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INcroc's'-lMeaxajit Purgativo FcllctM," Pesitivoly Popular; Provoko Praiso; Provo Prieeless; Pcculiarly Prompt; Porceptibly Polent; Producir Permanont, Proüt; Precluding Pimples aüd Pustuloa; Promoting Purity and Püacse. Purohase. Prioo, Potly. Phavmacists Patromzing Piorco Procuro Plenty. 'P-a ne," spollod tho littloboy beforo aio. "Pronounco it, Johnny," aaid I. 1 can't 'nounoo t, Mr. Roe." "Woll, what ia in tho window at homo, Johnny?" 'Dad'sold brcochos," said lio, quickly. Uiü tho great specific for "eokl iu head" andCatarrh - Dr. Sago's C.itarrii Reniedy. Tho Czar gets $8,216,000 a yoar, with dynamito thrown. ACLEARVOICE. Mr. Charles T. Krub., 737 Madison avonuu, Baltiraore, Maryland, wl-11 knowu in banking circles, certifios to the excellence of the Red Star Cough Curo. A few doses cpedily cured his niece of sovero honrsocess and soro throut. It is pleasantto take. Nu uno can be poisoned by t'jiá roruedy, which is freo, from opniüj, morphia and othor daogerous drugs. A fooi and his gun are soon partod, ospocially when the fonuor blows down tho muzzlo of tho lattor to se6 if it is' oaded.- Oil City Derrick. THE CONQUES'FÖF TUE MOORS. By tho Spaniards, not only led to thu discovery of America by Christopher Golumbus, but it opened tho way for ita sotÜGrnent and dovelopmenl. Tho results growiüg out of tliis conquost and discovery woro manifold, eilief among which was the weet ion of tho Grand Unioa Kotol opposite the Grand Central Dopot, New York City, whose ownor, not content with supplyiDg tho traveling public wi' h moro thau 600 elegant rooms at $1 and upwards per day coupled with the opportunity to save $2 carriage hire and expense of baggage transfer, has entered the tíeld of authorship and corupiled an elogantly illustrated treatho of the abovo subject, which vill bo mailed to any address upon the receipt of two 2 cont stamps. Address "S,"Grand Union Hotel, Mew YorktXty, N. Y. FRENCH VALENTINES FOR 1885. Just imported. The great craze of the age. For the purposo of introducing theso novelties in this country I wii] send to every reader of this paper six Valentines, all difleront, upon the roceipt of thirty cents in silver or stamps to pay postago and cost of itnporting. Addross Kit Keivin, P. O. box 226 Kochcster, N. Y. If afflicted wlth sore eyes, use Dr. Isaac Tliompsou'sEye Water. Drugeiata sell lt. 3üc Sinoo tne publication of "John Buil and His Island," the English laws eerning "M. O'Rell litera'.uro" havo beon strictly onf orced. - Lif o. As A CüUB FOU SoXE TlIBOAT AND UOÜGHS "llrtwm's lirtnchial Trockat" have been thor oughly tested, and malntain thelr good reputa tiuu. 'How do you know whon a cyclone is comingP" asked a strangerofa Wostern man. "Oh, we get wind o he tu , ' " was tho reply . It Is a boM statement to say that any mod txae is -'nc-ver knoivu to faii," but lt Is statci eniijhatloaMy by the proprietors oí Hint' [Kidm-y auJ Liver] Kemedt. Thls meclicin is a spcciflc for dlseasts ot the kliiueys, live aad b.'adiior, u'd ha$ a ïcputation of thlrt y ai.' siamiim.'