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Eggs 14e per dozen. Butter 15c per pound. Wheat 95c per bushel. Plour $2.20 per hundred Dehl's hotel is oífered for sale. H. W. Hicks nas gone to Boston. Plenty of whortleberries in market. The waterworks are progressing linely. Rev. J. Newman and family are at Pe toskey. The talk of tramps overruning the city is all bosh. Geo. Gilbert's horse trotled in two races at Mason, this week. Miss Sursie Clark is visiting the Mieees Burnstine in Detrit. Geo. H. Pond and family visited friends in Dexter yesterday. N. K. Hill has sold his place in the the third ward to Jerry Walsh. Hereafter the rafe of tuition will be $2 per term for a course in physics. Mrs. Lewis H. Clark, of öodus, N. Y., is visiting her brother, K. Kittridge. L. W. Carman has been appointed principal of the Owasso high school. Some nevr walks have been laid, but there is vast room for more all over the city. Jno. B.. Miner returned Monday from a two weeks' ñshing trip near Orchard Lake. Benj D. Payne has given up farming and will try to flnd a position as teacher for the next year. Vigilant hose company gave a dance at Relief park last evening. A. F. Hangsterfer was caterer. To-night the annual meeting of the Chautauqua circle will be held at the residence of Dr. Darling. There are a large number of horses entered for the Ypsilanti races, which take place August 11 to 14. Coal is higher tlian a year ago. The following are the pnces: Nut, $5.75; egg, $5.. 10; No. 4, $6.25; stove, $0. Miss Ella Hangsterfer has been pending the past week in Detroit, a gnest at the residence of her brother, J . W. Miss Carne Williams of Bay City, a former resident of this place, was visiting friends here the tírst of the week. Jno. W. Wise, agent for Gen. Grant's Memoirs, was a caller at The Dbmocbat yesterday. He reports business good. Will Stimson set it up to the boys on the strength of the young gentlemen who put in his appearance last Friday. The Courier office was closed yesterday on account of the death of Joseph Beal, a brother of Alfred and E. E. Beal. E. B. Hall will f urnish the coal for the court house, jail and public schools. He was the lowest by two cents of several biddors . Will Becker, in the employ or B. F. Watts has gone to Detroit to lt.arn engraviug. He expeets to be absent until September. Rev. Fr. Duhig of Chelsea has resigned his pastorate. It seems he couldn't get along with some of the members of his congregation. Mrs. J, Sturm of Saline, while on her way home f rom this city, Saturday, was quite seriously injured by being thrown f rom her oarriage . W. A. Brownlee, late managing editor of the Argonaut, has been appointed to a lucrativo position on the editorial staff of the Detroit Evening News. Levi L. Barbour of Detroit, a member of the state board of charities, was in the city Wednesday. He is much pleased with the plans of the new jail. The Zion church Sunday school of Pontiac, and the Young People's association of Milford, have united in an excursión, to be given to this city next Friday. Soon after the news of Gen. Grant's death yesterday morning, fiags were placed at half-mast, and several stores on Main street had hung out emblems of mourning. A Grand ltapids attorney has been arrested for walking on the grass in one of the public parks. In this city everybody is permitted to lounge in the court yard, although there is an ordinance against it. li. Pmith had lus leg broken by beiug run away with ïhe Miases Bower have gone on a trip to Lake Superior. It behooves our citizens to be on the lookout for burglars. ïhe Germán band accompaned the Gesangverein to Jackson. The funeral of Mrs. Lucy R. Savage, of this township, took place Saturday. Mrs. Hoban and Miss Mary Clarken are visiting Jas. Clancy, near Paw Paw. Jno. Tice, Sen., has gone to Bay City, where he will reniain for the next two months . A number of the boys were knocked out of time, Saturday, by the female ball tossers. O. Donnovnn of Port Eads, La., is home for a four weeks visit. He arrived in the city Saturday. Several hundred excursionists passed through the city Sunday over the Toledo road for South Lyon. Sarah, wife of the late Jas. Shaw, for 28 years a resident of this place, died Saturday, aged (53 years. Ihe signa, " Keep off the Graas, are of uo account as loungers continue to mouopolize the court yard. Miss Hattie Stricklana, principal of the first ward school, has reaigned. She will go to Grand Rapids to teach. Ed. Graf commenced work Monday on the new atone culvert in the second ward. The bridge is to be 114 f eet long. Among the wedding gifts to a bride, recently, says an exchange, was a receipted bill for $8 for gate hinges, from the bnde's father. Divorce