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The Old Hoop Skirt

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An item is going the ronnds of the j papors to tho efttct that tlie old fashioned hoop skirts are coming into style ' again, and that within a year the hoop skirt factories that have been lyino , idle far yoar.s will be running f uil blast, and tho ladies will grow largor around as tho fashion ia recognized as the thlng. Who that was on eartb twenty-five years ago, does not romenjber tho iirst hoopskirt nraze? Hoops came into fashion Ruddenly, and :ili women, whatover tlieir ooadition. adopted the fashion at once. Xhere wero few regular manufacturad hoop skirts at Iirst, and only those who were i very tony had elaborato hoops, bui hs hoops were the fashion everybody b'ad : to have something that would make i the dress stick out. Merchante sold ! wire and rattan, and whalebono, and strips of brass, and ladies made thora j into skirts, and soino of ihom were too ridiculous for anything. A lady would get her hoops raado and iiutl that tho skirt of herdress was so small Í ! that she woud have to uso a shoe horn ■ to get the skirt over the hoops, or grease the hoops, and then the tlr-.-st, ; was so tight over the hoops that evory hoop showed as platnly as though it had been on tbo outside. some queer i scènes wero witnessed when hoops tirst cauiu in. Ladies wero not oocus; tomed to walking in a barrel, and the j hoops would act awfully oontrary, and show themselves on slight provioatioa. ! Modest ladies wero frequentlv made i to blush by sorae act of the hoops, j which seemod to be endowed wilh as much cussedness as ;i mulo. The i ,' wearer of a hoop could never be tirely certain what an hour would bring forth. The hoop was liablo to go along all right, and appear to un: derstandits business, and to have de; cided to be decent, and vvhen the j wearer attempted to go into a door, ! the hoops would get on i strike, and the ladv couhln't' drive it in with a ! club. Men wero oonstantly laughing at some ecceutricity they discoveitd 1 in the hoops. Train conductora enI joyed a constant picnic in helping : stranded feuiules who got cast In trvi ing to entera car. or acarseat. Ladies ! who could not aftbrd to buy the j ' sive brasa hoops wonld utilize the ; ; hoops of barrels, and luany a lady bas i so ingeniously prossod a barrel hoop , into the service as to pas for a er of the fashion, until somo day she ! i attempled to sit down in a pow at church, when the hoop would Hop up and strike her on the uose twoorthreo j ' times, and leave her in a situation so i : uncomfortable as to bring tears to hor ' eyes. It is a mean hoop that will j strike a lady, and a nieaner hoop that will strike her on tho nose, and a 1 foutuled sight meaner hoop that will repeat tho blow two or threc times, but thero are ladios living to-day with I scars on their mudo f rom these hodps, School-glrk would wear barrel hoops, and il was an imposaibllity to keep them anywhero excopt where they ought not to le, and thero are men living to-day, who were boys i twenty-livi) years ago, who could ; late a good dual that thcv onght not to about the way the girls wero made i ashamed of the fashions. Later, hoop : skirts wero redueed to a' Bcience, like making watches, and the ladies became so acoustomed to wearlng them that nothiiig over happenen worth mentioning, but whon two lady f rienda of the Iirst hoop year ict together to talk over old timos, and thuy gel on the subject of those old fashioned ! hoop skirts and their exueriences, they ; i can keop the children of tho present ; day laughing until their aldea ache. Ladies who are leaders of fashion, and ' ; eminent in tho aftairs of the world j day, can remember when they tookthe fint hoop off a flour barrel an.i bastod it into the bottom hem of a calicó ; dress, and feit as proud as queens, as they sailed down the villago streets, with everybody looking at them. ■ Tragedies were enacted in tho early : ; daj'S of hoop-skirts. A lady who h i now tho wife of a senator, carrics a scar on the calf of hor leg which i causes her to often wonder, as sho sits in the sonate gallery, whethcr it was j the dog, which got into her hoop-skirt : ono day, to hido away trom cruel boys, ; that had bit her, or whether a cornor ! of a barrel-hoop stuctr through her I stocking. If sho was Mire it was the hoop sus wouldn't he half as nervoiu about herself as she is wluüi she ses a dog ncar her. And so hoops ni'è coiuing itito style agaiuP Woll, lot thona coui. Iu thii liuiguagn of the liniontcd Patriak Henry. "Wo repeat it, sir, lot! them domo," and ba dnrnod to 'om. - 'Miiiu.iia," saiil Frcjdy Poppltijy, "Ju (OUiidlCftr et lirmikí" "What n sllíy ies j Hun," iv,lirl h s mollier. "Well, I dou't cure .luywiiy." fii l Freddy, "I Leird our mlnlsloi ! s:r. cKlicr day tliat the touud was 'dissl i íuíú in Hu air,' und ir dUtipated dou't meaq ! Ifuuk, l'd Um to know wbt It doe mvw ,'' i


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