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Real Estate Transfers

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Wm. A Wheeler to Ellen Mead, land in township of Augusta, $3,400. F. Huber to Ann Huber, Bridgewater, 1,140. Arthur Dunn to Laurence O'Toole, Ann Arbor, $300. Mary ObĂ­ub to Wm. Osius, Ann Arbor, $2,500. Mary E. Stevens to Stoddard W. Twitchell, Ann Arbor, 8800. B. C. Farrand to Daniel H. Taylor, Aun Arbor, $1,300. Jas. Hewens to Jno. K. Campbell, Augusta, $1,700. Sarah J . Wines to Geo. Taylor, Lima, 4,432 . Edwin Ball to Willis Ball, Webster, 1,500. Andrew M. Callis to Elmira N. Savage, York, 700. Sarah Cooper to Fanny McMahon, Ann Arbor, $1,000Peter J. Cook to Daniel M. Burch, Sharon, $600. L. E. Holden to John Hieber, Chelsea, $300. Catherine Haab to Emanuel Haab, Fieedom, $1,194.53. Lewis Haab to Emanuel Haab, Freedom, $6,560. Niohols Van Riper to Jannett Presley, Webster, $2,700. Chas. A. Hollister to Wm. A. Chamberlain, Ann Arbor, $1,200. Wm. H. Parker to Jos. D. Baldwin, Ann rbor, $1,208. Cbristian Frank to Jeremiah Collins, property on north Main-st., $1,650. Thos. H. B. MsOmber to Geo. W. Weed, land in Salem, $2,400. Pardy H. Green to Clara Foster, Ypsilanti city, $600. Jno. C. Ellsworth to Jas. Hutohinson, Augusta, $1,400. William C. Sutherland to Datus Ensign, lots in Salem, $1,500.