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The Sobbing Wren

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A stranger in the littlo citios of South western Texas is ofte;i awakcned at early dawn by the beaiitiful but sorrowful song of the house, or sobbing wren. If the strangor has been long away from home and friemls, and is sensitiva to impressions of extcrnal nature, he never forgets the peculiar, melancholy note of the tiny sougater. It bsgins in a high, clear key, like the twinkling of silver bells, and ilescending gradually from one sweat chimo to another still sweeter, it suddonly falters, breaks off and sobs 1 ke a child- the song dying away in a gasp". ïho Hstener is touched with syuipathotic emotion, and ínay find it dniicult to stay theuncomfortablefeelinglhut one of the little ones in his own family circle- far away- is weeping :ind sobbing for his return. The song a heard only in the twilight of dawn and is repeated but a few times. Thon thc handsome Lttle sinser, withplurupbvjwn breast, spreckled with shrbüs of black, retires tiu'nugh soma ci'ovice in the house-top aml la rafilv eea úm-ing the day.


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