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neuluer Signáis. Through the efforts of T. J. Keech, manager of the telphone exckange, and the liberality of a few business men who subsoribed for the and temperature signáis will be hoisted over the central telephone office. The enterprise is one which will be valuable to f armere and citizens generally: No. 1. White flag, lurge red center. Iudicates "Higlier temperature," or warmer weather. No. 4. The same with blue center indica tes " GeDeral Rain," or in the season " Snow." No. 7. The 8ame wit black center is the " cold wave " fla so frequently used last winter t help out the coal dealers. CNo. 2. White fla with red Crescent i center iudic;ites"Low er Temperature," o colder weiither. No. 5 The same with blu Crescent indícate " Clear or Fair Weather." v No. 3 White flag Ê with red star in the M center indicates "Sta■Jk W_ tionary T e m p e r aW ture." No. 6. The ' same with blue star in the center indica tes "Local Rain," or " 8now,'' in the season. My A mi 11 al Annoucement. Now is the time ot year that people are looking for big bargains in goods, and I will say that íor the next 30 days I will make pants and suits lower than they were ever made before in thiB city, and persons can not put their money te better use than to come right in and leave their orders. I am reducing my summer stock, which shall be made very low. I am receiving Jarge invoices of fall and winter patterns of all the leadmg and nobby styles, which I shall put up at wonderfully low prices. Now come and see me and you will not be disappointed. A perfect fit always guaranteed or money cheerfully refunded. Kemember the place- St. James block, W. Huron stieet, next door to Lewis & Gibson's photograph gallery. W. G. BURCHFIELD. According toeternal fitness of things, negroes should drive coal carts, crosseyed men should be detectives, sour old maids should run pickle factories, deaf mutes should be barbera, and go-ahead boys should be district messengers. But somehow it is otherwise ordered. A Lady's Perfect Companion. Painless Ohildbirth, a new book by Dr. John H. Dye, one of New York's most skillful pkysicians, shows that pain is not nesessary in Childbjith but results from causes easily understood and overeóme. It clearly proves that any woman may become a mother without suffering any pain whatever. It also tells how to overeóme and prevent morning sickness, swelled limbs, and all other evils attending pregnancy. It is reliable and highly endorsed by physicians everywhere as the wife's true private companion. Cut this out; it will save you great pain, and possibly your hfe. Seud two cent stamp for desonptive criculars, testimoniáis and confidential letter sent in sealed envelope. Address Frank Thomas & Co Publishers, Baltimore, Maryland. The word " heil " has been practically abolished from the Old Testament. The place itself, however, is probably doing business at the old stand. That Dikty Dandruff.- Dandruff is dirty and disagreeable in every way. It soils the clothing continually, and is accompanied by a hardly less annoying sensation of ïtching. The scalp is diaeased. There is nothing in the world so thoroughly adapted to this trouble as Parkers Hair Balsam. It cleanses and heals the scalp, stops thefalling hair and restores its original softness, gloss and color. Is not oily, highly perfumed, an elegant dressing. Very economical, hs only a small occasional application keeps the hair in perfect condition. " You say you know Sallie Jones ?" " Yes." " Is she bomelier than her sister Mary?" "Yes; there's more of her ; shë's bigger." What wm SuHELy Do It.