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Geo. A. Douglass has returnad frorn New Orleans. Herman Hutzel is suffering with b brokeu finger. Swift's mili has shut down for a few days for repairs. Hon. A. J. Sawyer has been siok abed for several days. Another change of ad this week for Blitz & Langsdorf. Mr. and Mrs. L" C. Risdon left for New Orleans Tuetiday nigbt. L . D. James of Massachutts has been in the city several dajs. What a quiet city- only three arrest by the pólice last month. Supervisor Braun was re-eleeted by 94 majority in this township. Ralph Whiting and wife have gone to Brighton for a brief visit. Mrs. Van Slyke of the sixth ward, died Saturday in her 23rd year. The next board of supervisors will be democratie by two majority. Only 1,635 votes polled Monday as against 1,800 in November. Reader, are you aware that you are living in a democratie state? We are indebted to Jas. Kitson for copies of London, Eng., papers. The vote on water-works stood 1,338 for, and 184 agumst the scheme. Rose Eytinge, in the play of " Felecia," at the grand next Tuesday evening. The republicana evidently heard something drop all over Michigan Monday. Darwin Edwards of Webberville aged 68 years died in the sixth ward Monday. Jas. Robison bought out Gillie Howe's interest in the livery business, yesterday. Ralph Whiting has rented his farm in Pittsfleld to W. Lathrop for flve years. Wm. Hooker and family of Dover, spent last week vieiting fnends in the city. The Ashton-Barton Theatre Co., at the grand to-night and to-morrow évening. It'is a long time since the democrats have had a majority on the supreme bench . The late üarid Godfrey bequeathed $2,000 to the truslees of the M. E. church. The jail loaD which was defeated a yearagoby 1,600 nwjority, was cnrried Monday. The prohibitionists are evidently loeing ground, for they only polled 154 ▼otes for mayor. Next Thureday the board of county cauvassers meet at the court house to canvass the returns. The Beethoven gesangvereiu celébrate their sixth anniversary on the evening of April 27. They propose to huve a regular joUiticutiou. It is evident that the people favoi wnter-works, Judging f rom the vote o Monday. Ann Arbor town did nobly casting 228 votes for the jail loan, and only two apnniHt it. T. Qnackenbnsh, of superior, attended the sheep Bhearing festival in Jackson Wednesday. Gatea & Gates who have the contracl of overhaulingthe St. James block, (■ommeneed work Monday. The Eastern wool growers associatiou will hold their sheep shearing festival at Nortliville, April 19. E. B. Hall has moved his coal office into the siore vacated by the Hiiiger Sewing .Machine Company. There is no disputiug the fact that W D. II arriman has made oue of the best mayors the city ever had. It is a cold day when N. Sutherland gets left, judging from the vote he received Monday for constable. Mrs. Sheweraft has moved her bttrber shop into the store, in the opera house btock, lately occupied bp E. B. Hall. Mrs. Adaline Booth mother of Jessie and Nelson Booth, died Mouday in her 78 year, of dropsey and heart disease. The alleged reason why certain partiei were so opposed to works, is that they were not oonsulted. Too bad. Jno. VV . James was arrested in Adrián, Friday by sheriff Walsh, on the charge of refnsing to support his wifeand chilil. General Kidd inspected Company A, Tuesday night, aftir .which a hop was indulged iu. Maria by the Chequamegons. Frank Gooodale of Delhi, has made an assigument to J . W . Knight and E. Ireadwell. Assets $35,000. Liabilities nearly as much. A large uumber of Aun Arborites are going to Detroit to-day and to-morrow o hear Emma Abbott sing ut the Deroit opera house. Follow snit seems to be the play, for 'Doe" Simmons has moved his ton&orial arlore to the store vacated by Berrv, he tailor, on Huron-st Mrs. Clute of Dundee, wife of Wm. ilute formerly of this cit', was severely njnred in a smash up on the Toledo road, Wednesday, near Azalia. One candidato was so positivo that h would be nominated for an office that be lad his slips printad three days before he caucus anil city convention. A man nanied Sihaibele is going to open a bakery on the corner of Detroit and North-sts. The building is now béng overhauled for that purpose, A $75 sewing machine to be given away to th; person holding the lucky ïumber with a ticket to the theatre at he Grand to-night and io-morrow night. E. J. Johnson has finally got down to msiness in his new place on Huron-st., nd invites his old friends to cali on him. lis adv. will