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The London Oaily Telograph savs that the uegotiations betvvecn Eugland and Russla reKarding the Afghan froniiur qüeetion have beLacorae serlous. Rusln is perferrlng new claims umi refuses !o yielrt to Tyjrd Salisbury, whose t ne, altbongh atudlouslv friendly, is ñrm. The Stmclan!, in commu:iting upon the same subject, declares that Englana will never condone a seeond editiou of the Penjdeh outrae. The Standard, in an editorial on the reported advanee of Russian troopa toZuiflcarpass, saya that although more renBiuriag nuwñ has been recelved from Col. Ridgeway, the chlef of the British Afghan boundary commisslon, the news from othèr sourccs rëgarding the Russian movements is of the gravest character. The only redeming feature of the intelligence from Afghanistan, says the Standard, is that the Afghans have atfached themselves more firmly than ever to our side. An effort Is being made to reorganize the Munster bank of Dublin and Cork. Two hundred person.? in Rome were poisoned by ealing ice cream. The confectioner who supplied the cream ha3 been arrested. The R9sians are btcoming aggressive and appear intent on f oreiug a war with the Afghans. A correspondent of a London paper says that the Russian forens under Col. ALkhanoiï are advancing en masse on Zulficar Vass from the various points near the frontier held by the Russiaus, but prinripally from Sariahs, and makes but little effort at concealing tbeir intentious. The Afghans are inuch alaruied by thii forward movement of the RusBians and exliibit anxiety lest the Russiansmay take possession of the pass and marcli on Herat. They are d termined, however, to oppose any further advances by the Russlans , with all' the force at their command, and sbould the Russiaus persist in their course a bloody conflict eanriot much longer be avoided.


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