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Castor Oil. One of tbe chief ases to which castor oil is now put is that of dressing and softening leather for boots. It was formerly used for dosing children whose stomaohs were disordered. And an awful dose it was. Now we give suffering children Brown's Jron Bitters, which tones the stomach, regulates digestión, and imparts strength to the whole body. Brown's Iron. Bitters is incomparably bettertban cantor oil, and more pleasant to take. ECood'a Sarsa.pari.lla Ii earefully prepared Trom Sarsapartlla, Mandrakc, Doek, Plpsissewa, Junlper Berrfes, and other wenknown and valuablc vegetable remedies. The comblnatlon, proporllon, and preparatlon are peculiar to Hooil's SarsaparUla, glvlng lt curatlve power not possessed by other medlcluea. It eflects remarkable carca where others fall. Hood'a Sarsaparilla Cures Scrofuln, Salt Kheum, Boíl!, Pimples, all Humor. Dyipcpsla, Blllousness, Blek Headache, Indigestión, General Deblllty, Catarrh, Ithcumatlsm, Uldney aud Llver Complalnts. It overeóme that extreme tlred fecllug, and bullds up the wnolt ayetem. Now Is the time 10 take It. Hood's Sarsaparilla Has met unpnmllelod snecess at hume. Such haa bocome lts popularity in Lowell, Mass.. whcreltlsmadc, that whole nelghborhoods are taklng lt at tho same time. The same wonderful succes Is cxtendlng all over tho country. lis positlve mcrlt makes new friends daily. Try lt. Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold by all driigglsin. M:tlxforM. Madeonlytw C. I. HÖOD CO., Apothecarles, Lowell. Mass. IOO Doses One Dollar. Bismarek lsn't qultc us bulky as he used to bc. Nearly all Mexicans are very fond ol beans. New Mexico bas bad just 75 goveinors In 200 years. Tucson, A. T., clalm9 to bo tbe oltlest tówn ■ in America. Tbe Imperial revcnuea ot China aio onlv $87,500 per year. Forty Moorc are coming to the United 8 totes to learn bow to muke flrearms. Somc of tbe adventists uiv now reckouing May 14, 1SÏ6, as "wlad-up" day. Josepb Cook takes hts bot weatbor straight, at hls old bome near TU'onderoga. Napoleon' old palace at Marsefllea is now used as a hospital for cholera patlents. There are 110 medical collcges In thls i try, and jet ivo are nöt auy too hcalthy. Londun allowcd 30 of its inliabitants to starve to deat.h lu tbe pest 1 uelvemonth. Spurpeon's congreftation glvc au average of Í313 a Sunday in tbe "ilatc collection." San Francisco "pigtalls" gave $100 to the fundfor a memorial to '■Chínese" (jordon. The potter's field is the most "popular" burying ground In or around New York city. In India tbcy use coráis as ornamenta fox corpses wben preparing tbem for m-matlon. Theo. Thomas believes all good singers and muslcians should be baki headed, :lke himself. It would take 82,OjO,COJ women lo hu? the globe, even if tbey clasptd hands aml stretcbcl. President Cleveland has beeome greatly in ; tereste'l iu a uight blooming cereus ai tbc White House. Strawberries, as well as oysters and peaches, are a b.:g erop on the eastern shore of Manland. Chinese make more than half the white sblrts worn in Ean Francisco, and wash two-thirdsol tbem. There is only one wonun infidel lecturer In : tbe world and her name, revised, is Sheolen i Gardner. One prominent