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To the People of Michigan : In compliance wilh a concurrent resolutioa paeetd by the Legislatura of the State of Michigan, approvea Harch 16, 1881, and reiterated by the Legislatureof 1886, requeetiug the Oovwnor "to cali the attention of the people of the State to the impoitanoe of planting trees for ornament, protection and shade, by ntmicg a day upon which this work shall be given especial prominence, to be known and designated as 'Arbor Day'," which oustam prevails in many of the states. Therelore I, Rassell A. Alger, Governor of the Statj oí Michigan, do hereby desígnate Saturday, the ltth day of April, A. D. 1885, as Artor Day, and earnestly reeommend tbat on that date we plant trees by the roadside, by our Jara houses, in our fields, purks, villages and oitits, aronnd our school houses, and in the cemeteries where (leep our beloved dead. Let us plant tor use as well as for beauty. We may not live to enjoy the lull truits of this work, bat our children ana our children's children will rcceive the benetits ol our labor. In testimony whereof, I have caused the great seal of the state tó be hereunto afnxed, at LanBhiK, this 25th day ol March, in the year oí our Lord one thousand eight hundrcd and eighty-five. RUSSELL A. ALGEK, By the Govemor: H. A. Conakt, Secretary of State. A few weeks ago Mrs. James Kennedy of Grand Kapids, obtained a divoroe from her husband. Last week she married bim sgain. A Good Beatón for Prldc. Sícretary Baird of Lansing recently received the following letter (rom R. W. Robertton, principal of the Madras agricultural college at Saidapet, India: "Slr,- I have jast sefn jour ad miiable report ior 18S3, and, - write to ask that you will be kind enough to lavor me with a copy ior the library ol this college. I may remar that this is the only agricultui al college in India, and the.t it is aitended by students frooi all prts of the country, most of whom wiJl be benefited by a perusa 1 of yoar report, which I venture to corisider, alter a very lerge experience with agricultural report, as oue ot tae best ever published. I hope that we in this country may be able to tollow in some respeots the admirable examplss illuatrated in yonr report." Tlianks irom Gen. Grant. The House and Senate on the morning ol the2d, received the following ïeply to the iEsolutioDS of regret and eulogy adopted March 18th and Bent to en. Grant: New Yokk, March 24, 1883. To Hon.'H. A. Conant, öecretary of State, Lausing, Mich.: Dear Bir - Your communica.tion of the Marcb 19h inst , tram-mi ttmg a concurrent rcsolation of the Btate Jegislature, waj receivel. Gen. Grant wishes me to expresa his thanks to the legislalure and governor of tbe state (or their astion of March 13 in passing the íesolation. P. D. Gbabt. JHorse the Man, From the returns leoeived the mcrnlcg allowing the eleotion on the 6th inst., it is certain that Morse, thé? Fasion candidate for Judge of the-Bapreme Court, is elected by a majority oí about 20,0000. The Fusión re genis were also elected by a handsome majority. Later retnrns will undoubtedly change the nsajonties a little, but ttat the April election oí April 6, was a Waterloo ior Michigan Republicans is conceded by all. GENÏUAI. SXATK ITEMS Grand Kapids has a city dtbt of $652,000. Big Ripids eipects a building boom this spring. A law and order leage has bstn formeJ in Paw Yaw. Mad-)e-kee-wÍ3,wh'i) livts 11 j years old. Jnstico Samcer Howard of Arizoca is visuing in Flint. Col. H. A. Cólvin, one of Adrian's moat prominent citizenf, is dead. The iteam ele vator at Howrd City was burned April 4. Loss $10,000 Itisthought probable that the ligUilature will be ready to adjoum May 15. If the village of 8t. Johns will furaish the site, R M. Steel will irect a $25,000 site. Michael Nash of Sanford township, Midlatd ccunty, was killed by a alling tree. i J. Murphy oí Map!e Grove, Van Buren county, was killed by a lalling tree reettly. The sas. 