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Cleveland's Proclamatio

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Soon aftar the announcement of Gen ■ Graat's death telegrams were received from all ssctions oí the couutry, from governors ol ] gtatea and representativo cltizens, expressing ■ synjpathy and offcriusj eondolence to the ] medíate family of one whose loss the world mourns. A meeting of the president nd cabinet wa held in Washington, and the president issue . the followiiig p oclamation : By the president of the United States o America- A proclatnation : The president of the United 8tates has just received the sad tidings of the death of that 11lustrious cltizen and ex-prasident of the United States, Gen. Ulysses S. Orant, at Mt. MeGregor, in the state of New York, to which place he has lately been removed in the endeavor to prolong hia life. I In making thia announcement to the people of the United States, the president is impressed with the magnitude of ttie public loss of a great public leader, who was iu the hour of victory magnanimous, amid disaster serene and sustained; wno in every siauou, wueiuer ua a , soldier or as a chief inagistrate twice called to . power bv bis fellow-countrynien, had followed unswervlngly the pathway of duty, undeterred ] by doubts, single-minded and straightforward. ] The entlre couutry bas witnessed wlth decp ] emotion his prolonged and patiënt etruggle witb painfuf diacase, and has watched by his couch of suffering with tearinl ' sympathy. The destined end has come at last, i and his spirit hai returned to the Creator who ; sent it iorth. The great heart oí the nation, that followed him when living with love and pridr, bows now in sorrow above hlm dead, tenderly mindful of his virtues, hls great Êatriotic services, and the loss occasioned by is dtath. In tastimony of respect to the memory of Gen. Grant it Is ord-.-red that the executivj mansion and the several departments at Washington be draped in mourning for a period of 30 dayü, and that all public business shall on the day of the funeral be suspended, and the Beer taries of tbs war and of the navy will cause orders to be issued for appropriate military aud naval lionors to bs reudered on that day. In witness whereof, I have hereunto et my hand and caused the seal of the United 6tates to b" aflixed. Done at the city of Washington. thla ÍWd day of July. A. D. 1885, and of tlie independenee of the United States the HOth. (Sieneil) Urover Cleveland. By the presiden t : T. F. Batard, Secretary of Stata. The following telegram was also sent: Execütive Mansion, I Washington, July 23, 1883. f To Mra. ü. S. Graat, Mt. McGregor, N. Y. : Accept this expresslon of my beartfelt sympatliv in this hour of your great atHiction. Thepeople of the nation mOLirn with you and would reach, if they couU, with kindly comfort the depths oL the sorrow whlch is your alone, and whlch only the pity of God can heal. ' (Signed.) Gbover Cleveland. the cabinet meeting the president issued an execütive order closing all the departmeots at X p. m., out of re" speet to the memory of Gen. Grant. He also directed Adjutant-General Drum to proceed to Mt. McGregor as the personal representativeof the president, and to confer with Mrs. Grant and Col. Fred Grant concerning the militan honors to be rendered to the deceased general, anl to perfect the military arrangments for his funeral. As soon as the day for Gen. Grant's funeral is announced Secretarj Whltney will issue an order closing the navy yards etc, on that day, half-tftasting the fla8 on all the Unitefl States vessels, directing naval oificers to wear black badges, and ordering that a gun be fired every half hour Harina the day of the funeral from each vessel and battery.


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