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Despite business depression, 1,280 new stock companies were registered in London last yeur, wifh a capital of $500,000,000, against $845,165,000 in 883. The bonos thrown out in cookiDg or from the table are too valaablo to be wasted. Burned cr ground they are excellent feed for poultry, and this is perhaps the best way to make the phosphate they contain available as a fertilizer for crops. The wbey left after making cheese is poor food by itself. but if mixed with wheat middlings or bran ita deficiencies are supplied and it is then good for store hogs. The acidity of the whey causes it to be caten with greater relish and also makes it more digestible. English epicures do not like yellowlegged fowls. In this country in most markets thoae with yellow legs have the preference, the yellow being generally supposed to indícate moro fat Possibly feeding with corn so nmch toaches Americans to like poultry in good condition. Peas are the most hardy of all grains. A few should be got in the ground for early use as soon as tho frost is out, put tiDg them in rn pround pn-j-ared in the fall for tbis pnrpoae. Tho firsi planting should bo of Uiu nnooth sorts, as thcy will not rot in óöJd, damp soil as tho sweeter wriokly puas will. The first yoar af Ier setting applo trees corn is a better hoed erop to grow araong ihe trees than potatoes or any roots. It makes a shado for the ground and or tho trees themselves, besides insuring thorough culuvaüon, which, however, should be eivcn with special care not to iDjuro tho trees by whifflotrees and horse cultivating implements. One of the best manures for the gardon is made by mixing two bushels of fine bono with a wagon load of stablo manure. 1'he bone makes tho manura heat more quickly, and the nianuro, softens or dissolves the partióles of boao. If water with which sulphuric acid has been mixed is poured on the heap, it will prevent loss of ammonia. Most stablo manures are deficiënt in phosphate, which the bone supplies. The deeper the drain the purer will be the water that flows from it, unless it accidentally tap3 some deposit of soluble mineral matter. At all ovents, tho loss of nitrate from drainage water, which is sometimos complainerl of, will be Jcss when tho drains are deep. The long roots of dover, which strike into the subsoil, will vory rawly go below the depth of drainage. The White Star is one of tho new varieties of potatoes that havo fulfilled the promiso they gave when firsl introduced. It ie a very productivo, smoothskinned, white potato of excellent quality, unlike many enormous croppers, which are coarse and soggy. It can be had at markot rates from alniost any large growor of potatoes, and there is no reason why any farmer need pay fancy priees for Reed of this variety. When only few cows are kept the cream pot should havo its con ten ts stirred daily. This is partij to exposé the cresim to (ho air tn allow it to oxygonizo. Thi3 oven ripouing of cream will InBure moro and botter bmter, and with succulent. fecd will enab!o the owner of a dairy to mako nearly or quito as good butter In tho winter as in tho suimuer With cows long in milk, however, the butter in winter will come slowly. While every grape vino must ultimatoly have a trellis, it is not necessary to make tho latter before or at the time the vine is planted. The first year nf growth a stake is all that is needed. With the second spring the trellis will begin to come in use, though three to five years will pass before it will bo fully occupied. Plant grape vines the coming spring, give them good cultivation and jou will be a year nearer their fruiting than if you defnyed. Except just at the time of calving, when tho quality of food is as important as its quantity, liberal feeding is always the best policy for cows. A good cow will not accumulato fat, and it is diflicult to keep a fine milker in even tolerable condition. But if she eats well, as every good cow wiil, her owner may rest assurod that the f eed is returnod lo him in the milk pail, in a form more valuable than most of ihe feed that is eaten on the farm can possibly assumo. At this season fowls may be induced to lay many more eggs by providing food containing the rnaterials from which pega are formed, Feeding with wheat screenings and giving milk to drink will furnish Ihe bst diet. Ooee a day givu fi'od, which may consist of wheat bran et middlings mixed wiih milk and given warm. This should be given early íd the morning. Do not omit to furnish lime for the shells, else if erowdod too rapidly eggs will be eaten and the fowls soon n wie worse than worthless. No graio erop will be moie quickly benefited by man ure than barley. lts growth is rapid, anc1 at the beginning is at a season when plant food does not dovolop fast in tho soil. Henee some kind of commercial fertilizar drilled with tho sf.od to give the plant its first start is especially valuable for this grain. Of late j ears it is found Ibat the weight of grain, on which depend? its vahío for fale, is due to theupplicationof mineral manures. Whero phosphato benefits olber crops sow it on barle}'. Where it does not, sow salt, ss'res or some form of potasb . The best barloy is grown in the lake región, and that from Bay Quinte, nonti of hako Ontario, is generally hoavier thaii from any other section and brings a bettor prieel South of Lake Ontario, in ■uslero New York, a good deal is grown, and the quality largely lepenfls upon the season. Cool woather wbüo tho head is tilling and dry weather for harvesting are each important to secuiing a good erop. In local - itios where intense heat and drouhts come as tho grain is ripening, the barloy will be poor. These essential climatic condilions limit the growing of barloy to a coruparativoly small area.


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