'ed paper company ol Est 3aginaw will pa. credilois 50 cents on a dollar. There are nearly 5,000 Knights of Labor in Grand Rapide, besides non-unión laboríng men. The editors [aud priiters ei ihe Upper Península wiilmeet in convention at Mdiqaette Jane 'i. The shefp sheariflg iesitvil of the stieep brteders' ssseciation of 8i!me wiil be litld April 15. The contract hes been et for the building ot a $5,000 hotel Et Devil'u LRke, to be completed June 1. Tam 'Navin will have charge oí the books of the Webster wagsn contract company in Jackson prison. Wm. Thompson of East Siginaw lost his barn, o valuable hone, thiee boggiesand a oamp outfit by öre. The depot at North Saginaw wa burglarized a few nights since. All tho money in the CÜI39 was taken. The Dominion authorities have extended for tfaree years the time for commenoing the Baalt Ste. Marie railroad bridge. . Marquette oounty has voted $500 to the family of Deputy Sheriff Kohl, who was Killed in attemptiñg to arrest Pat Benan. The Clinton woolen milis, which are the laigest ot their kind in the state, will be ia f all blast about the middle of the month. Mrs. Powers of Jaokaon, who fed the Crouoh jurore during the great trial has bronght buit againet the jurors tor her pay. Dr. La Montague of Manistee has been niïüe happy by the information that a torture of 600,000 francs awaita him in Jfranoe. Eumortd that the iron on the milroad between Edoiore and Lïkerview is to be taken up btcauíe ihe rod does not pay expenses. John Banker coniioitted Buicide in the Mcizir hoase iu Center?iile April 2. Despondency ia the eappoed motive fot the act. At a rícent birthJay party, giveu in honor o} a wealthy pioneer cf VormontvUle, the coij bined sgo f ekven of the guestá wia 832 yeara. iThe Poitland ObEerver saya tlmt Uelos 8 aples of Ssbewa hae icctmd aa order lor jlueberries from HoucJalu, HawaJian islands. Mrs. Claiiesa Veedtr of Williamatoa (lied April 2, iu her 91ut ytar. She was a pension er ot 1812, iu whicti war her husband was a soldier. LewiB Gilbert of Mt. Pieatant, uctntl lost hia hcuBe by firc, aad his fellow workmen raiEed $luO to heip him out of bij trouble. Joe Howard, ihe CoMwater bank robber, baa been bound over to the circuit court and hii bail flxed tX f5,C00, which has not been given. The first white child born at Port Huren is liviag at Brockway Centre. She pridB hersell over 85 grandccildren and 97 greatgrandohüdren. Mrs. E. R. Brown of Hastings will dónale two acreB of land near the Wükina bridge to parties who ill build either a grist or papsr mili at Hastings. Samuel Boseaberger, it Lapeer ccunty farmer, feels that he haj been cailed to the mimstery and will abandon the plow for the pulpit iörthwiih. iThe foar daüy passenjjer trains on the Air Line rallway have been taken off that road lrom Komeo to Koobesttr owing to the small autount of travel. Three Kalamazjo bojs caught over 600 pounds of black bass and peren last week out of Long Lake. Many of the bass weighed over four pounds tach. The eiamination oí Dr. (i. M. P. Davis, county ex-treasurer of Craword oounty for embezelement, lesuited in his beirg boand j over to the next session oí the circuit oourt A 90 poxind pig belonging to Andrew Bush of Odesta, straje.t away about the middle of February, and was fonnd alive in a snow drift March 14, reduced to 35 ponnds in weight. William Kennedy of Edanville, drew a letter lrom the po&tofüca containing $37, which of right belonged to another 'William Kennedy, and be is now in the clutches ot the ia ir. Thfs Jlarquette Mining Journal is responsifole for the stoiy that a fish six teet in length and weighing forty-two pounds has been capturad near Preique luie, Like Superior. The propeller Wisaonsin, ice-bound oö Grand Haven since Mareh 15, steanied into port on the 2d inst. In oraer to save the vessel two thirds of her cargo was thrown overboard. At Marq nette the cfficers niake the prisoner8 in the jail eaw the wood and do the chores. One day leceotlv they ompelled 19 of the 21 prisontrs to work through a big snowstorm. Giiarles Kïeney óf „Dewitt, 7 jeats old, wiile riding down hill reoently, was thrown violently against the fence, rtceiving severe wounds on the nead, whioh three days later pioved fatal. Miss Citherine Bush of Saline died at the