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COOK HOUSE, EH. HUDSON, Proprietor, Newly Furuished. 'lbe eaclint! house In Ann AJbor. UNION HOTEL. FIRST-CLASS in all respecte. Eyerything new; flne rooms, well furnished. Ternis, $1 pr day and upwards. Special rates to week1t Doarders. Menls 25 cents. John Schntíider Jr„ Proprietor. Corner of Washington and Seoond street, Ann Arbor, Mich. NICHOLS BROS. WW. & A. 0. NICHOLS, D. D. S., Dental office over Fall L Hendrick's clothing store, Joe T. Jacobs' old stand, Ann Arbor Mich. PETER LONG, PROPRIETOK of the Ann Arbor Bottling Works, north of postofflee. Office on Main strest. Ann Arbor. Beer by the bottle only lu cents. Also bv the case. Trade soücited. All orders promptly attended to. WILLIAM CASPARY, iAKERY AND CONFECTIOKERY, Cor. Fourth and Ann Streeti. EDVVARD PATE, MACHTNIST, and repairer of Surgical Instruments, Locks, Umbrellas and Parasols. Fine Machine and Bicycle Work a Specialty. No. 86 North Main-st., Ann Arbor. Mieh. E. V. N. HALL, M. D. (Successor to Stone & Parsons.) OFFICE, No' 33 East Washington Street. Ana Arbor, Mich. RUBÉN KEMPF HTEACHFR of Piano, Organ and Theory of X. Mtjic. Ño, 6, East Washington-st., over Rinsey & öeabolt's. Leavt orders for Piano tuning. JOSEPH CLINTON, MerchantTailor. Bhop over Wm. Allaby's boot and shoesiore. AU work sruarameed or no Marge. JOHN F. LAWRENCE, A TTORNEY AT LAW. x.Office, Nos. 3 Hill's Opera House, Ann Arbor, Mich. E. B. NORRIS, A TTORNEY AT LAW. Does a general law, _". colleotion and convevaace business, A moderate patronage is respectively bolicited. Oftlce in th coui t house, Ann Arbor. O. C. JENKINS, SURQEON DENTI8T. Rooms No. 19 South Main Street opposite the First National Bank _n Arbor, Mich. ANTON EISELE, DEALER IN M0NUM"5NTS and Gravestones manufactured f rom '1 ennessee and Italian iarble and Scotch and American Granito Shop 3sr. Detroit aird Catherine sts., Ann Arbor., Cafa. WILLIAM HERZ, rjOUSE, SIQN, Ornamental and Fresco Painnter. Qildiue, Calcimining, Glazing and Paper ïanging. All work done in the best style and rarranted to arive saiisf action. Shop, No. 4 West Washington street, Anu Arbor, Michigan. WILSEY'S MUSIC STORE. PIANOS, ORQANS, SHEET MUSIC, Intructlon Books, Violln, Guitars. Flutes, &c, ibeap at Wilsey's Music Rooiim. east side PubUo iquar, Ann Arbor, Michigan. The largest and 3est Stock of Musical Goods ever brouht into Washtenaw County. Violin and Guitar Strlngs a tpeclaltv. N. B.- It wll be to your interest to :aÜ before purchaslng anything in the Music In. Abstracts of Titles on Real Estáte[HAVE a complete compilation of the Official Record of Washtenaw County to date. incluiing all Tax Titles, Executions, any incumbrance n Real Estats, that is of Record in the Registers fflce. is shown by my books. Ofiice, in the cffice &f the gecretary of the Washteuaw mutual inaurince company, in the basement of the court iouse. C. H. MANLY. Ann Arbor. Mich. TSTe-w _a,_? C. W. VOGEL, PiiopiuETOK, Late of Chelsea, at THOMAS MATTHEWS' ÜLD STAND On Ann Street. fBESH AND SALT MEATS KEPT ON HAND The Ann Arbor Savings Bank Oraranized 18(J9, under the General Banking Law f tï) is state has now, inclutling capital Stjck, tc., etc., OVER $500,000 A8SKT8. Iïusinss men, Ouardians, Trustees, Ladies and ther persons willilnd this Bank a SAFE AND C0NVENI1NT Place at which to malie Deposita and do busines. !nter.stis Allowed on All Savings Deposlts Of tl.OOand upward, according to the rules oí the. bank. and interest compounded semi-annu Uy. Money to Loan in Sums of S25 to S5,OOO, iecured by Unincumbered Heul Estáte and ottuti cood Eecurlties. DIBEUTOB3- Chrlstlan Maok, W. W. Wlne W. D. Harrlman, Wlü'.am Deubie, David Rinsey. Daniel HUcockand v. h. Smith OFFICEKS- Chrlstian Mao. President; W. W Wlnes. Vics-Presldent; C. E. Hiscock, Cashler D. KIERSTEAD'S VI7IND0W SHADE FACTORY, 85 North Fifth VV Street. The Favurile of every Housekeener. ThO attentioii oí the public is most respectfully called to my manufacture of Superior Wooden fchade, known ast the Kustic Whuiow Shade For Durabilily, Cneapness, (Jonvenienee ani Beauty, they can not be excelled. My aim is to supply a line of goods of genuine merit, put up In elegant stvle, and at fair rates. I am now I manufacturing a Superior Shade, the best o! I the kind ever offered in this market. Weather i "-trips of every variety, for doors and Windows, I %i my establishment. JGet Your Property InsuredBy ) C. H. MILLEN, ( iivsuitAïsrcE aoknt, . No. 4 South Main street, Ann Albor. The oldest ' agency in tlie city. EstabliBhed a quarter of a century ago. Kepresenting the followini? (lrstclass companies, witb over $30,000,000 aesets. Home Ins. Co., of N. Y.; Continental 'Las. Co., cl N. ï.; Niágara lus. Co., of rlH. Y.; Girard Ins. Co., of Fhila.; Onent } Ina. Co., oí Hartford; Commercial Union of Londo i; Liverpool and London and Globe. V Rites low. LS6SS liberally adjusted aod IW{ My fiüi. 0. H. MltLKK.


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