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The Cow Is Queen

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A few yoar3 ago rnany ppoplo stood roady to claim that cotton was king; indeed thoro aro many gasping slaves to-day who claim tho same thing. Statistics aro abundant by means oL which this claim can be, in part, at least, substantiatod, but few people seorn dosirous of claiming tbat Kiiig Cotton ovor did much to impiovo society, oducation, or cocdescend to iight such a vulgar thing a.s a mortgage. Cotton may bo king or not, just as peoplo caro to think. We don't boliovo ne is, bul wo do boliovo that tho good old cow is queon, and that with a gentío and royal purposo sho is seoking to build up tb.o lands that tho old monarch has wastod. Thoro is vory little stylo about tho old cow. She stops slowly and clumsily about her busimess, but sho makes tho businoss pay well. Sho plods along in heat or cold, wot or dry, oating what is givon hor, feejing interost onough in tho family to look out for tho dairy intorcsts under circumstancos that would discourago any othor living croaturo; and whon sho is fed and carod for lis sho should bo, she rosponds like a quoen. Sho should bo crownod with a now rnilking pail and an oxtra foodof nieal. Tho good cow has paid off more mortgagos, and paid for moro farms than any other known production. Sho is tho mother of all our beef. in many a housohold sho catchcs tho wolf on hor horns and tossos it far from tho door. Sno has turned tho tide of our agricultural prosperity in many parts of the country from a downward courso in raising grain or cotton to an upward and prosperous ono in raising stock, grass and hay. Flowers and grass spiing from bonealh her feet n the most barrea soil. Tho old cow don't. stop to onthuso ovorthem, but converts thom into good, solid, hard cash. King Cotton may woll tromblo whon ho soes good old Quoen Cow marching in his direction. Sho cornos nmrchiug along in advanco of bottor schools, beltor moráis, bottor farms, botter men and women. Tho dead old cotlon liolds will bur3t forth into grass at hor touch, and contontmont and happin'sss will leap out of her milking paü. Wo tako otl' our bats to Queon Cow. May her shadow novor grow less.


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