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lOpOoo Dollars Worth of Glothing! TO BE SACRIFICED THIS AND NEXT WEEK. THE TWO SAMS ! Never Advertise any Bargains unless they can Carry Them out Right to the Letter. Look at our Prices ! THIS IS THE CHEAPEST BARCAIN-SALE EVER OFFERED. Compsre these Pnces with any marked-down eale in the state. There is nothing like it anywhere. Sixty All Wool Huits ctit tö $5.0tteacb. We would sny that we have already solt] one hunilred of these suits. Evory nerson wild to iret these hnrgains. Thesen Buits are worth $8, $10, f 12 and $14 eacb, and $5.00 will buy tbom. Forty Fine AH Wool Suits, worth doublé the money, for f8.50. All the new Cheeks, Plaids aud Stripes we have in the house. Remember, we reserve nó snit, every thing must go. We close this sale in a few days. Farmers and meohanics come and et. these bargains. If not aa we represent it we will refund money. JtrC JHj J3L. JLJ _L Jtl JL 7 l WO afe the first Olothigg House in this state thfït ever attempted a sale of this kind, open and above board, to sell every suitin the house eosting $20, $22, $34 and $26 at % in 00. We see by Sunday's issue that a Detroit house claims to be the' first jn fhe Held. Nothing of the kind, The Two Sams were the first to offer this sale to the public, ind hundreds of peo pi e from áll over have come to Ann Arbor to buy. We always lead. We are bound to keep our trade at home, in and out of season. Take This and Stick it in Your Hat ! The finest stiff hat ín the house for $1.00 each, costing $2.50, $3.00 and $3.50. Every hat must go. One hundred elegant panto at 50c, worth $1, and 1.25. Seventy-five fine summer coa ts worth $2, $2.50 and $3.00, now $1 each. Fifty boys linen pants, 25c, woith $1, Twenty children's linen suite, 50c, worth $3.50. Elegant suits for boys, heavy and and ligit weight, at $2.50, .worth doublé. Fine all wool suite, boys of all ages, at $3.50. ('ome and see thèm. This is a big bargain. Must close tliom ont before taking stock in a tew days. We have 360 children's suits that we shall offer t a rare bargain. Bring the little fellows with you. See the prices, see the goods. We have reducel. 200 neckties, all new shapes and styles, such as other liouses will ask 50c, 60, 75c and $$ - remember, all the new shapes - 25c will buy them this week. We want it understood that this is a CASH HAL K, we shall not credit one cent to any man r womtiu. Come with the CASH, we want it. 'Clb-e TSto Sams. The Only Striotly One-Price Houhc in A mi Arbor,


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