proceedings were commenced, Friday, by Minnie Diamond against her husband, Frank Diamond. The partiee reside in Dexter. The female base ballists gave an exhition game on the fair grounda, Saturday. Our reporter didn't notiee many citizens over 75 years of age among the lookers on. The masonic societies feive an excurion next Thursday. As this is the tírst excursión of the season a large number of our citizens will avail themselves of the opportunity. E. B. Pond is home from Washington The office of pension agent, which he was after, will be given to an old soldier. Gen. Parkhurst of Coldwater, will probably be the lucky man. Ohief Pall was called up at day-light, Saturday moraing, to cut down a man who was kangmg from one of the electrio wires. Imagine nis astonishnient on discovering that it was an effigy. An exchange says nothing exasperates a woman, who has been shading her eyes from the gasligbt with her hand all the evening, so much as to flnd she had left her best diamond ring on the washstand. In lookmg for an office under a democratie administration, it looks a little cheeky for any man who worked against the head of the democraticgreenback ticket to expect anything, even an appointment. When a Boston man takes to farming it is said that he stunts the growth of every vegetable by the heavy names. Plain lettuce is " leontodontaroxicum" and an Irish potatoe is a " tube resa chronon-thoton-tnoligu-Baldeborantrosporsicoformid." It is authoratively reported here that both Messrs. Pattison of the Ypsilanti Commercial, and Woodruff of the Sentinel, have been converted by the salvationists, and they will probably enlist in the army and make a tour of the state this f all . - Saline Observer. A fine pair to draw to, that. The Huron Cornet band gave a very enjoyable entertainment at the residence of Eli Moore's, Friday evening. The boys contine to improve in playing, and as practice makes perfect, there is no reason why they should not yet become fine musicians. The citizens of the fifth ward have reason to feel proud of thier band. Early Saturday morning the house of Mrs. Alice Staokbower. on South University avenue, was entered by buaglars who carned of a gold watch and other aticles of jewelry, besides some $40 in money, to the value of $250 . Also the saine night burglars stole a gold watch from the residence of Mrs. Baokus, corner Jefferson and Madison streets. The national museum at Washington exhibts the breeches of Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, and several other expresidents. Seems as if Mr. Arthur ought to increase rhe collection. A man with i)8 pairs of pantaloons could materially assist in makiDg the presidential breeches exbibit an important feature of the mstitution.- Lansing Journal. The walk and erossing on Catherine street, at the Toledo road, are terribly dilapidated, and the sidewalk committee should see that improvements are made at once. The city don't want to be multed in damages for any in jury that may occur to pedestrians on account of a few dollars expense to the owners of the land in making repairs. A hmt. A Maine farmer had a wife who declared she would never be weierhed. One day when she was in the wagon he drove his team on to the hay scales in Auburn, and had the whole thing weighed without his wiie knowing what was going on. Then he afterwards carne back and had the team weighed, without iiis wife, and fou-id it just 225 lighter. So he had his way and she had her weigh . Wonder whose business it is to protect the lawn about the court house ? A lot of idlers seem to have fulj possession. We have an ordinance in relation to trespassers on our parks, flxing fines, etc., and making it the duty of the pólice to wateh over them . Would it not be well to enforce the ordiance or repeal it, and turn the care of the court house square over to the board of supervisors. In Washtenaw county the number of acres of wheat in 188a was 66,794, and the yield 1,332,142 bushels, an average of 19.94 bushels per acre. The number of acres this year is 70,802, and the probable yield 1,363,657, an average of 19. 