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Real Estate Transfers

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Pardy H. Green to Nicholas Max property in Ypsilanti, $775. Harvey and Henry Cornwell to Corn well Mfg Co., of A. A., 815,000. Betaey Hutchinson to Caroline H Palmer, Ypsilanti, $2,500. Frank J. Inward to Chas. S. Smith Ypsilanti, $1,865. Hiram Faircliild to Chas. S. Smith, Ypsilpnti, $500. Jno. W. Blakesiee to Burt Lownsbury York, $490. Jno. W. Blakealee et al., to Jno. Scot York, $735.07. Anneth M. Lazelle to Mary E. Stoner Bridgewater, $2,000. Laora Ninan to flenry Hudson, Lyn don, $800. " Gan't aflord to advertise, it costa too rouch!" So, so ! Why don't you pu: your goods into a shed on a back streel because it coste something for a nice store in the business part of town ; use old dry goods boxes because you "can'' aflord" to put in nice attractive counters put up no sign, because signs eost some thing; spend nothing for advertisinj your business because "costs too much !' Then growl about hard times, because people go to those who do advertise, instead of spending time to hunt jou up No wonder you can't afford to advertise when you don't let people know where you are and what you have to sell ! Anc then jour trade is so small that whei you have a customer you are compellec to put a larger margin on what he wants or you "can't afford" to sell to him and live. Don't envy your enterprising neighbore who advertise, when you see their stores full of customera while yours is empty, but wake up and go and do likewise. - Exchange. " What are you going to do when you grow up, if you don't know how to ei pher?'' asked a Harlem school teneher o: a rather slow boy. " I am going to be f school teacher, and make the boyB do al the ciphering," was the impudent reply. I etroit Post : J. M. Ashley, Jr., of the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Grand Trunk, was u Detroit yesterdav and left in the eveling lor Howell. Mr. Ashley said that lis road was progressing satisfactority, !t liad been expected that the Detroit, -ansing & Northern track could be nsed uto Howell, but the latter road will not uake the arrangement. Therefore the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Grand Trunk will ay a truck of it own through Howell, liissi iifr within a block of the courthouse. filis will give it an advantage over the Detroit, Lansing & Northern, the track of which is on the outskirts of the town. This advantage will be increased when ,he Michigan air line from Soutu Lyon o Detroit is constructed over whioti the Toledo folks will nin trains to Detroit. An oflBcer of the Nineteenth district station house, Eight and Lombard sts., ast night brouglit in well-dressed slightly utoxicated man with a valise, whom he lad found holding an animated eonversation with a lamp post, and threatening o pulverizo it, if it did not diroct him to he Now York depot. "I told hún I would bring him to the depot," whispered the policeman to the Surgeant. "Gimme a ticket for Noo York," said ihe prisoner to tho Sargeant, laymg eighty-seven cents on the desk, all the money he had. "Here you are, sir. One through ;icket, inchiding a lower section Rleeping jerth," said the Sargeant, handing him a ;icket for a raffle. "All aboard!" shouted the turnkey, in a tone that would have caused an ordinary station hand to blush for his own unworthiness. "Whoop!" came from one of the patrolmen in imitation of a locomotive, while another picked up his valise and, throwing it on a stretcher that stood in the corner, wheeled it around the room, completing the doception and making the would-be traveler believe he was in a railroad station. He was quietly led to a cell and soon feil into a slumber. ''Ise verry sorry, boss, dat I was led estray ter take de watch," said Jim Webster to an Austin justice. "I am glad to see that you regret your crime. What was it that led you to take ;he watch? replied His Honor, calmly. "I was deluded by de chain, sah. I bleeved it was a solid gold chain, and dat ar was a gold watch hanging at de eend of it. De chain deluded me, sah, ínter taking de watoh. De brass chain am de eouree ob all ob dese heah complercashuns." "You will not be deceived by chaina for a time at least if I can help it," remarked His Honor, giving him two months on the chain gang.


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