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ÍBERBACH&SONi Dealers in Drugs, Medicines Andaflnelotof t Fre;ich Hair Brushes AND Enslish Tooth Brushes, Wecall special attention to our stock of Chemical Glass-ware, Apparatus, AND Pure Chemicals of our own Importation, A {OU Une of TIEMAN'S SURG'L INSTRUMENTS At list p ricos. Are cordlallj Invited to examine our stock asr, quality and prices. EBESBACH & SON. Emanuel Wagner, No. 33 South Main Street, At AMBROSE KEARNEY'S Oíd Stand, Haa oponed a New Grocnr & Provisión Store. ALL KINDS OFCANNEDANd! SHELF GOODS. TEAS, COFFLES AND SP1CESOF ALL j ' KINDS AT A VERY LOW FIGURE. AILES &l CO'STPÁTENT FLOUF KEPT ON HAND. A FULL LINE OF TOBACCO, ; CIGARSAND SMOKER'S ARTICLES. EmanueTWagner. JACKSüN FifiE CLAY CO. Manufacture rs of Stone Sewer Pipe AND TDJEMLTlfT TILE I All our F rain Tile are made of Flie C!ay, are ot unusual strenpih and ligïit weight, vh;ch ma turially reclucí"? Ihe brea ka ge and expense of ' transportation. The ditcblng of this clasl of tilingislessexpcnsivf. ns they ílo not require to be lalíl below ftost hut only deep enoug.i to es ' cape the plow. Wblle this Js more econo:nícal ft also aids in obtalning a better fill or grade to the drain. A full assortment oi' íill sizes, for saleia small quantiües, or car load Iota, at the ; FERDON LÜIBER ÏAI, James Toxbert, Agent. 1 Tile, tho Createst Lnbor-Saving Machine of the Age." To thc Editor of The Chicago Trícame. Dwight, 111., Mareh 16.- One of the strongest and most convincing facts that I have jet seen wlth regard to tile drainage Is brought out Ib the December report of the Agricultural Depar inent of Illinois. It is this; ACREAGK. Aeage In corn in Livingston Couaty, lt81 8,597 Acreaee in corn In Logan County, 1851.. 110.S59 Livingston over Logan 127,738 y:eld. Yield of corn ín Livingston Countjr.1881. .6,983,522 Yield of oom In lxgan County, 1883 6.070,981 Livingston over Logan l,90S,ïi&8 In other words. Logan County ha raised near ly as mucli corn on 140,850 acres as Livingston county has on L68,597 acrus. Put it In anotber form, the farmers in Livingston County have been obüged to plow nearly doublo the acreage of land (8,597), and have ratsecl but a very small percentage of increase of corn over their brethern in Logan County. who only had to plow 140,8")9 acres. Letus give it anotlier twist! A A farmerwhc hashis land well tilled need only work eighty ncres of land and grow just about fl nuirrh r.ttvn as the man who plowa 160 and cakes all the ri&kfl et drouth and much begides. It is not fair, tlien, to eonclude that the greatest labor-saving machine to-day óf the age is tho tilO drain? From tho same source of inforraatton I gather the following as regards the progreM of tile-drainage in these twocounties: Fcet. ïotalnumberof feot laid in Liringston Connty upto 18M 1,140,793 Total numoer of feet laid in Logan County upto 1881 3,1(89,469 This table provea beyond all theory that owing to the f ree use of tile that one county lias been able to produc nearly as much corn on 110,000 acres of land anot'her county bas produced upon 268,000 aorps.which is nearly doublo, and tbe beauty of the whole is that it was done with half the work! Ur.Sdltor, supposea kind Providence should lengthen out the spin of our days until we saw liliitois tnorougnly tile-drained, where would be put the corn that this State would produce, and what would we do with our 'sihrer dollars?' Samuel T. K. PmH.RÍÑSEY k SEABOLÏT No. 6 & 8 Washington St. Have on hand a complete stock of everyChtagfntbe Grocery Line. Teas( Coflccs nud iijra.! In large amounts. and at Casli Prices And can sell at Low Figures. The iavge invoice of teas thoy Buy and Sell. i gciod proof tbat in Quaüty and Price they Give Bargains. They Roast their own Coffcoa every week, and none but prime articles are used. Their Bakery turns out excellent Bread. Cakes and Crackers, ("all and se them Prices Gone Down A large stock of Wall Paper selling at A CREAT REDUCTION! I claim to have the lurgeat and BEST SELECTED STOCK Of Wall Papar and Deoorations in the county, and can give perfect sutisfnetion in Goods or Work . Paints and Painters Bapplies a specialty . -A-lTDeti Sorg, Successorto F. fe A. Sorg, 26 & 28, WahsiBffton st. - - AnnAiboi "" HENRY MATTHEWö Has] the pleaeure to Infonn the pubiic that hu i ready to receive them in hisuevbrick ME AT MARKET' ONE DOOB EAST OF LE0HAB3 HOUSli. Everytbing In Lia line wiil be tisï-class, an: At ÍReascnabie Ra'es. He returns nig sincere thanks to uil his oio C loinera for their geuerous patronage, iá o ,i ally invites tiiem. and all Bow cuu.Uie-s te f.v Q6J7 quartera, where he hopes by ialf aeaUaèi f' nlarge bit atetadv arowiwt


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