college for young women bas over 600 gruduatce, of whom " les than 200 art ' married. It will take at least 11,000 years to exhausl the coal beds of the world, at the present ratc of consumption. Soutwern Methodist hope to help the mis ' sionary cause this year and next to tbe amount of $26o,(J00. Gifiaffes come high in more senses than one They cost from $5,000 to S25,00o, accordln? te their altitude. Keaealy, the English advocate, leít a daugh ter who is now practicing medicine wltb grtal succe8s in London. The cost of theproposed ship canal from th( Baltic throuïh Holstein, to the North sea, i; eBtimated at S40,OüO,CO0. Massachusetts men have served the Unltet States as ministers to the British eourt foi nearl; half of the time In the last 45 yeftrs. Scotland beats the word in the percentage o: ! its college students as compared with its popu lation. Our own New England Is a gooc second. As if by magie ones paiDS vanish if Ík be a suflerer from rheumatism or neuralgia and applies St. Jacob's üil, tlu pain banisker. Watormelons will cot be as plenty as usua. i In thc South tbis year. _ - _ - _ - __ There is nothing liko Dr. Thomas' Electric Uil to quickly cure a cold oí relieve hoarseness. Writtenby Mrs. M. J. Fellows, Burr Oak, St. Joseph Co., , Mich. A flre originating curlously oceurred tbc other nlght lo Crawíordsviils, Ga. A clotl: cord broke, letting the weight fall upan an lgnite a box oL matches lylng on the bottom o) the clock caso. The fuiuily were all aslrep at the time, and the house was nearly burned. A Weak Back, with a weary aching lameness over tho hips, is a sign of diseased kidneys. Use the best kidney curative known, which is Burdock i Blood Bitters. - - - - - Ffteen years ago only 31 per cent, ot i. people of Wa'es sioke Euglisti alone, 45 p i eeni spoke both knglish and Wchh, and21 peí cent, spoke ouly Wrlsli. The number oí' t:lust class s now much Bmaller, aud, though . Welsh wül be. usrd for a long time yet, it ís ■ bel'eved that within twentv-flve yeara ÉDglIsh ■ wlll be generally spokeu. Core for Cr ur. - Use Dr. Thomas' Eelectric Ofl according to directions. It is the best remedy for allsudden attacks of colds, pain aud inflammation, and injuries. At Mr. Beckert üenison's recent sale the Duke oí Hamilton bought back some oí las own plctures íor half the prlce he had givea for them. Clipped from Canadu PresbyUriun under signature of C. Blackett son, Prop. : I was cured of oft reenrring billious headaches by Burdook Blood Bitters. To keep moaqultoes from hatching Ín stanJing water, doctor It with olí. We Caution all Amaina t Them The unprecedented suectssandmeritoí Ely'6 Cream Balm- a real eure íor catarrh, ha'. I and cold in the head - has induced manv :i 1venturer to place catarrli medicines bearing some resemblani'U in u)earauee, style órname upon the market, in i,rú r to trade upon t!ie reputatiou of Kly's Cream B;ilm. Slauv iu your immediato lol'alllv wlll tostify in higliest coramcudatioii of it. Don't be üeceived. Buy oulv Elv'i Cream Balín. A parti lo la ippliod luto each nostril no pain ; agreeable to use. Price 50 cents; of druggists. Jell. Davis' niece, Fanny II. Daris, recently died at New Orleaus, aged .i. When yon vlsit or leave New Vurk city, via Centra] depot, save