- Cne's hair begin to fall out from many causes. The impon ant question is: What is sure to make it grow in again? According to the testimony of thousands, Parker's Hair Balsam will do it. It quickly covers bald spots, restores the original color when thé hair is gray or faded, eradicates dandruff, and causes the scalp to feel cool and well. It is not a dye, not greasy, highly perfumed, safe. Never disappoints those who require a nice, reliable dressing. " Who was that gentleman with whom you were so intímate last night at the concert?" asked one Brooklyn lady of another. " He is a four-handed aoquaintance of mine. We play duets together on the piano." Bucklen's Árnica Salve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Klieum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Ohapped Hands, Ohilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfation, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by Eberbach & Son. REMOYAL Having removed my stock of HATS AND CAPS ! To No. 7 W. Huron-st., In the St. Jamea Block, I would be pleased to have old customers cali on me. and new one stoo for thut matter, as I intend to give everybody OR.EAT BARGAINS. A. full line of Hats and üaps Cheap for Cash. E. J. JOHNSON, Michigan (Tentrai The JViagara Falk (Route. TIME TABLE, MAY 24, 1885. All trains run by Ninetieth Meritiiin, or Centra Standard Time. eoiae eau. _ _ -- __ STATIONS. d & . j Je A.M. A.H. PM F.M. P. X Jhicago Lv. 7.20 9.00 4.00 8.40 9.30 Niles 11.45 12.15 7.45 11.50 12.55 Decatar ...... 8.30 1.43 Lawton 8.45 a. m. 1.5S Kalama.oo.PK 1.42 9.15 6.45 1.15 2..U Ralesburg 7.03 2.01 3.49 Battle Creek... 9.23 7.31 2.23 3.17 Marshall _ 3 07 7.57 3.42 8.40 Mbion 3.32 8.Ï0 4.03 A, M ackson Ar. 4.30 ackson Lv. 4.34 4.15 9.15 3.25 4 50 JrassLake 4.53 9.36 5.12 3helsea_ 5.17 9.57 5.33 Dexter 5.33 10.12 5 48 Ann Arbor 5.63 5.30 10.2S 4.40 H.07 ïpstlanti .10 5.45 10.45 4.65 6.23 Vayne June... 6 35 6.05 11.05 5.18 6.46 Springwells.... 7.10 6.35 11.36 5.50 7.20 Detroit Ar. 7.20 8.45 11.45 6.00 7.30 P.M. P. M. St. Thomas Ar 11,15 10 20 8.25 A.M. Weiland 2.03 1 22 603 Falls View 1 55 6.32 Niágara Falls 2.31 2 00 H.37 usp. Bridge.. 2.40 2 15 6.47 Buffalo Ar 3.35 8 15 7 40 eoING WEST. i '. . U. T 1 &8 g Js Sr STATIC)!. ►.LL_L"L LilJA.Ê..ÈLÊl A.M. r. M.P.H. A. A.M. A.M. BuiTalo L. 6 00 11.3,0 5 00 11.35 a:m. p.m usp. Bridge.. 12.30 12,35 Niágara Palla 13.43 12.53 Falls View p. h. l.oï t. Thomas... 300 4.05 9 20 4.45 etroit Lv. 7.35 9.05 4.00 7.00 9.10 pringwells.... 7.45 .15 4.10 7.10 9.20 Wavuu June... 8.28 9.43 4.45 7.45 9 46 psllantl. 8.53 10 13 5.12 8.07 10.07 Ann Arbor 9.12 10.38 5.30 8.23 10 20 Dexter 9.37 5.52 8.44 helsaa B.57 6.07 9.00 raas Lake 10.27 6.89 10.10 P. M. ackson Ar. 9 25 ackson Lv. 11.00 11.42 7.07 11.55 lbion 12.S2 8.10 9.58 12.42 lurshall 1.05 8.48 10.38 1.07 attle Creek.... 1.31 9.23 10.58 1.35 A.M. alesbnrg 9.57 11.28 alamazoo 1.58 10.20 4.45 1Í.05 2.32 iawton...p. m. 5.18 12.45 )ecator. 