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An Important Food Reform

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Discoveries of much import anee on account of the relation they bear toward a more wholesome food aupply and conequently upón the public health, have recently been made in the procesa of reining cream of tartar. C'ream of tartar, as is well known, ia a bitartrate of po;assa purified f rom the crude tartar, or argol, which collectg in a cryetaline deiosite upon the bottoin and sides f wine casks during the fermentation of the wine. This tart its crude state, oontains lime and other impurities, which no procesa of refining known prior to ihat here described, wasable toremove. [t has been possible, it is truc, to neuralize the lime to some extent by the aid of chemicals, and this method was ■esorted to in order to procure cream of artar in small quantities for pharmaceu;iciU purposes ; but it was open to seriouB objection in view of the fact that the chemical employed for this purpose were not always washed out but remained in quantities that were uncertain and preudicial to its quality. The s ipposed mpossibility of removing the lime has, accordingly, caused cream of tatar to be classed and sold as pure when it did not xmtain more than five per cent of this mpurity. The major part, however, of ;hat used in commerce, or for culinary jurposes, contains the tartrate of lime ;o an extent niuch greater than five per cent, not infrequet'tly being found, upon analysis, debased to a dtgree eqnaling one-fourth or more of ite entire weight. In a report upou the subject of food idulteration made to the New York state joard of health by Profs. Chandler and Love, it is stated that of 27 samples of cream of taitar bought fiom dealers as jure 16 were adulterated with various inbstances f rom three to 93 per cent, and of the remainder all contained tartrate of lime, some as high as 10.59 per cent. The serious character of this adultera ion is more readily appieciated when it is recolleted how largely oream of tartar enters into the preparation of the fond of jvery family. In conection with soda in laking powder it is the chief agent now employed for raismg and making light and di ostible all our biscuit, cake, and other pastry, and is besides, in many instanoes, superseding the old-fasuioned yeast for leavening purposes, so that it is employed to some extent in almost every meal of which we eat. The amonnt of sream of tartar used in this country in aking powdei and otherwise in the preparatiou of food, is stimated at ten nillion pounds. If this were 90 per Cv-nt aure - a high estímate- we would consume one tnilion pounds or mre of linir innuall.v as a substituto for bread. So arge a deterioration becomes apprecia3le in the deprivation of our food of a portion of its nutritivo elemente not only, Dut if, as is now proposed, this excess of ime taken into the system has a relation :o the paiuful affections of the kidneys so prevalent in this country, ite bearing upon the health of the entire community is too important to be overlooked. The new procesa by which cream of tartar is produced 100 per cent pure - that is with the lime totally eliminated - by treating the crude material under pressure instead of using any chemicals whatever for the purpose, was the discovery originally of a Germán cheruist, but has been developed and perfected by the Boyal Baking Powder Company of this city, and through whose eftorts a few years since in behalf of a high standard of purity in food, the public was rid of the poisonous alum baking powders at that time so prevalent. The determinatioa of this company to place upon the market only absolutely pure goods, an impossibility of doing this f rom the cream of tartar of commerce, made it apparent that some new method must be sought by which cream of tartar could be procured in large quantities, free from lime and chemically pure. The cream of tartar renners of this country and Europe, when appronched upon the subject, declared such a result impossible, and declined to incur the expenuiture necessary to make the trial. The Boyal Baking Powder Company accordingly resolved to solve the problem for itself ; and having secured the aid of the bent enemiste of Europe and America,proceeded with ite investigations and discoveries until the result, after seveal years of labor and the expenditure of over half a million of dollars in the pnrehase of patente, perfecting of processes, and the erection of bviildings and machinery, was reached in the complete attainment of the end sought. The works (now owned by the New York Tartar Co.) ure located in Brooklyn, and exceed in size and capacity any other similar refinery in the world. They produce a cbemically pure cream of tartar, which is now extensively used for pharmaceutical preparations, and in the manufacture of the celebrated Koyal Baking Powder. The energy and outlay that have effected this will nndoubedly be fnlly rewarded by the public which will chiefiy benefit by the successful issue of the investigations. People are coming daily to more fully aprecíate the value of pure and wholesome food . By the exclusive use of this chemically pure cream of tartar, the Boyal Baking Powder is produced entirely free from lime, and absolutely pure qualities posessed by ño other baking powder. A baking powder entirely freo frora lime or other impurity must not only contain more strength or leavening powev and produce botter food and therefore be more economical for use, but what is more important, possess qualities of superior wholesomeness. Chemiste and physicians have looked upon the experimenta with much interest and regard their suocess aa a matter of much


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