Baggage Exprseaage and $3 Carrlaííe Iliir. miuI !.i;i al the (iranil Union Hotel, opposite said depot. Six huudred elegant rooms fltted up at a cast of one mOllon dollars; 81 and upwards per day. Enropean plan. Elerator. Restaurant süppliel wiih the best. Horse carg, stages and elevated rallroad to uil depvt Families ran live bettsr for less money at the (Jraud Lnion Hotel tban at any othcrlirst-cla9s hotel u the city. Victuriu's children all like to attend theaters. Red Star trad e7 mark; i-ree from Oplaten, imetics and Folsonü. A PROMPT, SAFE, SURE CURE For Conibi, 8ore Thront, HoarecnCM, I"Ba" Cold. Branchltto, Croup, hovplni Cough, A.Uima, luln.y, P!n. In Ch.t, na nu !TKtlonofthtThrti"lI'n'í. Zu%themiMlreceire fxo t,oUlct,Expnm cauma tialcU bv sejiUlio one dollar to P TUE 11 AUI.ES A. VOflïLER COMPASÏ, ■'- tïï.r;B...r.8.. FnuylTaua Aninltual Works, York, Pa. IT WILL PAY YOTJ TO GO TO DETROIT " AND UAVE YOUB EXA.MIITED AND FITTED WITH SPECTACLE3 OR EYE GLASSE3 AT ROEHM & WTSIG-IIT'S, IMPORTER3, JEWELERS AND TICIAN3. 140 WOODWARD AVE. I THEY MAKE NO CHARGE FOrI TESTING EYES, AND SELDOJlB FAUi TO GIVE REUEF Ilorned toada are Belling at EO cents apiece in California, and iarg ni i sentEaata euriosities. 'iliv re harmlcs?, and can be handl." . 'I Lev ore cheap to keep, living six montba on two house flie3. Hat Fvbr.- I have at sufferer from Hay Fevcr ior 18 year, I read of the many wondroU8 cures by Ely' (ïeam Balm and thougbt I would try once more. In 15 minutes alter one p licallon I was ironderIully belpeci. Two weeks ago I commonced 1 fc( 1 "ilh-ei; eured. It is the greatest discovéry ever known or br ard of. - Duiumel Ci.ark, Farmer, Lee, Mas. Price CO cents. Wootlcn epoono, pintes and bowls are used by the vast majority oL Kiiïëians. We t'.iink we can cure a bad case of Backache qulcker v. ith oí Carter' Smart Weed and Belladonna I 'hut. r-, tban hv any othcr apilic: [ter tbe Backfehe is cure i, you can still wear tl ■■ iihout discomfort for two or t'mce weoKS langer. Thls oombinati ) of Smart We d and Belladonna is agrcath:t. i . find anv piin or aehe t . ;. , it. Price '25 cents. Sold by i ! Youcanbu. : ;■ for about $900. 'BOUGH ON CATABEH." Correct riittri uuce. Compiete cure of wortl - 1 as gurïlu iur DlpliUicrla (iorc Throai. 1 There areno white servante at the White House. THE HOPE OF THE N VTION. clnlurcn. Blow In devetopmeat, puur, sntway and delloatf, use "Weil' Health Rcncwcr. ' Parisian belles now carrj pit tols.' CATAHRH Oï THE BLABDËrT StlngiDg. lrril'Uloa. inininm.'ttioii. nU Iiitluey and Prlnary Complalnta, inctiu-Paiüa." 91. "Hail Columbla" ia S7 vears old. Mexsmaxs' Peptoxized heef tonic, the only preparotlnn of beef coDtalnlnê lis ï:i ibx NvriïiTtous FBOPXXTiSft. Ii i.oi:ta!n)ibloütt-mftl;lig forcí geiienitIng and ltfe-austalnlng propertlea; ltivaluaïilc tor iu digestión. dyspep8la uervoua proetrötion. and Ril fornis of gcnerul debtlltv; also, In all lnfeebled conditlons, whethf.T the rcsult of exhaustlon, nervou3 prostratlgn.oveiwi.Tk uv acute dlsease, purticulprly if resultlüg from pulmonary complalnts. Caswcll, Hazard & Co-, Proprluiurs, íícw Yorli. Kold by drugglst. IF TOi; WANT A DOG Send 15 cents fur Uoo Buïüks' üuiue, 10O engravinis, colorcdjilate. Aasoclatcd Fanclers, "37 Suuth Elgbt Stroet, Plilladclpliia. PATENTSobtRÏDelbyLouiaBa?geri:Co.,Attoruey, WashiiigtoT],D.C. Est'd 1864. Advicefree. Halfnrri aiico Expresslylorfamüy use. Onlysold ndliuru JdUljü ln tottiea. Beat and elieaDem. ?