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Real Estate Transfers

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L. H. Jones to Alice M. Boeier, laud in Scio, $400. Ida J. Collar to Alonzo Kuder, Saline, $600. Harvey J. Hogere to Jesse Lane, Dexter village, $500. Thos. O'Niel to Timothy McKune, Lyndon, $3,600. li. Gruner to Larana Moni, Ann Arbor, 8500. D. E. Wines to L. D. and S. C. Wines, Ann Arbor, $1,000. D. E. Winee to same, Aun Arbor, $3,500. Peter Hül Sen., to Peter Hill, Jr., Northtield $2,000. Mrs. Pet-rby, of Dallas, is n woman with a head tor btisinees . "Just see here. I have bought a beautiful rocking chair at auction worth $3, and I only paid $'2 for it; so you see I have $1 elear prolit. Don't teil me after this that women have no business sense." "Do you need the rocking chair?" asked Mr. Peterby. "No." "Then what did you buy it for?" "To save money, of course. How Oüuld I have saved that dollar if I hadn't boughtit, stupul?" Mrs. McAllen, of Waco, has a daughter who is exceedingly impudent and annoying. "Shut your mouth, Fanny! You are the most persistent brat I ever saw. You al way s want to ha re the last word," said Mrs. McAllen, nfter taking a great deal of impudence. "I always have the last word, do I?" retorted the danghter, angrily. "Tnat's not my fault. How can I teil when you are going to quit giving me back sass?" Truth is mighty - scarce. A baby-carriage is pretty sure to be struck by a squall. It is said that a goose drinks water one hundred times a day. Some geese don't drink water at all. "Poets are bom," says a writer. So are other men, but when they get old enough they generally reform. A Madison street girl's answer to the current conundrum: " Will the coming work?" is: "He will if I get him."