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CAN BE HAD IF WANTED. "Have you any malaria hore?" asked a lady who was looking at a rural boarding-placo for her famíly. "Well," said the 1 andlady, "we hain'i got any jist now; folks haven't asked for if; but wo'll get it for your family if you want it." Most people got malaria without wanting it. Xo get rid of its noxious efleets, uso Brown's Iron Bitters. -Mrs. S. R. MacUonald, Now Haven, Conn., says, "I have sufFurcd from malaria for nearly six years. Brown's Iron Bitters cured me complotoly." The Minister of Education in England has reeently mado report that the attendanco nttho public schools has, within a fow year?, risen from 2,000,000 to 5,000,000, and that a result has been a vory considerable diminution in juvenilo crimo. ín this statement ho is conörmed by the London police.g DOCTORS FUBIOUS. Shail a Physician Teil the Truth or Not? A Nice Point in Ethics. A SciiHlhle llcultli OHifiul. Bai.timokk, Mi. - A decided stir has been caused líere over tho question as to Dio right of a physician to certify to tho nierits of a remedy not in the modern pharmacopoeia. Dr. Jamts A Steuart, one of the most eminent pbjsicians in tho South and Health Commisioncr of this city, had analyzcd a nowly discovered articlo, and cortilied oüicially not only to its ils efiic&cy but to tho iact that it replaced old time preparations of a similar charactor which analysis had proved, wero adultratod and poisonous. Tho Medical and Chirurgical F&culty, of which ho is a momber. held that he had vblated the code of medical ethics, and much public interest was aroused becauso of tho conüdence feit both in bis professional standing and official integrlty. It, was argued that to thus placo a limitation on the acts of a physician, and eapecially of a hoalth oflicor, was opposed to tho spirit of tho age; that such reasoning rnight have teen logical enough when it was to the interest of rulers or societies to invest themselves with a supernatural halo, but now whon thought should bé free and untrammelod, such things savored of barbarism. It was the duty of a physician, especially óf ahoalth oüicer, to condemn publicly any remedv which ho knew to be injurious, but it was not right to say that he should bo debarred from testifying to the ïnerits of anything which he knew to b9 good. If this wero so, tho world would not receivo the benefit of half the disooveries made in art or scienco. Thus tho peo pie argued, whilo tho faculty threatened expulsión and talkod of timo-honored customs, othics, professional courtesy and traditions. But tho matter soon assumed a now and surprising phase. A fow days aftorward3 a certitícate appeared in the daily papers bearing tho autograph signatures of Gov. McLane, Attorney General Roberts, Mayor Latrobe, City Postmaster Adreon, chiefs of stato and municipal departments, Judges and Clerks of Courts, Federal officials and Congressmen, omphaticaUy endorsing tho action of tho Health Comaiissioner, and concurring in his opinioii as to the effioacy of the remedy, assorting that they did so from personal experienco with it and practical tests and ob - servations. Thero could bo no gainsaying such evidenco as this, but, as if to cap tho climax, shortly afterward? there appeared another certifícate with autograpb signatures of leading practicing physicians from all parts of the state, including tho physicians of all tho leadiug hospitals, the physician to tho City Firo Dopartment, tho Port physiciau, vaccine physician and resident physicians of intirmaries, all endorsing the discovery and stating that it had been tested by them in hospitals and 'private practico for weeks with wonderful curativo effect, and that analysis had shown no trace of opiates or poisons, prevalent in othor cough mixtures. Thoy;further htatod that tüey had been induced