. A son of the Bishop of Rochostor has i. 1 como a Roman Catholic A Galveston moiidicant was in tho habit of calling at tlie oliico of a loca lawyer and receiving a sniall sum ou account of former acquaintanco. Las week tho mendicant called as usual bat tho lawyor suid: "I can't assist yoi any longer, as I'vo got a wifo now, ani noed all tho money'í can lay myhaod on." "VVell, now that's just coming it a littlo to strous;. lloro vou actuall; go and gut raarried at my "expenso." Texas Sifüngs. Don't mako tke mistako of doctorint, liver and kidneys to euro consuuip tion. li you will lay all other remedies aside aud put your trust in De. Wis tar's Balsam of Wild Cherry it wil suroly benelit you. Try it for congas and colds, and seo what an exco'llon romedy it is. In tko bank of Franco thero is v.n invisiblo studia in a gallery bchind the cashiers, so that at a signal from ono of thom any suspected customer will instantly havo bis picture taken without his knowlodgo. There are forty womeu acting a cashiers of banks iu Dakota. Not ono of them has over speculated, been short in hor accounts, or manifestod tho slightost hankering for tho bracing atmosphoro of Canada. Jay Gould's new launch, which is inlended as a companion to the Atlanta, has attained üftoen milos an hour, a speed novor beforo roached by a yacht of her size. Sho is nearly 86 feot in longth and T feot boam. Her cost was overaOOO; No ono can bo ill if the blood is pure, ifollow Uock and Saraaparilla root have long boon reepgniaed by physicians as blood puritiers. Don't be humbuggod by tho advortisements of tho many quack bitters, bufoccasionally use Dr. Guysott's Yollow Doek and Sarsaparilla, and you will live to a good old ago free from all tlistress of mind and body. Many of our best citizens who long sutturod from bad blood indicatoü by weak kiduoys, indigestión, sores, aches, etc, owo their rocovery to the use of this remedy. A Parisian mother-in-law said to her son-in-law, "So you wero at the ball last evening, and it is not a month since you lost your wife." "That's truo," answered tho culprit," with a contrito air, "but 1 bog to remind you thut danced very sadly." Auna Dickinson has abandoned poli tics, dropped such characters as "Claudo aielnotte" and "Hamlet" on tho stage, has rosumed her old pdullon on the locturo platform, and is now enjoyiog reasonablo succeis in someof tho New Èngland towns. Many who long sufferod from indoscribablo foolings of distross, lame baok, aching Joints, soros, swellings, weaknoss ot the urinary organs, unnatural feelings of woariness, hoadacho, norvousness, dospondency, sleeplossDess, cüsturbiug dreams, partial insauity, etc., aftor doctoring livr, kidnoys, norves and biain, with tho various quack nostrums of tho day, and being nearly frightenod to doath by thiúi alarming advertisomonts, quietly bogan using Dr. Guysott's Yollow Dock and Sarsaparilia, and were greatly surpr8ed to quickly fiud thenisolves restored te perfect hoalth. No othor rwmedy equalsit. ' RHEUMAT1SM fik an eslailUhtdfact Ihat Hood'a S.irsaparilla has proven :in invaluiibie rtmtáy in nriny severc cases of rhemnalism, ellüctinjf remarkable cures by its powerful acüon n correctinfj l!ie aciclity oí ihe b!ood, whlch is the cause of t!:c dlftO8flL :intl purily and enrlchisg the fihü (luid. i. ctrtaMy fair lo tamme