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MARCH 31. Senatk - On assenibling to-day the Senaie went iiito executive seseicn. Whin the doors leopeued the resoltttiun htretofore offered by Mr. wca caUud ap and agretd t) retcinding the resolation providing for renting buitable rooms outside the Capítol tor suci 8enate coraimttets as have no roou-s. Mr. iliison then called np iiis resolution providhig for a comniittee ot stvtn Senators to eit duriag the recesa to take measurea iO redace the contingent txptnses of the Sccate. Alter re marka by Messrs. Plumb and Sherman ent icising the House of B presen tati ves for allegtd extravagant expencitures the re&olalio-A of Mr. AUison was adopted. Mr. Saulsbary then presenttd the report of the com mitt e on poïtoffioei and postroads, setting iorth that tne committee was not in any wise responeible lor the pablication of a paper paipoitiug tobsa inrther report on the postal telegraph question, and which coniaiied newspapcr criticisms oí the Associated reos. Sí r. Baulsbury also submitted a resolation dirccüEg the Pablio PriDter lo er.clude Ihe alleged rtport from the printed volume oí re pons made af ter the adjournment cl each Coogress. After Btatements of the manntr in which the report carne carne to be printed, the resolation of Mr. Saulebnry was iaid over nnder obection by Mr. Van Wyck. On motion ol Mr. Van Wyok the öenata then tojfc np the report made by that gentlemau trom 1 1 e Committee on Missifsippi ltivtr Improvermnts, providing for rept al oí all reaclatioas passed sinoe March 3 aathorizing committees to bit daring the recesa of Congress. The resolution itd to a general ditcusüion of the whole subject of ipeaditures by this Oongrtss compared with ormtr Congreeses, and of the tíeuate as compared with the House. The diaoussion took a wide rang and at ita close the retolation was Iaid over until to-morrow. Adjourntd. The following nomination i wtra sent in tcdaj: Bnvoys extraordinaty and minifitera plenipotentiary of the United 8. ates- Wm R. E, berts ot JNew York to Chili; Charlss W. ü. ünok oí KentUiíky, to Pera; Cnarles T. Kussell ot Ocnneotiout, coasul at Liverpool, Eugland; Hvnry G. Piarson,postmiist 6r at New York; Norman J. Coleman ot Missouri, commissioner ol agricalture; John T. MoGraw ot West Virginia, oolhctor ol internal revenues for the distriot of West Virginia; Heury P. Kernschar of Louisiana, naval offlesr at New Orleans; Andrew J. Boyd oí North Carolina, collector ot internal rtvneue for the fifth district ol North Carolina: Xlichard li, Hubbird, Texas, envoy extraordinary and minitter plenipoten ti r ot tne United Ssates to Japan; WUliani Lang ol Ttxas, United otates ConsD 1 t Hamburg, Germany. AKRIL 1. Eenatk- Sdyeial prees dispatohes touohing ine condition ol Gen. Grant were read. Ou molion o" Mr. Saerman, the chasr was KUthorized to eelect ttie spejial commiitee on teductiou of the Ssnate lommitteec, nd Mes&rs, &l)is.n, Pjatt, Plumb, Miller, New Yoik, Coekrell, Harris and Pnyne wtre appointed. The Senate flüance rtported favo.ably on all nominatians referred t lt. fhe most importaat ot thtse vtere the nominations cf John T. MtGraw and Andrew J. üoyd to be collectors ot internal revenue for tne distriot of Wedt Virginia and fifth district oi Nor h Carolina, 'eapectively. The tai road oommittte agreed to report favorably the nomin&tion ol Gen. Joseph E. Johtston to be commissioner of railroads. The posto ce april 2. SïK.iiE- The cheplain offercd & p:ajtr i'or Gen. Grant and dUipatchei ou the gtneral's conditicn were read. Mr. Morgaa oöcred a lesolution Oilling ou the secieia y of the ídteríor for copies of all papers and eorrespandecca since March i last, relating to the appropriation ot $3üO 000 for the Cf erok e nution of indtans aud the alleged mi. ppropiiatioa cf a port'on thereof. Mr. lugalls objtctid and u Atnc oter. The 8nate went into txeoutive eession, when the followiog nominations wure conñrmed: Henry G. Pearuon to be postmaner at New York; Norman 8. Coïeman, commkBioner of agriculture; J. E, Johnson, conimissioner ol railroads; JS tward Parte Cartia Lewis minister to Portugal; Geo. W. Merrill, minister to the Httwlau iilaads; Alexander MoUae, solicitar to the treasary; V. R. Roberts, m'niüter to Ckiü, and B=veral collectors and poatmaattis A.Leo Knott, seeoad assistaat pOitmnBier gtneial. FortiRu miniaier&- A. U Keliey, to itilj ; Rutus Magee, to Swtdtu; 1. J. Jtirvis, to Brazil; C. W. Bnck, to Prru; R. B. Hubbard, to Japaa; R. B Atdfitoa, to DeomKik; liiaao Bell, ir., to Nather'aads Cmsnli gensril- Frederick Raine, Btrlio; T. M Waller, at London; Kdmnnd Jassec, at Vieniia, William Caldwel', surveyor ot the port ot CincinnatiUavíí Bettlo, Uaited States marshall, west ern district ol N_rth Carolina. The nomicatiun ol O. Manon Moore to De poetmaster at PieasamoD, Ks , was rfjieted. The pretident has nqueíted tiie Senate to witnhold action on the ominaüon or Akxünaer K. Lawton oí Georgia, to be minister to Rasti uctil the papéis in regard to the rerrioval of bis plUi cal disabiliU8 cin be examiued. At 4;20 p. m., the Srfniue adjourned bine die.


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