to take this step in view of the niany hurtful preparations which contained narcotios and poisons and cf the dan&ors consequent on their use. The remedy in qaebtion is Red Star Cough Curo. SuL-h a conclusive answer as this to the narrow argumenta of the few, arrayed public soutiment on tho side of tho Hoalth Cuminissioner, and it is significant that Dr. Steuart has sinco been appointud to offieo by tho Mayor for a thirci term, and ha3 had Ms appointment nnanimously coniirmed by the City Council. Oiving to tho high professional reputation of tho gentlemen who endorsed his action, as well :is to tho euviable standing of tho owners of the remudy, l'ho Charles a. Vogeler Company of this city, wirte-spread interest has already been created in tho subject, not j only here, but in Philadolphia, VVashingtou Kndotücrneighboringclties. The foeling Í3 geuoraüy expressed by professional men that Red Star Cough Cure, on acoouct of its freedosa froiu uarcot es and poisons, inauguratos a most desirable new deparmre in medicino. This is the pronounced opinión of authorities liko Dr. Fawcatt, who has boen for j thirty-throe years rosident physician of tho Union Protestant Infirmary, in this city, and Prof. John J. Caldweil, M. D., member of niddical socioties of Baltimore, New York and Brookli n, aod with a long experienco in civil and military hospitai's. Both of theso gentlemen, together with no less than fifty i other practicing physicians of j land, have publiclv put themselves on i record as to the cvii of narcotic j ciheo, and tho consequent valuó and iniportance of tho now discovery roforred to. It is conceded that public opinión has coiupletely vindicated Dr. Steuart in his action, and that in his whole courso he was actuated siniply by an. earnest dosire to benefit thocommunity at larsre. A Anilles' medical Book. Wüich cvery womnn and every husband sbonld read, HlnstraWd by anatonicalcutsand charte, !s bslng lssued by the Zoapbora Oompany, of Kulamezx), Míen. Pilco in cloth blmiicg Su cente. For tle purpose oí iutrcducirs; if, Fample books fu pamphlct form will, urfng the mxt 30 days, be sentón rccelpt of 1C centí. Ín orderlng be tura to nientlon thts paper. Butler's Last Spoon. St. Louis Rt publican. A bubuquo papor has a new story about oíd Bea Butler on tho authority of an eye witness. Ben spoke during the last campaign ia the open air in the little town of Grinnell, Iowa. Frobably with malico aforethought the speaker's stand had boon placed under a tree, and whon Bon was in ono of his raost telling perioda a conspirator in the branchos above let down a big silver spoon sa that it would danglo directly in front of him. Ben squinted at it cooly, and as cooly broke tho stringand put the spoon in his pocket, saying only : "That's ono I didn't get- but to resume." Although crcmalion rolatcs lo dead subjects, it is ono of the livo qnestions of the ago. When an owner of a sailing vossoi grows wealthy, would it bo propor to say tbat ho bas amast a fortuno? WONDERS NEVEUOEASE. Trof. C. Donaldson, New Orloans, La. , propriotor of Museums, who sufferi'd oighteen years with rheumatic pains, states that he has spent ten thousand dollacs to get cured. After trying doctors, famous baths, eleetric appliaccas and Iegion3 of Jininieut3 without relief, he tried St. Jacobs OU, which completoly cured him. It is a wonderful remedy he soys, and he has sold his crutches. your enemy, but don't buy his boy a drum. In Hohitnd, Mico., U. J. Djesbury publi3ho3 the News, and in its columas strongly recommends Dr. Thomas' Ee leetric Oil for coughs, colds, sore t hroat, catairh and asthma. Weed ont contentment trom your labor and your work will becomo a drudgery. A Pure and Keliable Medicine. - A compound Huid extrae1; of roots, leaves, barks and berrios in Burdock Blood Bitters They cure all diseases the blood, liver and