be found in another colum. Mary A. Johnson, daughter of E. H. Tohnson, fourth ward, died jesterday, ged 28 years . Funeral to-morrow afrnoon from her late residence on Fifth treet. Joe. J. Jacobs received the nomination 'or supervisor on the republican ticket n the flrst district, but declined to run on account of pressing business engagements . Moses R gers the old veteran in the agricultural impliment business, calis the attention of farmers through an arlyertisement in +o-days paper, to his stock in tiade. The democrats gain one supervisor in this cily, Noah G. Butts being elected over Ben. Brown by 10 mijority. Butts is the ürst democrat ever elected in the j third district. The juvenik' temperance school will give a jug-breaking entertainment in temperance hall, over Noble's store, tomorrow evening. All are invited. Admission 10 ets. Z. Sweut commenced digging the cellar Tuesday for the addition to the Hangsteifer biock. E. Walker will do the masón work and Gates & Gates the carpenter work. The marshal repons the expenditure of 1410.68 from the poor fund for the month of March, as followr-: First ward, $54.87; second, #18; thnd,$lo5.91; fourth $136.21; fltth, $88.86; sixth, 7.13. On account of increasing business, and to make room for a larger stock of boots and shoes, L. Gruner has enlaged his store by au addition 22x20 feet. His ad. will be found in this week's paper. In Northtield there was a split in the democratie party, and P. S. Purtel, by the aid of prohibition republicans and disaffected domocrats, defeated the regular nominee, Thos. D. Kearny, by 34 votes. The union ticket in the fifth and sixth wards had Ben Brown's name plastered over that of Chas. R. VVatthewson for supervisor, and pretty effectually as Matthewson only received 2 votes in the disirict. Haydeu & McLay will commence work next week on the new Catholic church at Brightou. They also have the coutract tor putting up brick block for Schulenburg, a hardware merchant of the same place. Frea Ehnis, who recently opened a tailoring e-tablishment over Reynold's s-iloou, on Anu-st., has something to say about a reduction in the price of custom made clothing. See advertisement on local page. The Unitariiin pulpit will be fi lied the coming month by clergymen from Chicago and Cincinnati . Next Sunday the Rev. Wm. C. Gaunett, son of Rev. Dr. Gauuett of Boston fame will officiate. Seats f ree, all invited. Dr Kapp of this city and Dr. O wen of Ypsilanti, attendedthe funeral of Col. Colver in Adrián Friday. On their return they missed the train on the To ledo road, at Milan, and as they were in a hurry to get home, they went to Detroit. Akls. Hiscock, Heinzman, sity attorney Kinne, and P. Bach, C. Eberbach, A Felch and Prof. Green, will confer with Messrs. Goodhue & Birnie in relation to details of contract in regard to water-works for the city. A good committee. Germán Lodge No. 476 celebrated their second anniversary Monday evening in the hall of the Beethoven society whose members also assisted in the concert. A large audience was present, which fnlly attests that the Germán sooieties are on the most f riendly terms . Some hllegeü democrats in the third ward take delight in nominatintr a man and then work and vote against him, as in the case of Gil. Snow. If the clique desire to do a thing of that kind, they sbould not make an example of one of the best and most whole-souled men in the party . The pólice are on the anxious sent. They imagine they will be superceeded or their salaries cut down, for a number of good men stand ri ady to take the job for $50 per month, which wou d be a direct saving to the city of $480 a year. Quite an item that, and suffleient to pay for 12 hydiants for water for flre purposes . New York Dispatch: "Her Atonement," which closedits series of performances last night, did an exceent and profitable week's business The play contains melo dramatic and military effects which rarely fail in securing the favor ol the populace; and will, beyond a doubt, secure for its managers a j some proflt as the result of its season's tour upon the road. At the couucil meeting, Tuesday evening, a vote of thanks was extended to Hon. W. D. Harriman, the out-going mayor, for the able aud imuartinl manner in which he presidid over the deliberations of that body, and in recognition of his valuable services the in-coming recorder was instnicted to procure two gold the salary of the mayor for two years, - and to hnve the game appropriately iocribed.


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