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Tneputlia dtbt eatemeiit for March ( ld crin, shows a tctal debt of $1,889,913,776; cash :n the treasary, $4S4,474,l74; ebt lfss cash in the treasury April 1 $1,405, 6S3,350. The reduclion dnriog the nioiitti as but $483,747. The total dtora;e siuoe Juae 30, 188-t,' tas been i44,610 633. T. e (.tatemfxt ia its new foim shows a. total dabt o $l,8?5 - 9S8 876 18; lesa pash items available lx rednctbn of the dubt, 261 150 165; less rtseive hld for redemption of United otates note?, ÍIOO.OCOOÜO; total debt, lesa avüao!e iaa ittms, 1,524.&3S,21O; ntt cash in the treasary, $22 259,025; dcbt, !ess cash in the treasary Ap: il 1, 18S6, $1,5,4 579,184; debt, 1 ss oaih in the trcusury Maroti 1, 1885, $1,0, i), Ui ", increate oí deí)t duriuit the ■nontb, au thown by tMa stiternent, Í89.253. ASriNWALL IN RUINS. The iollowing dispatoh from Commander Kane, of the Galena, was receWed by the secretary of ths navy on the lst inst.: Aspinwall is in ashea, burnt by the ïcburgents to escape capture by the gjvernment troops. Toe Paeitio mail deck and the ïailroad ptoperty on tve north end of the Island and the canal property at Orispil are the on!y buiHinsis saved. The ehipping ia safe. I have all my iorea on shore proteciiufï property. My sïiip ia crowded wilh refugees. Thousands aredeuütuti and without shelter, [ispinwall, lhe Atlantic terminus of the haoatna railroad, was founded by the railrond oouipany in 1860 as a port ot transit, and had heocpia a center ot tupply. lts popalttion is 7,500. The ïailroad company's buildings and tffioea ara ioaaieoss. Aspinwa 1 is ope of the bus:cat towns ia the Eewworld, aud iis prosperity has befn alniott phenomenal. .Monopolzing lhe banefits cf the trcffi3 both trom tie eaet aud the west, it has becoine a favorito bnsinesí point with capitalists who have a tassed great fortunes there.] WILL PROTECT POOH LO. One of b'ecietery Teller'a last acta was to issue an orcier in bchU of certain Dakota land speoaUto-p, throwioj; cpeu to settlement the Oow Crsefe re6er?aúdn. Thia tractisnow oeupind ty civaiZid Winnebagos. Their haa no nv. oe of Teller' intention ard the tit ïhey knew was tbe irruti' n, wuhia three bonrs after th crJer was mada, of a swartn of whitaa who cooly proeeided to "pre ernpi" the iarnis woieti ue Winnebagoa hava culdvatd ior ycarn. Thty prote&ted that they were hulmitd in the treaty of 1868, whieh gaariiuUed tier lands .rom seizaie without their cor sint, rnsd again in the Sioux agreement. made iu 1882, by which the governtumt promistd to secure to eaoh lodian aoiily a ceda'n -hiBf'Uut oí land. Theeöct of Ftller's oide ■. to rob them ot evi.-y.hing, anJ it ai busei npon Ihe qaibblt tbat &b this n.servatiou is ee.iarated Irjm ihat oí the Sionx by Ih) Missouri rlvtr, it was not periicted by these reaties, although they wei e intauc to over it. The Indians have resented bhií a'.tjmpt to stsal their homts. Couiaiiavisner Atkins has alrsady sisniited the saVijict mi 3ecretary teller's actlon, aud ue deoiod '.!-at the nsertatiou in qaestiou iu oover,4 t y Üe treaty ot 1838, an i ihat secretar Calltt'd order is nuil ana voici, aud ihe iuterior departmnt will jeeomiund to lh p ei !e,tthat Tellor's order bj revokeJ, hnd it isuptottd thatthis will be dote. Jasti-e in this C&B8 thu:i promisi s to be apeedy aud eflective. WE ÜON'T WANT THEM. nued. 8taks amh'ritits fcaye begua (o tafcc nutice the Kitl r#bellion in Manitoba. Secretary of B:a e Bayard and Gea. Sheridfcn have t,eld teveral coniérenceenpon the subject and have abcut come to the conclusión that eomtthing must be done by the Unitad Scates to j.rotect tbe northwi stern territoriea from a possiole inyasipn by K el. It is leared in some quarteru that it the nbel leader is driven rüm hia present position by the Gicadian forjes he willretrea'. soathwaid across the rail way and down the Milk ri ver into Montan. Kiel' followera are not detirablfl citizeus and tbfv are not wantedon this side ol the line. Gen. Saeridai is of the opinión that Kiel will be more likely o retreat in a noithwesterly dirccüon when te is dislodged and that there is no danger of a visit from him to tha Uniled Btates. How ent, otteia Khokacv something of the sit ■ aation are positive that in cae of a row the United States fcoundary lire wonld certainly become his objeotive p-iot, aiid as it ia desirable tí keep him out of tl e conntry some prtcautions must be taken at onos. Ie is not certain whether nader thecorutitation and oor tieitíes with Great Britain he otn be debarred from entering Amencïn tfrritory. Seoretary Bajard will look ioto the law and another conference wiil b held to decide upon thecouree of toe United Statts. It is the opinión of fiioers of the army thac the snit will be an order directing the Qenril commanding the d?partment ot Dakota to piare a tOTce along tne Noi tb western (ron tier to keep baok ite in vaders. riiEFBKRED 1)KATH. Alvm Allen of Wolcott, near Vt., while bting pursued by an offloer and posse ot man near M&nson, Iowa ?ho wished to arrest him for forgery, fired fonr bullets at his pureuers and the fitth throagh his om brain, killing himáelf iustantly. Latte found on his person indioata that he was a luxitive from artice thewbere nnd had resolved ntver to be taken tliva. -


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