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Real Estate Transfers

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J. L. Lapham to W. P. Lanc, land iu Salem. $1,600. Jane P. Forbes to F. L. Thompson, Ypsilanti, $l,20n. Harvey Blackman to Daniel Eckard, Sharon, 2,000. Jaa. Kelley (administrator) to Aoher C. Taylor, liridgewater, $2,475. John Sperry to Ghaa. T. Henion, Ann Arbor, 1500. Elmer S. Prudden to Perry C. Depew, Sylvan, $1,000. Geo. J. Nissly to Daniel Nissly, Saline, $2,000. Jno. Baunigartner to Bernard Norton, Ann Arbor, $500. Daniel Hand to Ann Arbor Waterworks, Ann Arbor, $500. Cliiy A. Green to Mary E. Foster, Ann Arbor, $3,020. " I do think that thirteen is really an unlucky number," said a port young miss who had juet entered her teens; "it is too old for dolls and too yoitng ior beaux!" "Is the man honest?" asked old Hyson. "Honset as the day is lonp ;" was the reply. "Ye-es," said old Hyson; "but then he won't do at all. I want him for a night watchman."