26 bushels per acre. By these figures it will be seen that the number of acres this year is greater by 4,008, aad the number of bunhels greater by 31,505, though the average per acre is a tnfle less, 68-hundredths bushel. The report also shows Washtenaw to be the largest wheat raising county in the state, and the highest average per acre. Early in July Jesse Goodrich of Webster City. Iowa, leLt his home with the intention of going to Nebraska. For some reason or another he carne to this state and for a few days stopped in Eaton Kapids. On the 15th of the montli he purchased a rope and went to the outskirts of the village and hanged himself. The first his tamily knew of the occurrence was through a special in the Chicago Times. A son of Goodrich, accompanied by his father's brother went to Eatou Rapids and there learned that the body had been shipped to the pickling vat in the medical college. A search was made, the body identified, and Saturday night the remains were taken to Webster City. TLe well-known berd of polled Aberdeen Augus cattle, owned and imported last year by R. C. Auld of Dexter, is in a very prosperous condition. The herd will shortly be augmented by a number of fine annimals now in quarenteeu in New York harbor, purchftsed by Mr. Auld duriag his visit to Scotland last winter. The two principal animáis are Exima Erica and Princesa Sixth, costing 82,000 each in Scotland. With the addi tition of these two last-named cows the herd is claitned by Mr. Auld to represent the finest breeding and the most complete line of their blood in the world. It is rumored in this connection that arrangemeuts are being made to form this herd, known among western stock men as the " McCombie cattle," into a company, to deyelop it to its fullest extent, as there is no better blood anywhere else existing than in this herd, originating as it does from the very fountain head of the breed in Scotland. Farmers are paying $2 per day for harvestera. Temperance meeting Stuiday at the nsual hour. Prof. Davis is summering at Boston and vioinity. The Port Hurou Daily Telegraph has ceased to exist. S. McLaren has gone away on a tour through Canada. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Lewis spent 8aturday in Detroit. Dr. E . V. N. Hall is uow practicing m Huntiugton Ind. Jacob KurCers of Woodville, O., is visiting Pred. Hutzel. The thermometer registered 102 in the shadtí, Monday. J. J. Ellis and Moses Seabolt, left Tuesday for Weet Branch. Whitmore Lake is just now a great re sort for Ann Arbor people. Prof. Adams has accepted the presidency of Cornell university. Judge Joslyn Was in the city, Tuesday, hearing a hnebus corpus case. Lj. tí. Lcwis nas solo out bis interest in the firm of Lewis & Gibson. Mra. Geo. El lis of Ypsilanti, visited her brother, A. Gwiner, Monday. The old Earle store is being utilized for a work shop by the Gates boys. A refreshing shower Monday did considerable good to corn and potatoes. Wm. Kay and wife of Toledo, O., were in the city severa] days on a visit, this week. Dr. Obetz is at Paris, 111., where be expects to remain fot the next two or three weeks. Miss Agnes Lewis returned from a week's visit with friends in Detroit, Saturday. J. A. Gates is drafting plans for a dweiling to be erected by Dr. Watson of Saline. Anna Kuebler, aged 7 yeare, daughter of Fred. Kuebler, died Tuesday, of con sumption. Prof. Perry is out of the city. On his return there will be a meeting of the school board. Nichols Brothers will oooupy their dental parlors in the Masonic building, about August lst. Miss. Kate Oullaneen of Scio, spent Saturday and Sunday with 8. Knight's people, third ward. H. Drake, who has located permanently at Marquette, is to give instructions to the Marquette band. Suit has been commenced against E. B. Gidley, constable from the 6th ward, for false imprisonnient. It seems that the berry men have not entered into a combination, as was süated by a city paper last week. Boughton & Payne are to supply the people at Whitmore Lake with newspa pers and periodicals daily. William Shakespeare Corselius, Con. Oook and Del Collins have been enjoying a week's flshing at Base Lake. Several hundred bushels of black and red raspberries, have been shipped by the expresa company of this city. Swathel, Kyer & Peterson are selling brick manufactured by E. M. Lewis of East Milan. See notice in "city items." Prof. R. Hudson is spending a few weeks at Nantucket, a guest of bis brother, J. L. Hudson, the Detroit clothier. Ooi. Geo. P. Sanford has been appointed postmaster at Lansing. Good 'nough. The Oolonel, some years ago, resided in this county . Fred. Eettich, Jr., when at the Falls, was given the exclusive liftht to handle Niágara Spray in this city, and has the same constantly on ilraught. Monday was hot and sultry, aud menworking in the waterworks trenches came very near giving out before night on account of the intense heat. 0. L. Gpodhue, of Goodhue & Birnie, water works contractors, has been in the city this week. He says the works wil) be completed by the flrst of October. The officers put up a job, Tuesday, on a reporter for a Detroit evenin? paper. They sent him on a wild-goose chase near the observatory to hunt for news. President White of Cornell .university, who is to be sucoeeded by Prof. C. K. Adams, attended Hobart college for two years, and afterwards