- S á W S BEST TÖNIC! 3 This medicino, comblnlng Iron wlth pure vegetablo toni. and rompletely Cures HyPí'PHÍn, iBdlffCStlon W'eauness ImlMiruli!ooil,.!:i!::Jiu, liüsuml 1'eveiH, ana NetiralKiti. It ia an unfailin remedy for Discases of tho Kiilneya nnd ïivcr. It is Invaluable fur Diseases peculiar to Woracn, !id all xvho lead sedentsry lives. It does notinjure the teeüi, cause lieadache.or produce consiipation- otlfr Iron medicines do. It curiches and purifles the!lo(K',f!(mulate3 the appetite, aids the osslmilation of food, relieves Heartbr.rn and lïelciiing, and strcugthens the muscles aud nerves. For Intermittent Fevers, Lasiitndo, Lackof Energy, &o., it has no equal. $ The eenuine lias nbove trado marl; and crossed red linea on wrapper. Tnke no other. (tnlan,;!. I . BI CBMICAL CO., BAtTI yiiops MALT BITTERS. IX IS TIïBÏ Blood Pühifier Health Restorer. It never faiJs to do fts vrorï in cases of If alarla, Bilioiixnofs, 'ont-.paiion, Headache.lossol tpp(itc amifileop, Nervou JBebillty, : juralgla, Rn,i afi Fejualc Coraplalnt B is u VecetaHeComj .'flrdiclnenot a Barroom lrli!;.-. It diflers as widely as does day and uigbt from the tlio)ianl-siudone Mixture of vllc rhfky flavored with aromatic. H Bitters is recomnieudoa by PhTSlolacio, R3 luister and Wnrei xnj Mediclneevr compoundi-d. Auy Womao or rliild can talte it. "TVom my knoeit -jc rr lts ingredients, under no clrcumstanees '.-nn it iüjure auy one using it. It contains nu mineral or otlicr délelerious subance. Po ,a, the remedy is aeserving suo i C. E. DePuï, Ph. G , Detroit, Jiich. The only Genuine are manufacturad by the HOPS & MALT BITTERS CO.. Detroit, Mich. T.H. niNCHMAN i SONS, Detroit. Mlcll., i W?,Je' JAMES E. DAVIS'A CO, Detroit. Mico, j ','5Ln HAjLÜT' Is Recommended by Physrciansl We manufacturo and sell itwilha positiva guarantee that i'. wtü euro any casp, and v.-owill forfoit tbs abovuamuuut ifitfaiisin a slngíc Instance, It is unliko any ether Catairh remeuy, as nis taken internaüy, acting upon the UlOOd lf you ar5 'troubled wilt] Ttlils uistresBiug disease.ask yourUrngniatfor it.and ACCEPT KO IMITATIO OS SCUtTITUTK. If l' hasnotgot it, eend to u% and wo wfll lorffarJ Immediatelv. Price, 75 cents per bottM. F. . CHFMCV C.n -f-Wn. (IMn ♦♦♦ JÍ3JX LYDIA E. PINKHAWTS . i É-Wk VEGETABLE COMPUSO w1 . is a rosmvB ochh sok y ys ,S All thoso pnlnful Coinplainta i JzSaw '"' " ekeie to wanoi " fí&sm. .toourbet, ♦ J$ys rauw roriLATiox. , Prif $1 In liu'.d, pill or yOMnge tum, n purpOM U tolelu the Unltimatt tuaUvg tj dtsmec and the nMf of jii, a.ul tkat X to it claim to do, thouxindiof ladlet cvn ghtdlu taltjij. ' It wlll curo entlrelí' ftll Ovarían ti ablev, luB.i'umf tion and Ulcoration, F.illiMg and V piucvaeals, an . consequent Splnal Wtakuess, cuid ir panicularl. ttdaijtod lo tho chango of lifo. itromovvH Kainttit'ssl!ltiil'nyh'stl'oy3ni;ruv for itimu:uii-. and rellovi i VTennu ol tiiiiSioMnv'b ït cures Uoatins, Uvadaches, Ni'rvon l"rolratliiu, Gneral DebUltJi Hli rl and Inul eestion. Tliat reEliu of bjn-iDí aown,oaaAllg pain, ïni buclruciii . ! alwaya peimincntiy carea r t Me Send stamii to I.ynn, Mass., for pumpM.