oounty hoase on the 4th inst. She went to Saline in 1839, whoie she resided till tkbout six roonthi ago, being one of the oldest pioneers of this place. Dennis Huil, a well-known eiigine driver of the Central and the Grand Bapils & Indiana roads, died in Kalamazoo recently, the result of the removal ot a tnmor frora his asck a mentí ago. Miss Abbie Barker, who started the Oak Park seminary at Paw Paw and a lik? institution at Three Kivers and lost a emsll fortune, is now teaching school at ïiowerfielii, 8t. Joseph couaty. Josh N. Tift, late president of tha Alpasa lamber drying company and one ot the house of Corliss & Tilt, gold brokers, Trinity buildings, New York, diei suddenly in New Orleanp, March Sist. Elihu Kirby, a bachelor, aged 72, ior 14 ycars a resident ol Chaileeton, Kalaniazoo county, diei recenlly in New Yoik, leav'ng an t state valued at half a million, iuuch ot ït being in Kalaniazoo county. Peter Marshall, aged .15, tmployed in Widdioomb's furnlture faetory in Grand Kapids, nas inetantly killed by akniferljiiig trom the shaper and strikiug him in the back and goiog through his body. Harvty Bennett has two íalt springs on his farm about halt a mile trom öalme and is making pie, aratious to bore a well and work them ii there is enough of the saline element present ts make it proli able. The Emmet rifles of Jackson hold their annual reception on Monday eyening, April 6. Gov. Alger and xtaff, the field and stuff officers of the iouith regiment M 8. T., aiid other military notables wiil be present. Minnie and Arza Esglestoc, brother and sibter of Bay City, dien inside cf iwo days, and the doublé faneral ocourred the ntxt day. They were the l&Et of afamiJy cf five. and were fermer raide&ta of Flint. Thomas J. Navin, ,(x-mayor of Adri&n, was laken to Jackson piison JVarch 31. His sentence was for ten yeais, bat by continuous good behavicr the time will be shortened to beven yearf, five months and 15 d3ys. April 1, the captain of Thunder Bay Li'e Saviug station reports ice on Lake Haron as íar as can be eeen trom the tcp of the toner on the island. Oatside the ihianó the ice in places is heaped up eome thirty teet high. Prof. Hewett, a former iottructor in Albioo collfge, has endowtd a pnea scholarship ot $1,000. By tVie terms of the enáowment tiie interest on the aam nauied is to be paid to the student making the mett progrecs iu the college year. E. E. Odebert, ex-chlef ot poiice of Muskegon has been arrested on a capias issued at ihe inslance ol Mayer Cook. Xhis arrest ís another istue in the troubJc of Maycr Ook and City Attomey Gliuk. OJebett as rtleased on $5, Oto bail. The other afiernoon tb ree boys were in a baat on the dam cf the White uiili near Adrián w hen the boat became unmanageable and two jnmpedand swam athcr A boy camed Vvaiker, oged 16, wasc&rried ovtr the dam in the boat and drowned. John Algoe axd Charles Stnilh, inen ranos ageuts, tere arresled in Fuut at the inslauce oi Henry B. Kayraond ot Lanbiug, stata intuí anee oommissioner, on charge of toliciticg insnrance tor companies not lictnsea to do business ia this state. Francés Howard of Jackson has bad a stift knee froni paralyais lor two yeara W hile going down stairs the other day she feit a sharp pain in the dscased member, acoompanied by a crackling scund, and afcer that paeeed away her leg was as weil as ever. The Utest of the alleged Lake Saperior Chippewa bravas, who is ekesed among the centeuarians, is Mad-je kee-w s He lives on the lm or the Ostroit and Mckiuac railway, a thort distance 'fiom Ma, vut'.e, aa clmms ta be 113 yers old. l'ortnga Lake Mining Gazette. The test salt well in liy City, ie now down 2,768 ieet- the deepest well in the world- and they are ttiil pounciog stway. There bas been vtry little change in the indications dniiog the F&st week, and very slow progrets is being made. There is no dist ojition to let up, ho wever. Superintendent ot Publi: Insiructior, Herschei B. Gáss, is aeenstd of asstsaing clerks ín his employ tot his personal benefit. Ihe matter is being invebtigated, but Mr. G.isuhas tendered nis lesignation to tak?, effect aa soon as bis