuer of the I Mock, and there is every prospect that I :hey will succeed in their undertaking. I In case the lease be effecteil the I tvms wü be torn out, icof raised and elegaut p;irlors, kitohen, banquet hall, urmory, maiu lodge room and comraitteè rooms be ütted up. This, it is said, will make omof the fiuestasylums in Michigan. We clip the following from the 8ummit Uouiity UoL.Leadi.T of the 7th inst., which refers to the property of the ttar Mountain .Mining C„, of tiiis city: Wm. Handy, wlio carne down from the Upper Blue river, lust week, states that they are getting along well ou the Star moiintaiu miuo, on which üe and Heury Milburn me workiug ou a coutract which will employ them during the whole winter. He states that thay are takmg out and piling j ap liberal qu.mtities of very fine ore, the quautity and grade of whioh gainB and improves as they get farther into the mouutain. 'l'hey are running a tunnel I on the vein, whick is one of thelargest in Nortli Star mountain, oropping out from its steep uotkern face for kundreds of feet above tne head of the slide. Mr. Handy expeots to put more men on this work as soon as it is practicable to get in snpplies. ïhe valuable property belónjs to the Star Mountain Mining company of j Michigan. For the last three years dtuiug cold wentlier the county jail luis been overrun I I with trampa, aud the ju4icesaudeoustaI bles have put the county to a considerI able expeuse in the arrestiiig and couviction of them. Some of constables have been known to arrest a tramp and I secure Iris conviction before three or four justices in one day by changing his name, and charging the oouuty for the arrest of three or four differaut names. The boari of supervisors finly took action by appointing a committee and attorney, to whom all constables and jusuces must apply before raaking the arrest or oonviction of the trampa. The result of j termined action by the board is that ouly two tramps are now in jail. Satnrday one of the city constables brought two of his birds to the jail, and beiug refused ! admission there took theiu tolower town and -lint them up ití a eellar.tnadebysomc boys as a p'ay-house in a vacant lot. Muoli credit of the abatement of thenmsauce to the tax-payers of W'aslitenaw I county is due to Prosecutiny Attorney Norris and Sheiff Walsli.- Free Prees correspondenee f rom Ann Albor. Yes! and the individual who conmved nt the whole business has gone South, while another person who is justice of tbe peace was brought to terms by the prosecuting officer who threatened him with prosecution.


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