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the African explorer, was born near Denbightin, Wales, in 1840,and at three years of age was placed in the poorhouse of St. A aph where he received an educat'on which enabled him to teach in a school. Oct. 15 he saUed as a cabin boy, in a vessel foound for New Orleans, and was there adopted by a nierchant named Stanley, whose name he took instead of his own of John Rowlands. After the death of his patrón he enlisted in the Confedérate serdce, but afterwards entered the Federal army. In 1867 he was sent as a correspondent ol the "New York Herald" to Abyssinia, and subsequently to Spain and other countries. His services as a correspondent were so excellent that he was choseu by Mr. Bennett to flnd Livingstone, and after innumerable hardships accompli'hed his purpose on the 28th of October 1871. His suceess caused him to be sent by the "Herald" and "London Telegraph" on a mission of his own. He explored Lakes Albert and Victoria N'Yanza and traced the Congo river from its source to its mouth. He has written several works descriptivo of his travels and expl oration. His las work, "The Congo and its Free State' describe? the resources and character of the natives of that rïgion, and he predicte that an enormous trade will be developed. There is a paper in Texas called the Vanguard. lts motto is "Radical in Holiness," and its professed object ia the "promotion of holiness. Speaking of a minister who has said something it does not like, and of a paper that con" tained an article it does not approve of, it calis them 'rationalistic, holinesshating, heresy-hunting prelates," theh words having "the hiss of the serpent;1' charges one of them with having "a morbid and wolflsh spirit;" calis a minister "a brazen bigot," a "Phari see," "flourishing ignorance and conceit;" and says in one of the articles that physieians are a "mercenary class of men, most of whom are blasphcmous foes of Christ, who will for pay prolong the needless afflictions of their fellow men," and closes tbe article by profesaing entire sanetification. Therk is a bee keeper in Michigan who has as keen notions of economy as the man who tried to make his liorse believe shaving were grass by forcing him to wear green gogglea; but while in the latter case the horse died, the Michigan man has demonstrated the practicability of his económica] scheme. Coneluding that there was too much risk and waste of time by permitting his bees to graze on clover pastures, he bethought him to feed them glucose. By gradually increasing the amount of clear glucose fed to them each day, he tinally reached the point whcre they required noting else. Thé product is sold as pure honey. Caroline Healy Dau, a veterao adrocate of woman's suffrage, declares that she has seen for a long time "that the feeling of more highly educated people is less favorable to an extensión of suffrage than it was twenty years ago," and that the consummation which she desires and anticipates has been set back at least another generation by the indiscretions and short sightedness which have accompanied this agitation." The obstacle to woman's suffrage is not man's selfishness, she thinks, but woman's reluetance. There has been another battle of lirutes for a bride. This time it was on Green lsland, near Evansville, Ind. The participants battered oach other around a twelve-foot ring until one of them was "knoaked out" and lay insensible for half an hour. The victor expecta the vanquished to stand up as "best man" at the wedding, but if the young woman knows what is best for her she will give both fighters the mitten and marry the doctor who went along to patoh up their wounds. '1'he times are indeed hard when economy in the use of postage stampa is universal enough to affect the revenues of the post office deparimen' to the extent of over $800,000 in a quarter. Yet according to the reporl of the department, for the quarter ending last Marali. the large deficit is mainly due to economy and hard times. A New Orleans Negro minister sees ind'cations of decay and even dotage in the white race. He warns the "young and vigorous" Negro race cot to amalgámate with tlia rapidly-degeneratine; Caucasions. The Iowa supreme court has decided that a hotel keeper who receives guests knowing that there is a contagious disease in his house is Hable for damage to auy gueut wiio my contract the ïiseae


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