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A Lucky Man

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Great cxciteme'nt has prevailed here over 8ó,0üJ haring been drawn in the last drawing f The Louisiana State Lottery, May L2th, in ! we sent our re porter to personally interview tlie luoky man. He fonnd liim, when the following conversation took place: What Is our Dame and oecupaüon? H. N. Ch ndler, bridge carpenter. Do you live hereP Ve. I toard at the Sla-ker House and room in one of the cottni -i near the park. Ho.v lon; have you been patronizing the Lo isiana Lottery? Ever since my "accident last, December. Was it you Unit ■ e reportad lylng at tii lacker House last New Yo V a day with a broken arm3 Yes, wh'Je in the company's employmon I feil from the top of an ice house, Injuring myself very aeriously. Isittruethat you severed your connect on with the company the day you hoard of yourgood luck? No, I continued al my usual employment until t -day w en 1 had a misunderstandinjf, and left. Where did you purchase the ticket3 Direct from M. A Dauphin, manager of the company at Kew Orleans. It was a one-lifth fcket of $2ö,000. When did you first learn that your tic! et had won a prize? I saw it in the Kansas City Times. Had you any trouble in getting ihe Sö.OOO11 None' whatever. I asked Ad : nis Espress Co. to col'ect it, and it came all riglit without delay. Were tlicre any drawbacks or deduct'ons? Ko. Nothing bit te usual ratea for co lnction made bv the Kxpress


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