thal nbot HooU's Barsaparilia has done for othes il witl do ior you Thereiore, f you suffer the pains and aches of rheu matism f?ive t fair trial, "For twenty years I have been afllictcd with rheumatism. Bcfore 1SS3 I found no relief, but grew worse until I was almost helplcss. I then bcgan tiking; Hood's Sarsaparilla, and il dij me more good than all Uie other medicine'; I ever !iad." II. T. BAI.COM, Shirlcy, Mass. "I suflered from what the doctors called muscular rheumatism. I took Hooü's S.irsaparilla and am en tirely cured.'" J. V. A. l'ROUDFOOT, letter carrier, Chicago, 111. Hood's Sarsaoarilla Sold by drutypists. $[ ; s:x for $5. Made only by C. L HOOD&Co.,apolhccaries,Ix)well, Mass. 1OO Doses One Dollar. Rufus Hatch advisos young monto go Wost whero land is chcap. Oole Carloliial vp instantly rclïftvos the pain ■ 'I llurna and HcalMa and iiover lcave.s a scar. It la iho bet salvo In tho world for general familyuso -JcanU 7.0c, At (iruütiists or by mail. J. W. COL.E & Co.. Black Mver FalU, Wis. A boil in tlie pot U wovlli two on the nock. V, htn on vislt !e);vi! New York Uity, vla Ontrat uopot save Baggovc Rxprussage and ?3 Cnrrlüi;;' xml gfop ut thB GrancTUnion K' .UI, oppoette s.-.ld Jciwt. Siï hundred eleiact rotms fltteil up at tho c6t of one mUIon -;tland upward ptr lay. Europcan ;í:i:.. K'.viitor aii'3 Rcstaura'jt fiipplied wfth the beat Horse car, stios nl eívated rallroa'l tu ail depots. FamlHes oac üvt bctter '■ir lew mone-y at the Grafd Ünlon Ilotel . tban at ary otber orst-cUu hotel in the citv. Y'.unij; ladiea who will not marry whoD t Loy havo a chance. Miss it. A liUL-drt-cl ye aro m)(bt bv spent in eearchof H r. inciiy for Catarrb, Cola ia the Head and Eaj ï-,r, ïtthout flodiDj the i)ual of Eiy'a Creaai üilni. Ule applieü irith tlic flnger. Brint; , dgaic,it eupcreedes the usd of all uie i'.!s and enntb. lts iffectis mapje?.], ii relieves at ones an i cares mauy cases which bsiD 1 jl uidïi-y I'ric1 :") I C!'i:ts at OrugelstS. 83 ctms Ijy mail. Ely Iris., Owcgo, N. T. X I AGAliA'S ICE BRIDGE. Tliu Ice-bridgo s;enerally oxtonds trom tho Horse Shoo Fall", toapoint nciirtho Railway bridge, hists gonerally from Uvo to threo months, and is crossod by hundrods of foot passengers during tho wintor. Tho ice forcaing the bridge is ordinanly from one hundred to ouo hundred and fifty feet thick- rising ffoui fifty to sixty 'feet abovo the natural surfaco of the river. The tingo of tho waters from the dark green of summer, is changed to amuddy yellow; hugo cicles, formod by an aceumulation of frozen spray, hang perpendicularly from tho rocks; tho trees on Goat lsland and Prospect Park seem partially buriod ; a mass of quaint and curious crystallino forma stand in lieu of the bushes; the buildings seem to sint undtr pondorous coverings of snow and ico; tho tops of trees and points of rock on which the dazzling white frost work does not lio, stand out in bold contrast, forming the deop shadows of theentrancing picture; the wholo presonts a wild, savago aspect, grand and imposing. If ono can seo Niágara but once, it hai botter bb in wintor than in summor. Tho scono is one of peerlesa grandeur, worth going hundreds of miles to behold. - Lespin(isse''s