encoeBter shall te appointed and qualiñed. At a Bfwciai Bession of the circuit court held in Cadillac Josepb BeJuaer and Abram Caitis pleaded guilty ta the charge of grand laiceny preiemd against them iör cïuck.n sttaüug, and were sentenced repectivtly to iwo jeara at Jackson and fifteen months &t Ionia house ot corrction. March 31 there weit 722 prisoners in the Jackson penitenliaiy. Daring the moath 23 pritouers were received; one was pardoned: to escaped and have not been recaptared', 12 wtru reltf.sed on expiration ol EentencesBay county led in the nnmberol new prisoners, with fíve represen tatives. The Negannee gold oompanieB will do contiderab.e wort during the coming samnier, and the gold range north of Marquttte will be extensiyely txplored. lt is ezpected that the JtoConiber iron mine, in the city limite will be starled up soon. It will give emplcymenl to a large nnmber ot men. In the circuit court in Grand Kapids the libel uit of John G. Lee of the Grand Haven News Journal ngainst Kedzie & Ksdzie ol the Herald Grand Rapidsfor$10,u0d damagto lenulttd in a verdict ot $22 damage, which wiih the ccsts reaches a total ot $61. All lariitü eeem to be eatis&ed. Tte 8ne.te bilí nppropriating not lesa than $fi,OC0 lor the leitbration at lansing 01 tiie itrui Cvjuttnnial aniiivtray of the adDMklioa oí -Michigan nulo the Uniou, b&vicg paste;; the ticiiaiu, six oemmUaiuceia Kill b appoioted by lk (overnor to conouji tb btfUir, and it 1Ü be a proud iay or Lausitg. Six mouthx ag'D Mis. IJoisee of ICibt Sigiuaw, v.hiie crosting the t-act -A tiie Mtohigau Ccutral iu a ttreet car becanie trigtiteiit d at the usar apptoach ol au englue and jumping sprainc-J her ankle. A suii wb biought to rtcovci damsgta and the railrcai company has settied the claim with a c'atek ior $1.000. A. Germen Lady, Mrs. Kunat, hviog three mUea from Alpeni:, was met the other evenïog at dutk by DaiiUI Smith, who fought I with her one hour iu attsmpücg rape. Bmuh was captured near Hogers City and was idntified by Mrs. Knnat and arrtvixned. Mr?. Kunat, who is abont 00 yeata elJ, :b baály iojared. The othtr eveuing Mr. and Mrs. Oim!non of Marguettee, reaehed their homa from a neighbor'a and fonnd the honse in flamea. Mrfi. Oovignoa, thiuking that her üvo children weie ineide, mado several eflorls to enter the burning building, receivmg sij-ious injuriiiB. The childrtn hart escaped before the paiects' ïeturo'. Bamey House, wboss home was near Frederickville, a. lnmberman juut ia from the camp, fllled up on poor whisky and ttarted tor home. Missing the train ha started to walk, bat lay down and went to sleep on the track. A log train ran over him com1 letely seveiicg his head trom bis body. Oa his ptrson was found $180 ia money en i a brokt n whisky bottie. Hou. H. G. Wtl.'s, an o!d aiid prominent citizen of Mijhigau, died in Kalamszjo April 4. Judge removí d to Kalamazoo county in 1883, and bas alwa;-s besn prominently ideotUled with its iutero%ts, H has held many pcsitions of prorninence and trust in the siate, and deelined eeveral toieign appoiutmenta nnder the Uu ited States governmeut. He served ior rnany yea'e on the court of Alacama claims. Joe St. Louis liteps a hotel on the stage road bttweer. Brampton end Macistique. Becently the ttege criver, in Lurry to rtiich his títbtdnaüoii, úid not tike time to tat his dinntr with Bt. Louis, ana the latttr Rrew BDgry, lockipg up the hories and compelling the diiver tu lake his accmtomed ma!. As the stege carries the mail Sc. Louis is on trial at Grand Bapids, charged v.ithobstucting the United States mail. The house of Lewis C. Townsend ol Metamora was bnrned on the 3 J intt. In the smouldering ruins was found the remains ot Mrs. Townsend, burned beyond recoxnition . When the flamea wtre firat discovered the firtt thoaght o! the kind hearted neighbors was for Mr. Townsend, who has been an iuvalia fw many yeara. He was lemoved to a place ot saleiy, and it was suppostd until tco late, tbat his wüe was with a neighbor. At a meeting of the managers of the comiüg naiional camp meeting, held in Charlotte, it was resolved in view ut the evident