kidnays. Noto thts, girls. Tho man who is kind to auimals will mak an affeclionate husband. Fok Eakache. Tootbache, Soro Throat, Sweiled Neck, and tho results of colds and inllammation, U3O Dr. Thomas' Ecloctric Oil- tho great pain destróyer. Tho man itt the wneel has a stern duty to perform. Adolf Lalk z, carriago manufacturer, 119 Carroll Street, BulMoN. Y., states: I was troubled with nausea of the stomach, sick headache, and general débilitr. Blood Bitters cured me. The latost custom at Engjish country houses 3 to draw lots lo determine who shall sit by whom at dinner. "HouKh ou Ums" oleara out Rata aod Mica. 15c i "Welig' Health Banewer"'for weak men. A corn-cob pipe factory at Washington, Mo., employs fifty mon. "Rough on Paln"Poroaed Piaster. I5c. Ltquld Oc. 'Wells' Health l{öpewcrT'for DyapepalaT. Deblllty. England consumes annually nve times as much tea as cofFeo. ' 'ltouch on 'footaacbe, Iostant relief. 15e. "RouRh onltch," cnrea humors, eruptlons, rlnff worm, teiter salt rbeum, irosted feet, cbilblaina. Thero are 168 school bouses in Boston valut-d at $7,800,000 "Rouiïh on oooghs" Troohes, 15o. Iitquid, 2flc. "Wells' llealiii Kenewer" for ueltcate women. Tho latí :ü accomplished by prayer is the cure of n kleotomaniac. 'RouRh on Corns" hard or Boft cnrna, bqulona. I5o "Buchn nntbft." Hreat Kidney andL'rlnary Cure. The number of roller skates manufacturod in this country is placed at 300, 000 pairs a month. A man attaoked nlth Bright's Ulsfaee, o any kidney dlseaa', don't waut fine worde - but itscoiq'ieror Uun%,'s fütdney and LlverJ Remedy. The greatcst nonor that can Do paid to virtuo is to livo it. We muRtteilof that great specliic- Hunt's fKulci and Llver] Remedy. It ncver fails to cura Diabetes, Dropsv, BrlzhtN Dlsease, &2. It is human nature. All mako fools of theuiselves soaietimes and many always. Ax Extended PopUHKirr.-Browa'iBoa chial Troches have been before the public many years. For relie.ying Couijhs and ïhroat troutil6 they are euperlor to all other3. Hold only in boxes. The postal cards sold in this country astyear nutnbsrod 362,876.750. - Sought for th'.: luit hunUred yearf. - A reuii'dy for Catarrh, Ilay Fe.ver and Colds In I the iieud, found at last ia Ely'sCrcam Baiio. Safe and picasant to uee, and (asily appli'-d with the flujrer. It glves relief at once and a thorougu treatment positively cures. 50 cents by drngilst. 60 ct. by mail. Ely Bros., Ovego. X. Y. . Truecharity looks upoi} the faults of others with a generous negiect. Elf'6 Cri-am Baloi has euilrely cured me of a lont; standing case of catarríi. I have nevcryet pi'üuiis tqaal as a cure f r colds in the hcad and htaüache resuUlnt; from eucb colds. 1 1 Is a remedy of sterling merlt - El. L. Crosby, Nashvllle, Tenn. Vico has lis soason, but lts futuro, if it has any, is hidden under a bushel. Tnrent7 years ui sullering from Catarrh and Catarrhal headache I ncver found anytbing ti afford lasting relief until I tried Ely's Cream Balm Ihaveusedtwo bottlee, and now cousWer my Catarrh cured. I have recommended it to Btveral of my friends with like eood results,- D. ï. Hlgelnson, 145 Lake Slreet, Cblcago, 111. It is a cold day whou a tramp freezes to doath. INFIVn.MVTIUN OF TUE EYKS. ■ Jas. L. Clapp, Müston, Wla., after beins nearly blinrt lor yoarj?. waa entlrely cured by the uae of Coln's Caröoltsnl ve, and now reads line print with eaae. 25 und 50 c. at Drugmata. Tne purost, aweeteat nnl beat Cod Llvcr OU In the world, manufnetured fromfreah, healthylitvera upon the aea ahore. It ia abBolutely puro and sweot. l'atlenta who have onco taken it prefer It to all othera, Physiciana have decuied It superior tu any of the other olla In market, Made bv Caswell. Haza iu Jk vo„ New yorfc. If ffllcted with Bore eyes, iïse Dr. Isaac ThoiDiwon'aEvi DrugglstBapil It. 25e.


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