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Recollections About Colfax

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Mr. Colfax always had a pocket full of postal cards about him, and writing on tho cars, he dropped little notes of encouragement, suggesüon or criticism aiong the routes of his lecturing tours. If a discussion with somo ono in Kansas was broken off suddenly, it would be resumod 'ia a lottor writton tho next wook in New York. He was tho sort of a man to tako almost as niuuh pride in the f act that he could set type as that he bad boon Vice-Prosident. He early ostablished an acquaintance with printers and nowspapor men, and with them, lowest and highost, ho was always hail fellow woll mot. Among his friends and with his family Mr. Colfax lived up evenly and squarely to the idoal piano of his writings. In all his lecture engagemonts, extending over a good many yoars, ho made it a point to spend Saturday night and Sunday with his family at homo. There was a disposición to laugh at Colfax's idea of steaming across throo or four States to spond ono day at homo and then stoarn back the noxt, Monday, but ho nevor abandoned tho custom. Ho always spoke of his wife wilh the exultant kindliness of a bridesroom. There was moro to tho pooplo in the example of such a man than the cynics would bo willing to admit. Otis S. Kichards, treasurer of Campbell township, Ionia county, who is $40,000 short in his accounts, was arrestcd in Grand Hapids on the 2d inst. Richards has boen on a protracted spree, spending monoy freely and making sevoral conquesta of fomales. He had t'vo in separaio ï'ooms in a rostaurant, foasting them on wino suppors at the samo timo. A freo iight followod to socuro possossion of him. The faro banks aro somowhat replenished by his visits. It is ckiimod that he has proporty onough to niaks good tho shortago in his accounts. "Yes," says tho Scissors to the Paste Pot, "first there was tho Golden Ago, then camo the Sil ver Ago and tho Brazon Age, and now cornos the Mucil Age," whereat tho Paste Pot went into convulsiona. - Boston Globe. From way down in Georgia cornos the report that they havo a rooster which lays eggs. Many persons use tho word? "lay' and ' 'lie" indiscriminatoly. Somorville Journal.


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