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A Story Of Faith

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A ruetle of robes as thc anthem 8oared eently away on thc alr, i The Sabbath morn's service was over And briskly I stepped down thc stalr; Whm, close in a half-lllumin'd corner, Whcre tbe tall pulpit Btairway camc dowD, AeleeD, crouched tender, wee malden,1 With hair like a shadowy crown. Quite puzzled was I by the vlslor, But gently to wake her I 6poke, When at the flrst word the sweet damsel With one llttle gasp straleht awoke. "What broueht you here, fair llttle angeU" 8he answered with voicelike a bcll : "I turn tos I've dot a 6lck mamma. And I want oo' to piense pray her well." 11 (Vho told you !" began I; sbe stopped me; "JJon't nobody teil me at all ; Ard papa can't see, tv le's erdn' ; And 'sides, 6ir, I isn't ro email; I'Bfi been here before with roy mamma - Wetummed when you rln)?ed the big bell - And tvery time l'se heard you praytn' For lots o' sick folks to dit well." Togcther we knelt on the stairway Ab numbly I asked the Great Power To Rlvc back her health to her mother And ban6h ber3avement's dark hour. Iflnishcdthe 6lnaple pctitlon, And paused for a moment - and tben A swfet little voice at my elbow Lifped 60ftly a gcntle "AmenĂ­" Hand in baad we turned our stepa homcivard; Thc Httlc mald's torigue knew no rest; 8he prattled and mlralcked and caroled - The Bhadow was gore f rom her breaet: And lo ! when wc roched the fair dweiling- Tbc neBt of mv golden halred walf - Wp. found that Ihe dearly lovcd mother Was past the 3red crisU- r;as safe. They Ă¼stenid, amfzed at my story, And wept at Iheir darlina's strange quest, Whlle the arms of th rale lovine mother Drtw the brave llttle head to her bresst, Wftheves 1bat wi re brlmming and grateful Thev thanked me agaln and agaln ; Yet I know in my heart that the Messing Was won bv the eentje "Amen P


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