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The report of the deathol JLl .ua&ui aas oeen conflrmed. TO BUCCÈED EL MAHDI. Followeraof the late False Prophet wlll heroafter be led by Khalifa Abdalla. SAME AS BCDDEXSIEK. Forty-five persons are reported killed by the fall of a rovr of tenement liouses in Cologne. ITALIAN UCiHTNlXG. Thore bas been a terrific storm at Torre Cajetani, in Italy. Thirteen persons were killed and twenty-tvo injured by ligbtning. 8TRICKEN 3PAIX. At the close of the week endlng July 36, over 26,000 deaths f rom cholera had oecurred ia Spain. Only eight provinces were free f rom the scourge. DROWNED. A llfe-boat which put out from London to rescue the crew of a stranded yessel ran upon a sunken wreek and sank in a few minutes. Eight persons were drowned. A 8ATISFIED CZAB. An artltle has b:-en published lo Moscow to tbe effect that Russia has reached the f artherest limit to which she desires to go In Central Asi?., and that her " ventures there are at an end. A PA11IS COXl'LAUHATION. An extensivo contlagratiun oecurred In Paris a few days aso which destroyed live bloeks of buildings. The loss wlll probably reach $1,000,000. Several firemen were injured by falling walls. makriAge of royalty. Queen Victorias youngesi aauguier Deuirjtc was married on th 23J inst. toPrlnce Henry of Battenberg. The murriagc took place at St Mildred's chapel, six miles Irom Osborne. The queen gave the bride away. A PROSPECTIVK FEAST. A dispatch recelved in London states that theking oí Dahomey, West África, with a large aímv, has massaered the French in the protectedVillages. Theking has also captured 1,000 French persons, and he and hls followers propose to eat tbem. REPULSED AKD CAPTCnED. Interest in aflairs in the Soudan is revlved by news from Kassala to the effect that a large lorce of rebels attacked that place and made severol desperate attempts to cavry it by assault They were finally repulsed and the garrison at Kassala followins; up their victor_ captured the rebel camp with ',í,000 oxen am sheep and 700 riües. The enemy lost 3 00J men killed and wounded, while the garrison's casualties were small. FRIGHTENED I.IBERALS. Owing tothe failure of Mr. Gladstone's voic bis throat has been examined by Andrew Clarke and Feltx Seman, thjvat specialists who pronounce the affection obstinate oatarrh of the larynx and enjoiu entire rest. The re port alarms the Liberáis, a Mr. Gladstone wil ba unable to take part in the eleetion eampaign Reassurin? Btatementa ar; circalating. how ever, to the effect that improvement is ctrtaic and will perhaps be rapid. The imperial revenues of China are only $87,500 per ycar. Forty Moors are coming to the Unlteil Statee to learn how to make fire'arins. Sorae of tUe adventista are now reckoning May 14, 18Ï6, as "wind-up" day. The potter's field is the most "popular" burying ground in or around New York city. New Mexico has had just 75 governors in 200 years. Tucson, A. ï., claims to be the oldest town in America. Paris' elevated railway tystem, designed by Jules Garnler, will be ready for business when the cxposition opens in 1S89. Randolph ChurchlH is a pretty smart man lor his age; hut thiuk of William Pitt who was prime minister at the age of 24 ! California is worse oft than Michigan. In the former'8 state university, 319 out of the 517 students threaten to praotlce law. Vanderbilt's yearly income is equal to ten tons of solid gold; that of the average labor ing man to two pounds of the same stuft. For funnily dyiug an enemy'shairbrightredi an Englishman has been compelled to pay 2üü damages. Through the efforts of Ouida, the practice of sklnning frogs alive bas been stopped In the markets of Florence. Prince Frederick Charles has been one of the richest men in Germany. The Connoughts will under his will gct about $2,500,000. A man in Illinois asks a court to cbange hl name f rom Sheol to Sbrady. He thinks tba1 the Scriptural revisión renders the chauge de sirablc. "Whenever you gct near enough to an Indian shoot him," was the remirk made by a man reported to be an "active Christian worker" In onu oL the churthes of CWcago. St. Louis, Mo., eoon raised 2,000,000 iu stock subscriptiuus for the building of the proposed electric süeet railway. "Ned Buntlin" has wrltten nearly 400 serial stories and lie still lives. Bt ruany who Jjv reud ifs tale are dead,


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