5.35 1.00 iles 4.00 3.45 6.40 1.4S 4.13 hlcago Ar 8.90 7.10 10.35 6 00 8.05 The New York Expross, a fast train leaves Chi ago at 3.30 in the aftcrnooii and makes the fol Inwing stops, Michigan City, 5,17: Niles, 6.13; Kal mazoot-23; Battle Creek, 8.01; Jaeksnn 9 15 nn Arbor, ÏOCQ: ïpsilanti, 10.21; Springwells 1.06; arriving in Detroit at 111.5 P. M. The Chicago HJjfpresa, a fast train leaves Deojt at 1.0Q p ra. making the folowing stops: Wayne Junction, 1.E4; Ypsilanti, 1.50; Ann Ar or, 2.0SJ, Jackson, 8.01, Albion. 3.32; Marshall, 48, Battle Creek, 4,08: Kalamazoo, 4 38; Niles, 48; Michigan City, 6,55; Chicago, 9.00. Sunday eicepted. tdaturday 6 Sunday excepten Daily. . V?. Ruoglis, H.W. HAYES, O. P í. A.. Chicago. Aat. Ann Arbor. Toledo, Ann Arbor & Northern Michigan Kailway. THROÜQH TIME TABLE. ï'akln? effect June 21, 1885. oing North. Going South. 4 2 I STATIONS. 1113 ix. Mail I Standard Time. Ex. Mail. . m. a. m. I Leave Arrive a. m. p. m. 50() 7:05 Toledo 9:30 5:0C 5 06 7:14 1 Manhatten Junction 9-26 4 55 5 15 7:23 Alexis Junction 9:16 4:47 5 50 8:15 . Monroe Junction.... 8:42 4'14 l 830 Dundee 8 30 4-04 6 10 846 Azalia 8 20 854 62S 903 Milan 8 06 3 45 638 922 Urania 7 52 3 á0 64.8 932 Pittsfleld 7 4C 3 22 702 950 Ann Arbor 7 -J7 I 8 10 745 1045 South Lyon 650 1 2 25 Couneutions at Toledo with railroads divergng. At Manhattan Junction with Wheeliug & ake Erle B. K. At Alexis Jnnction withM O R. E., 1,. S. K'y and F. & P. M. R. B. At Monroe Junction with L. S. & M. S. R'y. At Dundee with L. 3. & M. S., and M. & O. R'y. At Milan with W., St. D. & P. R'y. At Pittafleld with L. S. & M. 8. R'y., and at South Lyon with Detroit, Lansing & Northern R. R., and O. T. R'y. H. W. ASHLEY, W. H. BENIÍETT, Oen. Superintendent. ' Gen. Passenger At. GRAND; TRUNK RAILWAY INOLDDINQ THE GREAT WESTERN DIVISIÓN. The Niágara Falls Short Line. Pullman and Wagner sleeping Care and Elegant New Dining Cara on all Express Trams east and west. All traína arrive at and depart f rom Brush-st. depi t on Central Standard time, whicb is 28 minutes slower than Detroit city time. Main line train via Port Huron. DEPOT FOPT OF BRÜSH STREET. Leave at Arrive at Toronto, Montreal and East 8 00 am 9 25 am BufYalo 800am 505pm Port Huron Express 4 20 pm '5 05 pm Toronto, Montreal and East. 11 00 pm +9 35 pm Buffalo Fast Express. $11 00 pm '0 SS pm Great Western División, Depot Foot of Brush Street. Leave at Arrive at Atlantic Express $6 35 am 8 35 am Express ,.jl206noon S3 20 pm London Express 5 30 pm 8 50 pm I'or tickets and intonnatlon apply to General Ticket Office. 169 Jsfferson avenue, corner Woodward, or at Depot Ticket Office, foot of Brush street, Daily. Except Sunday. J. HICKSON, General Manager. WM. ROBINSON, Mich. & S. W. Pass. Agt., Detroit. Gilbekt Busa Pass & Ticket Airt.. Ann Arbor. LOOK OÜtT Gentlemen can Save Twenty-Five per cent. by having their Clïii Male ! BY FRED EHHIS Who has opened a Tailor SDb-o-p I Over Reynold's Store, Ann st., Next door to J. D. Stimson's grocery. No slop work, but everything made in a workman-like manner A Perfect Fit is Guaran teed. FRED. EHNIS, Ann Arbor, Mich. MACKINAC. Th Kort ZXlichtftil SUIWIVIER TOUR Plo 8tunan. low rui., ïour Trip par Weck Betwen DETROIT AND MACKINAC And v.ry Weak Dj Betwenl DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Wrtt for quf " Picturesqufi Maofclnae," Illustrated. PWUtaa VU rrtioul. timatiVl-. Detroit & Cleveland Steam Nav. Co. C. D. WHITCOMB, OCH. Pa. Ast.. DETROIT. MICH. WElirDlÖClïf -


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