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EBERBACH&SON, Dealers n Drugs, Medicines And a fine lot of French Hair Brushes AND Enelish Tooth Brushes. We cali special attention to our stock of Chemical Glass-ware, Apparatus, AND Pure Chemicus of our own Importation. A full line of TIEMAN'S SURG'L INSTRUMENTS At list prlccs. STTTlDIEIÑnX S Ara cordlallj Invited to examine our stock as quality and prices. EBERBACH A SON. Emanuel Wagner, -AT No. 33 South Main Street, At AMBKOSE KEARNEY'SOld Stand, Has opened a New Grocery & Provisión Store. ALL KINDS OF CANNED AND SHELF_GOODS. TEAS, COFFLES AND SPICES OF ALL KINDS ATA VERYLOW FIGURE. Al LES & CO'S7PATENT FLOUR KEPT ON HAND. A FULL LINE OF TOBACCO, CIGARSAND SMOKER'S ARTICLES. Emanuel Wagner. JACKSON FIRE CLAY CO., Manufacturera of Stone Sewer Pipe AND ZDIRIIISr TILE I AHourDrain THe aro made of Fire Clay, are of unusual strengtli and light weiglit, which materially reduces the breakage and expense of transportaron. The ditehing of this clasa of tiling is less expensive. as they do not require to be laid below f rost but only ileep enougii to escape the plow. Wliile this is more economical it also aids in obtaining a botter fall or grade to the drain. A full assbrtment of all sizes. for sale in small iuantities, or car load lots, the FERDON LïïfflBBR YARD, James Tolbert, Agent. "Tile, the Createst Labor-Saving Machine of the Age." To the Editor of Ï7i Chicauu Trtounc Dwiqht, III., March 16.- One of the strongest and mojt eonvincing facte that I have yet seen with regard to tile drainage is bronght out in the December report of the Agricultural Depar ment of Illinois. It is this : ACRIAQE. Acreaee in corn in Livingston County, 18817. 268.597 Acre&ee in corn in Logan County, 1881.. 140,859 Livingston over Logan 127,738 YIELD. Yield of corn in Livingston County,1881. .6,983,522 Yield of corn in Logan Oounty, 1882 5,070,924 Livingston over Logan 1 ,902,598 In other words. Logan County bas raised near ly as mueli corn on 140,859 acres as Livingston county has on 268,597 acres. Put it in another fonn, the farmers In Livingston County have been oblieed to plow nearly doublé the acreage of land (268,597), and have raised but a very small percentage of increase of corn over their brethern in Logan County, who only had to plow 140 859 acres. Let us give it another twist! A A farmer whc has his land well tilled need only work eighty acres of land and grow just about as much corn as the man who plows 160 and takes all the risks of drouth and much besides. It is not fair, then, to conclude that the greatest labor-savinp machine to-day of theageisthe tile drain! From the samo source of Information I gather the following as regards the progress of lile-drainage ín tliese two counties: Feit. Total number of feet laid in Livingston County up to 1861 1,140,793 Total number of feet laid in Logan County upto 1881... 3,989,469 This table proves beyond all theory that owing to the f ree use of tile that one county has been able to produce nearly as much corn on 140,000 acres of land as another county has produced upon 268,000 acres, which is nearly doublé, and tbe beauty of the whole is that it was done with half the work ! Mr. Editor, suppose a kind Providence should lengthen out the spin of our days until we saw Illinois thorougnly tile-drained, vrhere would be put the corn that this State would produce, and what would we do with our "silver dollarsf " Samuel T. K. Pbikï. RINSEY & SEABOLL No. 6 & 8 Washington St. . llave on hand a complete stock of everytAing ín Che Crocery Line. ín largo inmimts. and at CasIbL Prices And can sell at Low Figures. The large invoice of teas they Buy and Sell. is Kood proof that ín Quality and Price they Give Bargains. They Roast thelr own CofTees every week, and none hut prime articles are used. Their Bakery turas out excellent Bread, Cakes and Crackers. Cali and see them. Prices Gone Down A largo stock oL Wall Paper aelling at A CREAT REDUCTION! I claim to havo the largest and BEST SELEGTED STOCK ! Of Wall Paper and Decorations in the county, and cnu give perfect fiatiafaction in Goods or Work . ï'aints and Painters Supplies a Bpccialty. -A-lbenrt) Sorg , Successorto F. & A. Sorg, 26 & 28 Wnsliingtoii-st., ■ AnnArlmr. HENRY MATTHEWS, Has] the picasure to Inforni tlip public that be ii reaay te receire them in his new brick MEAT MARKET! ONE DOOB EAST OF LEONARD HOUSE. Everything In his line wU be flrst-class, and At ifteasonable Ratos. He returns iils sincere thanks to all hls oíd custornera for their generous patronage, and cordL ally invites them, and all new customers to lui new quartera, where he hopes by fair deallng ta enlarge bis already growiag business.


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