indications of a largely iacre.ited atttnaanee this year over the crowds of last year, to hold the meeting June 12 21, en the tair grounds at LiCfiug. where there are faoilities tbr earmg tor the people, whichdo notezist at Fine Lake. Drs. McDonald, Steele and Watsou, ot Boston, bave been tngaged and will be present. Col. H. A. Cjlwin, .prominent busiuesB man ot Ld rían, is dtad. He was a member oi ibe Eighteenth Èi lenigen infantry, and whfcii Gan. Spalding orgamaja a 'f ennessee regiment hebecame adjutint, and was atterwa:dti ansistant Rrijutaüt-general on the staff ot Gen. ilpalciiDg and of Gen. Hatch and wa brevttttd Jicuteuaat colonel. H was an enUrprisicg and Kuccessful business man and a prominent inember oí the Masonic irateroity. In the hiotorical addrees read by Mrs. Gemord, Sunday Maroi 29, on the 50% auniversjtty ot the M. E. Sucday school ai MonKoe, if ppeared thatot the tonner iraperintendeiits oí the school there ere cow living Son. Ira Mayhew, ot Detroit; Gao. Peters, oL I'etersburg ', Ooi. T. CJaik, Cpt. JB. P. Ingersoll ot Lmsing, and E. (J. iiarvey. Monday being Mrs. Goruoid's 71st birthday, the was preetnted by tbe congregation Witb a handsuoie recking chair. The orgenized woikingmen of the Saginaw Valley have icsued a number of circulara warning thuse teeking empluyment not ta be mialsd by advertís nients promisicg woik in ti-at locality, as it is "ior the purpose ot redncing wages, whils at tbe same time our resident wotkiugmsn in the valley are idle." Attachtd ta the circular is a table sáowiog that tiie -vragea per cay ot common labor is fiom 75 cents to $1 50, while the wages ol mechanics averge lees than $2 per day, with baard trom $4 30 to $5 per week. Abont two weeks ago a strik was inaugurated at the Ssar coal mines in Jackson. Tte cause ii the strike is said to be that the ccmpny put in an extra pump iuto one dip, Itading steam 250 feel on tte surface and tLen down to connect with the pump and putving la r, man ta help push out of the dip. ihc mo goiaginto thU dip were tod the price would bs ttiirty cents per ear instead ot thirty-üve an in tbe others. All the meu then struck and the oompany decided to make the tbirty cents per car in all the dips. At the tunal meeting the comp&ny ezplained why they ould pay only Uiirty cents, and soma oí ttie men went baak to work, earning about $20 eacn while the othera Wtre resting. On themoming of the lst iiist, ihe men all reaumed work. J. K.. Paulding and F. 8. Dickreached Cadillac th other day from Frankfort, taving traveled 72 miles through the woods on enow shoes. They report ñiidiiig near Pine river, in the southwsttrn part of Waiiord county, a place where a party ot Ottawa ludians had camped. The party consisttd ol tour meu ana turee womn, one ot the latter a ycuogKirl. All bat the girl wtie tri z m dtad. Aiter barying tbe deart bidies they touk the girl to the uearett eetllemeat, wheru she was provided for. The band camped near C&dillao last lail, bat moved where they erenow foucd, in order to get bfltler hunting and fiuhing grounds. The rivtr freza over and drove the fish down stream, and hunting and trapping became very dlfficult on account of the sao which ! averages tnrte leet and in places is drifted terrlbly. The long legsi figbt between t!ie city and the Deiroic city railway compauy as to whether tlie latter's charter ezempts them :rom local tazation has fíually sudtd in the deteat of the company. la .November, 1882, Ktceiver ot Tazes Uuthard atached laüway property amounting to several thousand dollars for dtlaulted tties. The company replfcvined, and urought euit in the superior court, whtre they obtained a nominal verdict - ior six cents. Appealiug to the s;ate supíeme ouurt, evín inis was rtversed in May, lSb3, add an ap;eal tu the United States supreme oourt was yesteiday tiumissed for wnt ot jurisdiciion. There beiDg no couit ot furthtr resort, the ojmpany CAn now plank down gracefully the $10,000 cf accumulated already in dispute and make up its mind to pay iuto the cily collera soine Í6;0ü0 before its charter expires.


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