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" Buit Oaks." Corn cutting has commenced in Home looalitiee. Mr. and Mrs. V. (t. Doty are visiting in Manchester, Juo. N. liaily of the Argus, is in Washington, 1). C. Tliat ohandelier in Rosey's billiard hall is a " daudy." Dr. Darüng and wifo aro in New York state, visiting f rienda. Ground was broken for the new mechameal laboratory, labt Thurmlsn . Simón L)avis, colored, has been granted a back pension, and in consequence is very happy. The invitations for the didication of the masóme temple, Thursday evening, Sept. 2ö, are out. ■VS. U. liurulilicld Uut) roinovoJ blo place of business to the store next to Wm. H. Mclntyre. Chas. Beed, D. K. E., class of '&i, all the way from Central America will strike the town in a day or two. The state fair has been a grand success. Twelve thousand people attended the exhibit:on, Weduesdny. These cool mornings make a fire feel comfortable, and remiud one of the approach of the cold, cruel winter. America ahead again. The Puritan " downed" the Genesta in great shape in tiie international yacht race. The old vets are having a roaring time at Grand liapids, this week, at the reunion of the army of the Cumberland. We are under obligations to the president of the Eastern Michigan association for complimentaries to the fair, Bept. 22-25. The celebrated elephant, Jumbo, was " knocked out" by a train of cara ut St. Thomas, Cariada, Tuesday. The locomotive was "(iitclied" by the oollision, but poor Jumbo lost his life. The uumber of stonee, large ones, taken out of the water pipe tronches on Main street, was something wonderfu). lian y of the bouldeis had to be" hoisted out of the trenches with a derrick. Col. Grosveuor and son, E. O., were in town Monday attending to some businefs matters. The Colouel luis reBBntly removed his family from Anu Arbor to his farm near Monroe. - Dundee Re porter. Will R Payne of this city, wa married to Miss Estella Vail of I anandagnia, Mich., Tueoday. Mr. Payne and wife will reach Aun Arbor üctober 1, and will be at home at their resideuce on Catbariue street oast. "Snxy" has the signs. Fair at Grand Kapidtt all of next week Wagonor bros. havo a chango of ad this week. Eugene Mann has gone to Californi for his henlth. Wm. Ailes of Montann, is visitiii frieuds in this city. Eev. R. B. Pope will preach at the M E. church, Sijnday. Chris. Donnelly lias returned from hi visit at Godrich, Out. Ann Arbor has been well representei at the State fair, thia week. Miss Lmma Behr of Detroit, is th guest of C. Mack and ftfniily. Justice Frueauff has the largest collec tion of old coin in the state. C. V. Fletcher of Superior, raised 44 bushelu of uate from six acres. Mr. Willis J. Abbot of Chicago, ha been visiting friend in Ann Arbor. Edwin F. Mack of Detroit, spent Sun day at home with his father, 0. Mack. The machinery for punipmg purposes at the water works will arrive next week Kev. Li. E. Springer has boen returnei as pastor to the M. E. church at Ypsi lanti. Len. F. Hatoh and Miss Eniina C'ook were united in niarriage,Wednesday eve ning. A. F. Haugsterfer will be on deck al the coming fair with a ref resumen I stand, 111 health has obliged Miss Louisc Taylor to abandon her school in the fourth ward. Jas. HarriB, 75 years of age, walked from Dexter to Ann Arbor, Tuesday, in just three hours. Jno. Keek fc Co. have a change of ad. this week. It will pay our readers to peruse it carefully. .Monday evening, Sept. 21, the beautiful drama, "Buir Oaks," will be presented at the opera house. Jas Eobison will have bis livery offleo on Washington street, No. 24, having rented the place of G. Herman. Adam Waidleoh, on West Liberty -st., ais put in plate glass front at an expense of $250. Wm . Herz, contractor. Wednesday eveuing the I. O. G. T. will celébrate the centennial temperance reform by a blow out at their lodge room. Jerry Boyle, who owns the old liarnoy Keenan plaoe, in Northüeld, raised 3)0 jushols of Clawson wheat from five acres. The appointment of Jno. Gillen as postmaster at Saline, will meet a hearty approvnl from every demoorat in the county. Rot. W. W. Kamscy will be the new pastor of the M. E. chureh, and the parionage bas been put apple-pio order for nm. The Two Siims' have a chango of ad. ;his week, annoiincing the arnval of i large stock of tailor-made suits. Tako a squint at it. xuZÏÏ'bïcItlZiï, fti ín llowance of $4.00 per month. O. L. latthews, agent. Eastern Michigan fair will be held at 'psilanti on Tnesday.Wednesday, Thursay and Friday of next week . A good how and fine rucos aro promised. Mack & Schrnid have