-t. Lette o Inauirjaunliduiilúillyaii-wiTod. i'orsaieatUru m i # ji i ' FARQUHAR VIBRATING SEPARATOR. , - SLND rOR CATALOGUÉ. l,l,l„... k. II. HHOI IUR v,.r. Vu. OPP Listes to Your Wife. The Manchester Ouabdias, June 8th, 1883, eavg : At One of the "Windows" Looking on the woodland ways ! Wlth clumpt oí rhododendrons and fjreat masses of Maj blossoms! ! ! "There wa9 an lnterestlng group. It included one who hd been a ''Cotton spinner," but was now so Paralvzed! ! ! Tbat he could only beav to lie in a rcellning position. Tbis refera to my case. I waB first Attacked tivelve years ago .Titk "Locoraoter Ataxy" f A jmrrlytic disease oí ncrve flbre rarely evci cured) aud was for several years barely abl to get about. And for t lie last Vive vean not able to attend to rny business, althougb Many things bave been done for me. Tbcí last experiment being Neive stretchlng. Two years ago I was voted into the Home for Incurables! Near Manchester, lu May, 18S2. Iamno ''AdTOcate"; "For anythlng In U shape of patent" Medicine! And made many objectlona to my dear wife's constant urging U try Hop Bitteri, but fluallj to paciíy her - Consented! ! I had not quite Ílni6hed the flrst bottle when I f elt a change come over me. This was Saturday, November 3d. On Sunday morning I íelt so strong I sald to my room companions, I wat sure I could "walk ! 8o startcd aero? the floor and back. I hnrdly knew how to contain mysilf. I wa all ovor thi! housc. I am galnlng gtrength each day, and can walk quite safe without any Or Support. I am now it my owu house, and hope aooi. to be able to earn my own living again. I havt been a member of the Manchester '■Royal Eichange" For uearlv thirty years, and was most hearti i lv congratulated on golng into the room il ■ Thursday last. Yerv gratffully yours, John i BLACKBüBN, MASCaiSTIB (Ene.) Dec. 24,1853 Two years later am pretty well. i Prosecut.e the SwinUlttrs!!! I f when yon rail fnr Hop Bitter (reí oubsh clchteb ofHops ox tiik uiiiiK labkl) the clruggM tinmli out any Muir valled c. 1). Warner' (raían Hop Bit tera or wlth otïu-r "Hop" uanic, refuse lt and sIuití that drtitíKist as yon would a vlpcr, and lf he tai la lien your inoney for the stuff Inuict hlm for the frand fina bug hlm for the d&maees for thu swlndle and we wíll reward yon Hberally for the convlctlon: ÍATAPDU HAY fever I VRÍArliin Icanr.-comroendEly's ■■■ifi ü7 i ■ """ "' B:llm to & "í" Wrt I v'Cj "MFevt-r sufferers, ft being; aaCfíFáfJ RM.Wln mJ oPnioD' íouidct !■ Caj cin3rtCOVO!011 experlence and a feMrt ■ Ro?#i?Sií'S up ih I ' " r' ' J was afflicted wil?' WcOío "tADJHay-Fevcr for twentyrHiVFFVEO'SSy f jálive years, and never beL2wttttK1g SMíun found permanent K, t##Mrelief.- Webstek H. K MllAsKis-s.MarBhfield.Vt. hfisOream Balm P%( -[-has gftlned an envIaDlercp1 KAcr ysAlutal'on wherever known, - ■ ■ - Jd!np]acltig all other prepara" II AV FFlfPncions. Apartídela applíeü '■ MAf-K Y UPMjntu cach iiustril; no palu; ■ lirl I bl klVigrccablc to use. ; Prtcc 50c. bv malí or at drugirtsts. Scnd for circular. KLY'HKO'IHEKS, lirugglHtg, Uwego, N. Y. THE SURE CURE FOR "" KIDNEY DISEASES, LEVER COMPLAINTS, COWSTIPATION, PILES, ANP BLOOD DISEASES. PHYSICIAHS ENDORSE ITHEARTILY.