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Nevor trullo mulos with a man whf cau't whistle. Tho Scotch peoplu ara said to live niainly on oats, and yet they are fai froni írisky. A man1 will properly atlested i. strong in law. but u woman's "vvon'l" neyer backs down anywhero. "A man and his wife may diü'er," aays uü essayist, witli great gravitv. They may, they may; and, what's more, they generally tío. It is said that nature never makes duplica tes, but hu onlv miased it by the tlu'iinest klnd ol a Boratch Id tlie iludo and the stork. Duiiiii pianos ore coming into use for p rae tice, and yet peo]le can be fi ni ml who don't bellere the lion and the lamb will O7or bunk together. Theru is now no scarcity of treu educatioual facilitles anywhere in this cuuntrj', but in the school ol experienco everybody must pay lila own tuition. IL therc is íinytlnng iu this vale oí tears sweeter than ])raisü io a man 01 flattery to a wonian, il is to . to the circus without paying, ;im anv printor'fl boj' will tal] you. The prisonors in tbe Ubio peuitentiary are likely Lo hayo plenty of roe ivation hereaftor. The íeafUlturo has passed an act fequiringWll ëXecutlons in tho stato to tako place wit hiii Ita walls. Dr. Holmes says that "everj' book owner who has grown intu bia library fiuds a bunch of ñervos oinu to bookcaso.': iüglit, doctor, and sho keeps on goiug ï II everything iu lovt; and romance has been devoured. Parents, if vou love vour men and nave a boy of yonr own. sau to it - oh, see to it - that hf; does nol grow un to Ulk througli hw nose and wheoze as he grows fervent in speech. By sonie unfortunate calamity he may brinz up in congress, and reportera will nave to listen to him. The scleuüüe people claim that the average of üshworms to the aero a 58,767 but any sinnll boy who hiis ever handled a hoe on a warm day, while the rest of the cvovvd, with polos and bait, were impatiently waiting, will scratch out the last threo figures and teil you the baidheads don't know anything about it. The War Department is aboul lo i adopt a systeni of aiguals based on I noiso - mild, riproariog. ant intermedíate - for use in cloudy wcather, orat other times when those now in use cannot be seeu. We stand rendy Lo ieopardize our waste-basket and all its j belongings in support of the opinión that the inventor of tho new Byètenp j has been married morethan livoyears. [


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