graduated f rom Yale. Franklin M. Hawkins, tbe young man who obtamed $50 on a forged note, pleaded guilty to the charge, Tuesday, and was sentenced by Judge Joslyn to states prison for three years. A number of offlcers started out 8aturday night for the purpose of searching for trampa, who were supposed to be in large numbers on the outskirts of the city. But no tramps were found. The Michigan district of the northern district of the Ohio Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran church, was in session Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Services were held at Zion church. New springs are being opened up where the receiviug basin is being dug, and by the time the reservoir is completed there will be any amount of pure water- more than enough for a city twice the size of Ann Arbor. Some of the officers have been making a great fuss at the numbers of tramps, as they called them, and of their having places of rendezvous in the suburbs of the City. Th3V onlv (Yxist hnwAVBr in the minds of over anxious officials. Travelers will learn with satisfaction that a drawing-room oar will hereafter leave Detroit at 4 o'olook each afternoon via the Michigan Central railroad, arriving at Grand Kapids al. 10:50 p. m„ and leaving Grand Iiapids at 6:00 p. m., arriving at Detroit at 11 :45 p. m. Milan Journal: L. Van Wormer commenced packing nis wool for shipment, yesterday. He has pnrohased over 60,UOU pouuds. Censiderable work has been done the past few months, in the way of puting in new ties, grading and improving the ï. & A. A. road bed. With the good work ooutinued a few months, this road will favorably compare with other roads, The annual conference of this district of the Free Methodist church, will be held in Nora village, commencing Sept. 9th, and continuing for about ten days. The conference will be under the superintendance of Kev. Roberts. A camp meeting wi]l also be held at the same time. The meeting will be held either in Hack's grove or the grove near the T. fe A A. depot. - Milan Journal. If the bible be authority there were lawyers in Ohrist's time, but they differed from the profession of to-day, as they seemed solicitious about the future, and earnestly begged the Savior to answer the question, "What shall I do to be saved." Were Christ on earth now, and able to find one of the fraternity in a frame of mind to prompt him to make such an inquiry, it is more than hkely that he would promptly "give it up" and say in reply, "nothing." After satisf. ving a lawyer of the present time for conductmg a suit, it is the cliënt who feels like crying out "What shall I do to be saved." There was great exeitement on Ann street between 1 and 2 o'cloc-k Tuesday morning: A Germán working for Vogel got up in Lus sleep, crawled out of the window and along the cornice, and inlo the window of a woman named Gibson, over Maynard's store, nearly frightening her to death. She set up an unearthly howl and ran down stairs, calling for Oampion and Chamberlain! The noise awakened the Germán, who, although somewhat bewildered, managed to get out of the window and on to the corniee again, but not until he had knocked ov'er a lot of house plants. In bis his hurry, and espying Gould's window open, he feil in, scanng Mrs. G. out of her wits. In a moment he was up and out again, when he finally reached his room over the market, feeling that it was good to be there. Burchfield has a new ad. this week. W. S. Hicks, ruanagor of " Hoptonic, has gone east in a special car, containing 430 dozen bottles of the medicine, to b deJivered to wholesale druggists in Bob ton. Sol. Armstrong is the champion story teller. He remembers thinga that oc eurred here as far back as 1802, and delights to dweil on reminiscences of the paat. Dexter Leader: C. H. Van Eiper o Webster, left with us ten heads nf bar ley picked from straw the seed of which was procured in the state of New York The heads average five inchea to the ene of the kernel, and nine inohes mcludinf beard. It is six-rowed, and said to yiek 60 bushels to the acre. The fame of Ann Arbor carriages haB becorae national, as will be seen by the following from the Washington Hatchet: Dr. H. L. Bovee, the well-known proprietor of the Turkish bath establishment, on G Street, opposite the Riggs House, is envied by many people now . He has long been the owner of a faat trotter, with a 2:28 record, and now he comes up smiling with a buggy which is, to use an every day expression, simply a "daisy." The buggy in que&tion was made by the Walker Bros. of Ann Arbor, Mich., and weighs only 190 pounds. It is a Windsor side-bar, handsomely finíshed, with a nice easy spring back.'


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