Notes on Niágara. Tho Michigan Central is tho only routo running to Niágara Falls, N. Y., and to Niágara Fails Ont. ; the only route running trains directly to and by the Falls and in full viow of them, stopping for tho convenience of passengors at Falls View, almost on tho very brink of the great Horsoshoe Fall where tho tinost view of the Falls is obtainable, skirting the gorge of the rivcr and crossing it on the steel doublo-track canti lever bridge in front of tho Fallí, and afi'ording the grandcst viows of tho upper and lower rapkU and othor poiuls of gieat interest. CA.TARRHAL HEADACHE. I thlnk Ely's Cream Balm Is the best romedj for catarrh I ever eaw. I never took any thlns thatrelleved me so qulckly, and I nut. relt a9 weU for a long time. I used to Te troubled wlth scyere ) eadactaes two or three times a week, but since uslng the Balm have only had one and that was very llght compared wlth formor ones . - J. A. Alcorn, Agent U.P. R.R.Co., Eiton.Colo. 4 u 11 ü Jlfii Itfad Tllis. Tiie VOLTASD Belt Co., of Marshall, M'ch., offtr to ficnd thelr celebrated Electho Voltaio Bei.t and other Electric A ppliances on trial for thlrty days to men (youngur olii) alllictcd wlth nervous debillty, loss of yitality and inanbood, aud all klndred troubles. Ako ior rbeomatism neuralgia, paralysls, and many other dlseases. Complete reetoratlon to health, visor and matihood gnaranteed. No ik lacurred as thirty days' trial is allowed. Writê tlum at once for illustrated pauiphlet freo. Do Yon want to Buy a Doel Sen d for Dok Buyers'Guide 100 pages. Ensravincs of all broods, colored plate price, of Ottgs nnd whore to buv ihcm. Matled for 15ct. Associated K a xr i e ks . atr South Ktghth si., Phlladelphla. Tho purot, weetot and best Cod Llver Oll in tho world, manuiucturtd f rom f resh, healthy hivers upon the ( n shore. lt is absolutely pure and weet. l'atients who have once taken it prefor lt to uil othe8. l'hyslcians nave deMdeí lt superior U any of the cüher olli In niarket. Made by caswei.i,. liAzjuii Ao..Ne Yurk. A CARÏ- To all wao are sullerlng from error aud Indlscretlons of youth, nervsu weuhness, early clocay, loss of manhood. Ac, l wilt send a recipe tnat will cure you, KKUG OF CHAHOM. Thta iceat remedy was discovorod bT a mtBslonnryin 8outh America. Send sei;-;icidresitecl Red Star tradebeomark. Frcefrom Opiatl-s', 'iimt-iic and Poisons. A PROMPT, SAFE, SURE CURE For Couirh, Sorc Throat, Hoaroneis, Influenza, Ctll. ror.ohltl, Croup, WhoDpIns Couj---., Asthinu, Julny, PalMln '-hr.l, wdoöwr mtl(HioftlieThroKl""i'!I."nsPrlM KO oenUa bóttle. Sold hy Dragciets an ■toprcmntlj .'.argén . . ;, . i rdtngonedoUatUt THBOT1BJMA.TOKICOKW1 BolaüwueriïdBiiufitCirertj lUUimorr-, l!T,vlnnil, C. 3. A. üfiSTETTËöV no'sU'eV 8stomi r _ tlio c o u ii t cuancc f&r i BV ff. IP, ïer Iook, and as the T#r irVëryWu. f0od ' a8Siinllated ■: SSwHHPjMtqBp this medicine.which "-■ v.