[ "Kldngy-Wort is th most luccstfal mujI ver iscd." Dr. P. C. Ballou, Mcmiton, Vt. "Kidney.Wort ís olwaya reliAblc" Dr. B. N. Clark, So. Earo, TI. ■ indiioy-Wort bas ennd ray-w Ife after tiro ;un oaSeruis." Dr. C. M. aummorlin, Stm SOI, Oa, SN THOUSANOS OF CASES itliascnrodTvhcrocllclaelitdfeüed. ItlsmlU, butefflcient, CEBTAXN IX 1T8 ACTIOX , bm hanoleso Ín olí ca&cs. t ifl t cleiica tbe Bled ftnd StrenrtbftKJ JUá ílTe New lie to ivll the important orsuj at tho body. The natural mUoq of ths Kidays i rectoro;!. The Iilver U cleinaod of lili illf Mil. , and tha Bowelo movo fiwely and hoaltlifa3y. In t;ü3 wr.y the worst rtlumimn oro eradicaMd from tho system. B PBICE, íl.00 UqiTD OS DttT, BOL I BBrBOtIS. Dry can bo sent by TV ELLS, IZICniJtDSOy & CO. Burllnztm Vfc At thia seaaon of the year, the hllaríty of tbe chlldren Is uftvii - un1 tnülst-retlononthc pftrt of tho paront or chiln; nnd, as a result. dysentery, I cholera lnfnntuin, or other fumplafnta of stoinava or -. In fill Kuch caH-s. Kklge's Fochï 1 tbc Ptetlc. It Ispcrfi-ctly Hatf, )eln; neutral la Iw actton utjon 1 1 j ■ bowels, aud Ín no way ÍDterfcrt wltJ ' actlon or mollrtnes. IF PAGES LIQUID OLÚE m IfltupdlíythcusandsofSrttclftiB tíanuftetirrra c to nd MochsnU'j en thtir hrt work. Rcceifed Zïr GOLD MtDAL.lmion.'S;t. Prunminccdrfr.yri "X" olit I'mh, 8et!(l(.í,rd i.rdL-alfrwïiodncBnotkftp tCG? lt(wlthfivü2c6UQipsfor SAMPLE CAN pprr [Lííí Kgssia Ccmcpt CoGIoncestcr.Masa, ÜJitviS tH nBH3Í3HflH II " 5 ■ i S50 iiEWÁHO wlu i" i-ií '" ■; ■! ra Sí ri't?P'iñt MOXA KCj'í CrntM aa4 ■! Syarstúr ail4 tíMCKCr -r eu iMprovtj Wuraliaiu UU1 iüi ,..illHUW ËNGLANU CONSERVATORY OF MUSIÓ Boston, M:i-i., Of.DF.ST Ín America; LaiKcst aml Hcst Kqulppedlnthe lOOInMmctors, 19T1 Stuüenulasl year. Tlioruiiuli Intrin'iiun In Vocal nnd Instrumental Mulle, Playo and Organ TunI lnff, Fine A.rts, Oratory. Uteraturé, French, Qenaan, 1 ) I It.-illnii Lanjuages, Engllsli Branches, tlymnutk, - etc. Tuitlon, S'to $11); board and room, $1' lo ' ferterra. Fall Term Iwglm SeptcmberlO, 1889. r'-jf llustrnti-'l Calfudar, lívüi fuil Information, luldrean, Ji. I :., Kianklln Sq.. lm.SlUN.Mim fJOSEPHCÍLLOTfS STEEL PENS : ALL DEALERSThrouchoutThe WORLD GOLD MEDAt. PARIS EXP0SITI0N-I87B. #R. U. AWARE Lorillard's Climax Plug i,c'i!iík a ral tin tag; ilmt LoriUard'J Kose LenfOueeul ; thotLorlllard'í N'jat riirplxï and thal Lorlllunl's Suuíftiii t m.i chcau.'1. jnallty conalderea YHE Bt'ST IS CHEAPEST." ncim THPFSHFRS SAW -MIU B.rsfPoTffn Lljlü C!or Hullen (8al(ltol] eírUoná. i Ifnutarvmm Vita. PtmtMt nuil ;rtu to Th Aui uu A Tulor Oo.. HaosOalil. OU& t-- r I AOV 1PCÜTQ "n iecurí 4Z!ü- ( LHlll MUCHIO iTi:iMiftit í5EvMj3í' íiiYlVl"' tjii'i"'ll y MiiitaciJ VKgJ1?ÍS53r SUm-IÍIiikSui i.oilers.sampla SSW'TrÜPV mitfttli-ee. A...lrfs OndunaU -JJS fciiisptiidcr Co., Ciucinuaü, ü Sííl RICBÍ NK'V LAW; OfTnor' pay from ULDIfcnS commlml' na; Dmr' erjirollev4: pensiona ii:; ■ ;: ' "''■ l veart; loooe orno fee Wrl lian andlñl. A. W.MoCOBMICK SUN, Cinclnnatl, Oblo. KIDDER'8 WSTÏÜJSiHLS ■HOflBSi? TsS1rJSPWIBBL--il-i;i'-'wa, Moas. "W. N. U. D-8- 80 Anilllü )lo' phlne Muí 1' CnreiHo 19 UrlUilB DB. J. Bnrasm, i.lIui.oh, Oblo.


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