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The proceediugs in the graln market are marked by weakuess. tables are dull, aiftl the outside markets are ni ar.y. The general i'eeline is bearish, the belief belng that no permanent iraprovement can take place with the present dullucss in the foreisin markets and the visible supply lacrease. We quoie : WhÉat- Mo. 1 white cash, 1 car at 94% c; August, 1,000 bu at 64Mc, 1,000 bu at 'Mr: ü Mitember, 95c bid; October, 9(ic bid; No. Ü red, cash, 96c bid and !)ö.c asked; August, 18,000 bu at 8fic ; September, 2J,000 bu at 1 6%c ; üctober, 11,000 bu at 'JSo. Corn- No. 2 cash, 48c asked. üats- White cash, 37c bid; No. 2 cash, 34c askecL Flour- The market is quiet at unchangcd qaotatlons, as iollows: Micli. winter wheat, stone proeess,$4 75@5 OC Mlcü. winter wheat, roller process, 5 00;" Michigan winter wheat, patent,... 5 50@5 "5 .Miiimsota bakers' 5 00;r 25 Minuesota patents 0 00(5 1 i 25 Low erades winter wheat 3 25 '■' i', Rye i our $4@4 SJ Provisions- Mess pork, $11 Viy2@U. fainily, $12(5)12 .5;' short, ck'ar, tlï 12.Í5; lard in tierces, 6%@7c; kees, 7#3 i pails,73@8c; smokedhams, (iwi.-'jc; shoulders 5%@iic ; breakfast bacon, 8@á 'e ; drieS boel hams, $13.25(ó13.0; extra mess beef, $10.50(S 10.75. GENERAL PHODICE. Potatoes- M .i - abundantly supplied anJ du'.l at $1.15@1.25 perbbl. Dried Frults- Apple, èraporftted, 6@7c;sun dried, S3Ke; deniaud light. Butter - Quiet at unchanged (uotatiuns: dairy, ll@12;ic; demanü llgKt. A pp! es- Market only fairiy we'.l supplied and i nir to good selling at $2.5L'@8 nud fancy í:í2"@3 50. Kggs - Market dull ; some dealers are selling larjre lots at 10('J)lü'íc, while most of the stock is held at ll@Uic. Poultrj - Live fowls, 6@9c per lb. o'd. roosters, (@7c; spring chickens, per iiuir, 3U@70o; plgeons, 30c, and squubs, ;-5c per pair. Ilay- Best baled timothy, on tiaek, fllíglí; sinall lots, $18@14. (ii. ise- Ohio ereams, 7@7e; state, S@Syc per lb; skims, 5( ■ Tomatoes- In yi-hu boxes 63@70c; In bu baskets, $1.2S@1.50. Peaches- Coinmon fruit selling at Y1 per box and Crawfords at $l.f.Ü. Cal)bages - Larae crates are selling at $l.!)0@ 1.75; Ohio grown. I LIVE STOCK. Cattle- Shippiiii; steera, $4 'M(a, 15; stoek" ers and feeders, $3 2O@4 80: cows, bulls and mixed, $1 7,r.@4 -Cl; through Texas cattle 10e lover and at i 7O@4. gOGS - Market active; 10ío)15c higher; rougb and mixed, 84 15(d4 -1(1 ; packing aud shipping, 4 i @i Co; light'wcigOits, - :K'@. Sheep- Mark' t stuiidy ; uatives, $1 5C@4 10; Texans, $1 Ï5@3 5'J. President Cleveland has become greatly intereste:l in a uight blooiniag cereus at the White HRufse,


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