-)"ij matte tcndency,and -■-#■■ J3Ë& iUI inestimable preff fc s OMACHtköCr vonttvcoffoveraDd PCIBBCSIDPS ttiui. For tale by Í1 Efiff W W oeaters jionerally. " R. U. AWARE TH AT jM Lorillard's Ciiinaz Plug ■ V i. a; 11-.1 red Hntoq; that Lorlliard'1 iïtisr Cjt'nt" liiii'cut; that LorlUan] y lippluffH ftnd (lint Lorillúd'fi SnulI"H,ju' ■■ r ;uiit cUeapeat. quallty conslderea? A Clear Skin s only a part of beauty; aut it isa part. Everylady may have it ; at least, what ooks like it. Magnolia Balm both freshens a"d eautifies. DO YOU KNOW "l'or montlis I SUlTOTOd witll malaria md ncrrous dyBpopBltt, Durlng tac nttacka I expcricneod severo paln, nooompR&iod by ihat oxtreme Urod ana Innpruld lccliiifc. Coald not cat or Bleop. Woukl pot up murnlnga with hardly lito cnou h lo mofe. Nono of tho usual medicines omployed in sucli casos had any effect upon me. F rom limo to time I was laid up and nnable to attond to any busincBS. Finally a druggist of tilia city suggested HOPS AND MALT BITTERS, I commcncod tnklns tlicm, and now I am as well and hearty ns any one, and cannot say b:o niuch inpruiso of lilis excellent remody." A. .1. Powell, 10 Woodbridgo St., Detroit. If you cannot fret Hop and M.IIT ISüK'i-M of your druggist wo will send lt express paid, onreceipt of regular prico, one dollar per bottle. Wo profer tliat you buy H íroni yourdruggist, but if lie hnsn't it, do no be periimded totry something else, but order at unco from us as diroctod. Eo not get Hops and MAIT Bitters confoundod witli othor Inferior prepaniiionsof similar name. Takö nothinjj bu llopn nul MAII'. Nouo gonuine unloss manufactured by the ]l P9 4 41 ALT BITTEB8 CO., Detroit, Mich. FAKÜAXD, WIM.SAMS 4 CO., Detroit, Mich. T.H.H.NCMH.NSOJS, WhölGSalB müsb.davisco. Mh Agents. J.J.UOnnSACO., Detroit, Hirh. $??M CREAM llü iSrwrA U I rEiLVB Cleanses the M0aÍ , ciSrícOWl A]laJs InRojJJv;LS „ iHlflammation. mt&S?0tH "tADllíeals tho sores. rrláVFEVERMw fJBestoros the Bt tv sJ&H sensos tasto íL-: y8 and smell. A j rfífjjH quick and posiWto&%k t druggi-sts. 60c BP8PVv .%' . 1 b-V mail rfigisterHAY-FEVER cular. Samplo by mail 10c. ELY BROS., Druggists, Owego, Now York. f, i ' I ■'.■-. %ƒ ■M TFtY IX! V ;-1 vv B Ecnd for ího m I SSTRDIT CQMM5RDIL Lr :c ll I PuWIshnJ everv' Frlday. B: 'I íí i" U Etablihed 1 'sol. Twcnty8 second Annual Prcmiunu, HflJ. íf35,000 IN CASH I HHfltohcgh'fnauhscríbersAprll 9 üfKh. Kc-rtroncea : Any Ier? ■ ; ■'! ■ chr.nt or iianker in the City V HHl Of Detroit. Üample copy nnd ■ :.'r ' HHprospi-rtus (üíiiaininír full !■ g [nformation Bent free to dny w ■L■■ address. Ciood ageuts wout cd every wherc. AddrtW WM. H. BURK,.Publisher, DETROIT, MICH. MUSIÓ BOOKS FORSCHÖÖLS .fo r Cïrrrf!ti er Tbe newest book for High oong zreenng, SCIK)OLS acaiiemies aod Shminahii:s. Sí rart songs of ihohlKheet címractcr both in words and niusic, exercises and solleireloa, By L. O, Emerson. Wots. 16 per doz. Other well-linown and very successful booka ror Ililfh Schools are: Welcome ('hnrua. W. S. Tilden: HUhHchool Ctaoir, Emerson &. Tilden, ai.d l.nurel VVreaih. W. O. Perklns. I'rlce of cach of the three bookg $1. or ;i per aoí. Also Ilich School 13ook of Siís. Krnst Lesile. 