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The Repeated Sermon

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Congrcgntlonallst. At one time, when the wnter was ! pastor of the Suminerlïold ehurch, tho Rev. Heman Bans-s was the yresiding eider. His appointmeat to preach was for Easter Sunday. Ho came and preached an admirable and appropiiate üiscourse on theresur.ectionof Chri-t. At the close Mrs. Anna Knapp, a widow of fourscore years and daughter of the Kev. Smith Arnold, one of the pioneers, came to the altar, and in the hearing of ihe writor thus addressed "Uncle Heman." as the venerable preacher was affection atoly called by those who had known him long: "Brother Bangi, I enjoyed your sermon very much. I heard yon preach t forty j ears ago. 1 likcd it then. I heard you preach itagain tweaty-three years ago, and it was good then, and to-day it was as good a ecr." Uncle Heman, w th that look which thoe who saw it will never for;. e: - of mingled good humor aud a qn zz cal spirit - repi.ed: Well, Sister Knapp, has there been any change in tho facïs bout the resuneotion of our I.ord in the last forïy jearsP lf it was good tho first time you" heard it, why shotild it notbejmt as good now?" Said tho okl lady: "WcMl, Brorhcr Bangs, we shall soon be whei-e you won't have to make an argument to prove it, as you did to-day.'7 Ne:ther thoir pielv nor their infirmity of oíd age had dulled their wits.


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