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Ex-senators Bruce And Bogy

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Beu: Perley Poore'a Efimlnlsconces. Blanche K. Bruce, whose s'gnature &3 Register of the Treasury now gracea eve y national bank bill, was vei'y popular whilo ho was in the senate, although ho is of African de;cent. Unobtrusive, attent;ve to business, nnd modest, he conquered the prejidite3 aga nst h.s vace, and was tieattd with marked courtesr by his assoo ates. One day alter !;o had been a Senator for two years or more, Senator Bogy, the aristocratie des endant of one of the old French famil o? of SU Louis, took a seat by his s de saying: "Mr. Bruce, I have a bill here I wa-it you to vote fox It is one in whioh I have a gr at personal interest. It has nothing political in it. Look at it aJid teil me what you think." Bruce laughed as he saicl: "Senator Bogy, I hope we shall arrange this more sa'isfactorily than ourla;t business tran action. "üur last business transactioa? What do you mean?" 'Don'tyouremember raejting me before my coming to the Senate?'' "Most decidedly no." "I think I can refresh your meniory, Senator. Some twenty years ago you were one day running down Olive street in a hurry to catch a steamer. You wer;carning a very heavy val 83. The day was very hot. L'on't yon remember the colored boy who ca me up and o 'ered to carry the v:il:se down to the levee lor 2j cents? Youran alonsj with the bov. Soou the wharf doek was reached. The boat was just swinging out. You ran and iumped on board. You called for the val se. The colored boy put the valise behind his back and called for his 2j cents. You hunted, iished out 25 cents, andtossed it ashore; but the gap was too widi; to toss the valise. The captain had to stop the boat and back up beïore you could get your valse. Do vou remeniber that?'f "Well, I should say Idid." "I was that colored boy."


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