78a, or f per doj., and tniblic Scnool Ilymna), by Irving Emerson.lOcts.or :i 0(1 per dozen. Childrcri's Songs and Hoxv to Sing TJinui 'ne neweftt book of Common Schools. v!. By w. h. Tomilns. In two tditions. The School Editiun has volee parta only. and cost 30ct8, or f-'i per doz. The Teacher' Edition has sohrs and acconjpanlnacnts, and.cost "6cts. 82 good souks, for slngers of all ages. Other very popular Schoo! sor g Books re: merB.iti's Son Bells. and l'orkln's Golden Kobin and Whlpoorwill, each Mets. or (b per do. Gemsfor Littlc Singcrs. ftiS; JTimary tícnonls and Kindergartens, wltn picturea. swoet poctry and tmeeter muslo. K. U. Unicraun Uerirude Swayno. üOct., or : per dozen. Malled for the Hetrul Pr:oe, LYOX & HKALY, CHICAGO. OLIVER PJTgQfl & CO,, OSTON. THE SÜRE CÖRE tor ' K1D&SY DSSEASES, LIVER COSWPLAINTS, CONSTIPATiON, PILES, AMD BLOOD D8SEASES. fpHYSiciAHs EasonsE it heabtilyT] "Kiduey-Wort is tho moet successlul remedy I over lued." Dr. p. c. Eallou, Monkton.Vt. ''Kidney.Wort Í3 always reliable, Br. B. N. Clarï, Eo. nero, Vt. "Fidaey-Wort liae curcd ray -w ifo after two yeers mfifttnt." Dr. c. SI. SuEunerlin, Sun nul, &. IH THOUSANDS OP CASE3 it haa curcd whero all elao had failcd. It Is mild, bnteffloKmt, GEBTAIN IJK XTS ACTIUX, but liarinloss in all cases. izTl t cloanwoft the Ulood and Strengfhcns aud tfiyc New Ufo to n!l tlio important organa of tao body. Tho naturel action of tho Kidnoys ís re3tored. Tho IJvor in clcinBod of all discase, and tlio Eowelfl lnovo freely and healthfully. Ia this way tho worst diseases aro eradicated iroin tho cyctem. n FBICE, ?1.00 UQtn) CU DÜT, SOLD DT DECCGISTS, Dry cari be sent by mail. WEIXS, BIC1IAKBSOX A-CO.Cgrllngto Vt. CAU! nal vi.-iuíf.,. Root on Uarrlmn Llii. Ili-!lh B Uiinre, eutltlcd "War on ' hnttlsn Heathcnst" Mrié oulj !.s uw sirictyi i-riti nwk on Manl( antltlnl "Sarrot ot Confatlorif" wbidi puived the chritth" lt''ftlltij fu PhTladellihiK t nplctlon. !'r f mail [euleJinu rei'vii't i'f pri.-i. Addrrn " IJ.VUIS PU LISIII.VG CO., 12 M1A.M1 AVENUE, DhTkOIT, MIClilüjlN U. B. A. fl r"T?TffTQWANTEOfortho MISSOURI AvrJblIb, STEAM WASHER! -!Kprolitnblomito'niuttuwrit ffAlto lUufefraUMi Ciri'ularnnd twina oí íHP?ÍTriaTciáAlíOniiy for tflií1 Celebratod Waaber. ■H-:';' J&' .'.iArMv''iñi:hhy nmsonof its int ríanlo merii '''■■, . J ia moet i nu withsuch woadorf ui eucooea J.WOBTH, CHICAGO, JJjL,.,or SX. iOUIS. Ma 2:1 X3 3F T? TT jE. T?3 l r' "■'■'", ■-..■■: ■'.■■■..■,■. U.l.v L'ted ■ iintst. ' , - -..i.ArUr, aieh. ■ 4 IH.Mch Niimc, EraboMtd d ,w t hromo lll 'iirl% niumtiii nu type, un i:icemt48 puco n I I '' l"tiil !■ lirnl Autumrjtpli Album witti I quota Uons, 12 pago IUustrated Premium ami Hl I Prico List and Agcut'a CanviissinEOutflt.aH ■ WforlGcts. 3N0W & CO-, YaleaviUe, Con. ftlMITH'SgttgSiSpEpS DIus. Catalogae sent FI! KE to all appllonnt.i Addreta W. H. bMITU, Eeodimaa, P. O. Box 1010, rhiladelphU.P. RA Sa"" FIoUlw'1 Kiulxwso,! Cnl 10c., IMM Colü Kil,Cm9T Unallon Puckit Ktiif.', 3 Fri-tK'h 1 Ml wfth W.tnlrolw, azd aift'sCardOnU'il, 3tK. íI'Kí.ivimI VOO cl; i ñce o f rtther, 600n 10 pk. udll3priimiuiil.i'U. IlAM()KV.CAItl CO.. lliuii.U-n, Cul. T PIR1I TELEOEAPHT, n SHORT-HAND nc I Lftnil TYPE WRITINO lure. Sitisations furLi niihed. idirejw Taleutlne Broa., JannmlU. Wik ninnp Sample book, premium list, pricc list sent liAnUu 't. U.S.CAKDCÜ., Ccutcrbrook, Ct W.W.ti. P- 3- 7 ]ZH MlMI tïl)lv,. Kpi.Ttill:nr4 Did you Suppose Mustang Linimcnt only good for horses? It is for inflammation of all flesh.


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