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Treed By Pigs

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Household Words. Treed by pigs is not exactly the position in which we should expeot to find a colonial secretarv - at least, not often. But when Mr. Fowler, colonial secretary of the Honduras, was recently exploring the interior of the colony, he was over: aken by a drove oí peccaries, and had only time to take a snap-shot at the hr3t of them, and seramble up a tree, dropping his riflo in tho perfonnance, before the whole pack wero round his percli, gnashing their teeth at him, gruntiiigand sharpening their tusks against the tree. Now the peccary is not only feroeious, but patiënt, and rather than lat an object of its anger escape, will vrait abont for days, so that the secretary had before him only two courses - either to remain where he was until he should drop down amoug the swine from sheer exhaustion and hunger, or else to commit suïcide at once by coming down to be eaten there and then. While he was in fckig dilemma, however, what should come along- and looking out for his -upper, too - but a jaguar. Ne ver was b ast ofpreyso opportune, for t has a particular foadnesa for wild pork, and the peccaries kuow it. for co sooner did they see the great ruddy kd thrust out' through the bushes, than they bolted helter-skelter, forgettng, iñ the'.r anxieiy to save their own bacon, ttie meal they were tiiemselves leaving up the tree. The Jaguar sras o;i' after the sw ne with admirable prompitude, and the secret tig the coast clear, caine down, reflecting, as he walkcd tow?rds the camp, upon the admirable arrangenaents of nature, who. having mad' peccariea to eat chief secretarie, próvidi i also jaguars o eat the peccar'es.