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In palnting on silk, satin or erape for dross adornment the watoria) must íirst be sized with gum arabic or isinglasa. A buffet ftoari of mouile linen is worlcud in (iernifui cnibroidory, and has a dosiüii of eonventionalized orange blo.ísoms, fruit and foliage. A prctty rug for tho lounge is made of oream-colored basket-oloth, with pansies of all the rich purple and yellow shades eiubroidered upon it. 'l'here is no set piUtern, tho Üowerg lookiug as iL thny had becu dropped upon ir by somelavish hand. Try this w:ty of cooking a fowl: Cut "the raw fowl in pieces and put theni into a pau with very hot butter; cook for ten minutes, shakiug the pan oonstantly; then add a glass of good white wino and let it be reduced. Moiston willi stock and tómalo sauce, to which add a littli; sugar and soine mushroonis. Wlien cooked surve with croutons. Croquignoües, made by this recipe, are very nicn: l'ut in a bowl four ounces of butter, oue teaspoouful of sugar, a puien oí muí, jüiii a pounu oí llour, the wlntos of four eggs, and any sort oí flavoring; mix all well so as to íorin a very stiff paste. Put tho . mixture on the pasteboard and roll it ni a rope-liko íorm half an inch in diameter; then cut in pieces about half tin inch long, glazo with volk of ■ an egg, dust with sugar and bake in a moderate-oven. Mutton chops prepared in this way make a nice dish for lunch : Beat som o chops first; uiash the yolk of a , hard boiled egg and mix with it sonio sweot herbs. grated bread, nuttnog, aalt and pepper; oover the chops with ! this and put each chop into a pieoe of well buttered white paper and broil thcui over a c'ear lire, turuinsr thfcni of ten. Remove the paper and cover the chops with smoothly mashcd I tatoes bound together with volk of ; egg. Fry in hot oil until a delicate brown. This way of stewing carp is said to j be very good: Draw and skin the ; fish; brown somo Butter with a little flour, add some sniali onions, parsley, ; thyme and miishrooms, and inoisten with a large wine glass f uil of water and two ot red wine. Wheu the mixture is at boiling point pour it into the pan in which you place thn carp and stew it on a brisk fire. ffhen cooked put tho tish on a dish and garnish it with crawfish aud croutons; add the sauce thickened with a ; good piece of butter. Gilt frames may be revived by a mixture of two ounces of white of egg andona ounce of chloride of potash or I soda. The framo3 must be free from i dust and then the mixture is applied with a soft brush. Such frames may be cleaned with a so'ution of a small quaintiiy of salts of tartar dissolved in [ a wine bottle of water. Soa.k a piece ; of cottou batting in the liquid and dab the framos very gontly with It; do not rub them, for the guilt would come ofl if you did. Place the frames Í so the water may drain from them and syringe with clean water. The mixture must not be too strong. The old time occupation of paper flower making seems to have revived j with an euergy unknown to its former : days. Whole how windows are tilfed wilh the wonderful products of tissue paper and scissors manipulated ' by deft n'ngers. For lamp shades and I for a few other purposes these paper ■ objects are effective, but tor general Í decoralion they aro scarely to bo ! comnjended. Realistio placques of . eggs in paper, gras.s studded with paper, daisies and paper buttercups mounted on elabórate stands may be very iuterestiDg to thoso who mako them, but are hardly the sort of thing one would liko to behold constantly. ■ An effectual recipe for reuderiiig : oloth or tweed waterproof at home is ; the following: Take 1 oz. of alum and diasolve it in a quart of water; iu auother vessel dissolve 1 oz. of acótalo ' or sugar of lead, also in a quart of water. When the alum and lcad ave entirely dissolved, empty one vessel intO that whioh contains the other, mix them well together by stirriug ; thom with a stick, thon leave itfor a time to settle, and when deposit is íormed at the botton pour the liquid gently into another vessel, leavlng tho j deposit behind. The liquid part now beins: readj-, immerse the material to j be rendered waterproof, leaving it a little time to soak; then press it with the hands to get some of the water out. and hang it Dn a line to dry. To prove the ellicacy of the recipe, try Hrst on a small pioce of cloth or paca; yo-u will tind that you may carry water about in it without a single drop passing through. Do not put your hand to your niouth while doing this.


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