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TlKED AND LaNGUID WOMEN.- HoW maiiy women there are of whom these words are true: "They feel languid and tired, liardly able to bear iheir wight on their fet, the bloom all gone from their cheeks, irratable and cross without meaning to be, nerves all upset, worried with thechildreD, fretted over little things' a burden to themselves, and yet with no acute disease." What a pity it But a few bottles of Parker's Tonic will drive all this away, and relieve the troubles peculiar to their sex. It is passing strange how a man who owes you thirty cents will have his attention suddenly attracted to the cornice of the tall block across the way whenever you chance to meet hini on the street. A Great Disooveky.- Mr. William Thomas, of Newton, Ia., suys: "My wife bas been seriously aífected with a cough for twenty-five yeara, mul this spring more severely than ever bef ore. She had used many remedies without relief, and being urged to try Dr King's New üiscovery, did so, with most gratifying results. The flrst bottle relieved her very much, and the second bottle has iibsoIntely cured her. 8he hae not had so rood health for thirty years" Trial botües Troeat Eberbach & Son's drug store. Large size $1. Chicago is becoming a fashionable place íor brida! oouples to go to. After eating the Chicago bread, u man can put np witü almost anything short of frozen rocks.


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