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Sknatb -Alter ioll cali the Senats adj jurutd to allow the committee on raüroads ihe use of the ebaiaber. Hotse. - The petitiou of Mary C. Anderson of KUower Creek, 'Oeeaua county, asking for tqaal rigbta ior womeu and the proteuuon of otiUdren Irom peouniary wrongs snfitred beC&US8 of thepeiudice of step-mothtrs, was prcseuted by Mr. McNabb. Oiñng to the slender attendance no bilis were pated on third reading. The Senate concurrent res olution for adjournment was amended so as to provide that the adjoarnment shoald begin oa Friday, April 3, and the sessions be rteumed Wedneaday, April 8, at 2p. m. PaBsed : The two Honses bilis rípealing and amending the charter of Ludingtou were pased. Adjouroed. APRIL 1. Sknatk- The goveraor approvcd of the acts incoiparating Boyne Ci.y and Frankfort. The following bilis passed on third reading: Amending the act estublishing the public sohools of East Saginaw; organizing tbe county of Iron; amendiug section 6809, Howeil, lelatlve to jadges ot probate; appropriating $5,C03 lor the semi centennial celebration of the admission of Michigan into the uniou; for the partition of real estáte m rertain cases: amendine 'seotion 95N3, How.. et stq , relative to it q aests ; amending Öec 9019 How., relative to lees oí constables, was lost; extending time for conipletion oí the Marquette, Houghton & Ontonagon ladread. Adjourncd. House.- Biüb passed; incorporating Atfio. haf et counly ; authorizing the staio auditora to ügtit (he. capítol bu'liiug and grounds wiih tliot.-icifcj; providing lor the uiottctiou or 1 ote'.-kettpers', lejializing a iiiortgage ol Midland county agriculturol sooittj; ameudiDg Sic. 1286, tiuvvtH, reldtive io liqaor aoi; reiative !o bridges actoss the Au bubla tivtr in üscoila couLtj; amendiug ña. 2166, Hjw , relative co pro teetion ol tish; for incorporhtion ol baildiui;, loan, fand atd savingB aesooiatiOLS, authorizing ute ot armi by tona oí ftterans, to iepair ttate roail in Ss. Ciair eounty, amendinjt tíeo. 2244, Howtl1, relative to adulteratlonf i In milk, Uhap. Í53, 1SÍ6, relRtivs to oHenstt agaiubt Uves oí persons, inatdng it e. t6lon to nnlawlnily raanuractnre or nee djnaniiu , ameniini{ 8ec. 6747, How , icl-Uive to saKs of lands ia puisaance oldecrsts in chemcety, autlioriziug purehase of land aojolniug Kalamtzao asjlum, csnsolidating asylaui laws. Mr. Fonl inwoduosd a resolution tli&t the epscial committce invfetigatÍDg expendítures in Btate departmenta hold pnblia sesdons, and that it report iorthwith. Tabied. Mr. Markey offered a resoJution that hereaitr all cominittea sossions be public. Adoptad. apkil 2. Bknatb- The Senate passed the bill amsndingtheact to prevent debtors fiom giving preference to creditora and to secure tqual distribution of acsetB among all ereditors. A bot parlianientary tilt took plací in the Sanste thia morning. A few weeks go that body passed a bilí inera. fcins; tte circuit {ar; lees to be paid by the party who aak lor a jury to $18. Thia morning Mr. Henry's bill abolishing all jury and tmry fees in ciicuit courts came np on third reading and passet), with only two dissenting votís. Mr. Cirveth moved to reconsider, and then the trouble commeuced. Mr. Carveth said that the two billa were radically oppcsed to tach other, and that tbe bill lad passed nnder a nihapi-rekeiitaoii. Öcveral stuators admitted the tact bat did Bot want the matter itimd uatil after the nlection recesa. Mesara. Cirveth, Masón, Ktmpf, Bhcemaktr and Edxardawonld not consent to thia, and so the lattla rag:d Motioiis and counter motions to atfjoura, to table. and to cali tbe ytai and naya were made. Xhere was a bare quotum, and the 17 senators üually reconsidered the bill and it was laid on the table. Te e Srnate tnen adjonriied nntil April 8 at 2 p. m Housii- A pclitiou was prtsenttd againat the bill Jcruiiug the new coaniy u( Sumner out of Oheboytan and Frtiqae Isle connties The bill amending the charter of Kalaxtzoo was pasaed. 1 he Sánate bill rtiucorporating Marine City was reported avorably. Mr. Brant's bill ior the pensioning of aged firemen, and for pensiona to ba paid iamilies of decease i firenieu was ditens-td in committee ofthewhole, ad amended by proyidiug that no retired fiieraan thall rteti?e more than $450 a ytar, ar.d that the a ate bhal net be Hable for arjy raoueys, and then placad on tbe erder of third reading. The Heuse adjiuined till April 8 at 10 a. m.


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