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TCOOD NEWS 12 L ADÍES. Greatest induceinonts everofferod. Now's your time to getup orders f or our celebrated Teas and Cnfleea.and secare a boautiful Gol d Band orMoss Rose Ohina Tea Set, orftandsome Decnrated Rold Band Moes Rose Dinner Set, or Gold Band Mosa Decorated Toilet Set. For full partícula address THK Í3REAT AMERÏCAN TEA CO.. P. O. Boi 289. 31 and 33 Veuey St„ New York. JIE:R,Sy BTJLL My Thorochbied Buil, "JEBSY BOY," Hay be had for service at my Stables on West fluron-st., the ensuing season. Tenns: $3.00for the season. N. B. COVERT. Brockway Teacíiers' Agency TIMES BUILDING, CHICAGO. Supplies Schools. Colleges and Families with Teachers, and Teachers with Positions, Also Reconunends Good Schools to Párente. PLANS AND PROPOSALS WANTED Plans and specifloations for the construction of a jail inclüding Sheriff 's residence, to be erected in the city of Ann Arbor. for the use of Washtenaw county, will be received up to and ineluding the 28th day of April, 1885, at ten o'clock a. m Said jail to be of a capacitj sufflcient to confine with safety not less than twenty prisoners in steelclad oells, at a cost not to exceed twelve thouRand dollars. John Ij. Oilbeut, H, D. Bennkt, M. F. Case. D. KIERSTEAD'S TiriNIJOW SHADE FAUTOR Y, 86 North Fifth VV street. The Favorite of every Housekeeper. The attention of the public is most respectfuUy called to my of Superior Wooden Khades, known as the Rustic Window Shade For Durabilily, Cueapness, Oonvenimice and Beauty, they can not be excelled. My aim is to supply a line of goods of genuine merit, put up in elegant stvie, and at fair rates. I am now manufacturing a Superior Shade. the best of the kind ever offered in this market. Weathei Strips of every variety, for doors and Windows, at my establishment. INFORMATION TO OUR FRIENDS And to the public. 1 have just removed my imkut Tailorii Stom From Flast Liberty-st. lo the St James hlock on WestHuron-st. and have. fltted up rry rooms elegantly. I am very happy to aay thnt I have secured theservisesof Mr. Wm. Theisen, of Syracuse, N. Y , as my cutter, who, as au artist in the bu3iness has no superior, and T am now fully preparedto satisfy tfie most taatedious dresser. With my line of Cloths, l'antings and Overcoatlngs no one can help getting just what ne wants. I am aready securing new styles of Spring (Joods as they appar in market, and 1 only have to say in repard in irices, that they are so exoeedinijly low that no man will look for any other i'stablisnment. I makt' elegant ant8 for $4 and upwards. Suits for $18 and upwards Overcoats for $15 and upwards. All work gaar anteed to be perfect in nt. Now come and see nu' and I will prove you the facts. Bepalrinf done with neatness and deapatcb, and very low B-q-xol3LLelc3Jfk #AA t tM%'" piTsentsniven avvaj V III II lliniSl'mi lls '■■■'il.' postalle JV #1 II i by mail you wil %JJ L. J J . V W Wh-'-i f ree a package of Konds jf iarge'vftlue, that will start you in wurk that will at once bring you in moneyfaster than anytbing else in America. All abou the l$'J(X).()()0 in presenta with each box Agents wantet everywhere, of either sex, of all aes, for al the time, or spare time only, to work for us a theirown homes. Fortunes for all workers ah solutely assured. Don't delay. H. Hallett & Co., Portland. Maine. a ■ ■ ■ ■ more money than at anything else by IMI I ■Itaking an agency for the best sellini, ■Hl Ililbookout. Beginners succeed grand 1 1 1 ly . None fail. Terms tree. Ballet Book & Co.. Portland, Maine.


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