just made a sale of over 300,000 pouuds of wool. This is undoubtedly the largest sale of wool by any one firm in the county this season. When the comnion council order citizens lay down sidewalks the city Bhould fix the gutters and tar walks, and not compel people to wade in mud ankle deep. J. C. Knowlton, our ex-postmaster,has been appointed assistant professor in the law department of the university. The position will only occupy a part of his time, however. J. H. Parkhust has removed to this city from Harrison, Ont. Mr. P. ij a brother-in-W oí J. 1) KHinson and will Vm- after be found on duty at the latter's grocery store. Louis Seyler, the well-known painter, who has been in the employ of Albsrt iorg for the past two years, is about to Decoine the proprietor of the Diehl louse. Mr. S. will make a capital landord. M . Early, general agent for the Berk shire life insurance company of Pittsield, Mass., was in the city last Friday, and, amongother business transacted by aim, was the giving of a $1,000 check to ;o Postmaster L)utïv, whioh sum was his due on a paid-up policy in the above comiany. The new ten cent delivery stamp has jeen received by Postmaster uffy. It is a beauty in the stamp line, blue in color, about one inch deep bo two inches wide, with a picture of a youth running with a letter in his hand, apon the left nind side, and the balance occupied with nstructions. Fred. Cutler, the popular clerk of the Franklin house of this city. left Mondav ;o assun.e tliu management of the Elker;on house at Dowagiao. Mr. C. ia a ho;el man, through and through, and tlic people of Dowagiac may rest assured hat the Elkerton will be kept as it should be. Fred., we wish you suecess. Rey. David H. Taylor of the sixth ward, ilicd la.ut Friday, of consumption, aff& 5U ycnm. Mr. Tajlwr Liïlw iilltJti jastorstee in Saginaw, Lapeer, Fenton, md several other cities in this state. Ho was a gradúate of the university, clasB of ")8, and Monday his funeral sermón was delivered by ono of his classmates. Prof. Granger and .Tames HarkitiH proprietors of the minstrel company thut bore their name, bave tinr, to gTeat expense and will reproduce in great shape " Old Mother Hubbard or the Uarrivan ofGondo." Prof. (iranger will appear in the original dress presented him by the (úeen of Caunibal Islands. Look out for small bilis. Next Monday evoiing the picturesque American drama, "Burr Oaks," will be presented at the Grand. The compiiuy producing the play is an excellent one, henee our uitizens may rest assured of witnessing a öue entertainment. The prioe "f lulinission is within the reach of everybody and nothing should prevent this troupe from being greeted with a full house. Keserved seats at Boughton " The Lives and Graves of Our Presidente," is the most beautiful book for the t nurs we have seen. It contaius a steel-llnish engraving of all the presidents of the Unitod States, in hausomely boun d and price very reasonable. Some industious person would do well to take up the ugency for it in this commuity as hundreds of compies of it could be sold here. For terms, etc., address Eider Pubhshing Co., 3C4 Wabash ave., Chicago, III. A session of the circuit court was held Saturday afternoon. Geo. Osborn was granted a decree of divorce from his vife, N.incy Osborn. Justus beaborn was arranged for burglary and pleaded not guilty, arul was remanded to jail in default of $200 bail for his appearance. Joseph Wax and Frank Weidland, copartners in the leather business, were arraigned lor larceny, and, pleading not guilty, were remanded to jail in default of $500 each . The court tlïeu adjourned to Momlay, Sept. 28. Petereon'B Magazine for Octobermakes us marvel more than ever how so beautiful a monthly can be published íor so low a price. The principal engraving on stoel, " The Star of the Night, " is a portrait of one of the lovhest of women, and looks us if painted froni life. There are two colored patterns in embroidery ; a maramoth colored fashion-plate ; a story profusely illustiated; and some fifty ■wood-cuts of fashions, work-table pat terns, etc, etc. The best thmg to do is to write for a specimen of "Peterson," which will be sent gratis, and compare ït with others, when you will be certain to gnbeoribe and get up a club for 1886. The price of this "lady's favorite" is lmt two dollars a year,with great deductions to clubs. A.ddress Charles J. Peterson, 36 Chestnut st.reet, Philadelphia, Pa. " Burr Oaks" at the Grand next Mondav eveniiig. Wheat, 111 lirge qiiantitios, ia comiu in every day. There was a meeting of the universit regen ts, Monday. Walt Pack of Ypsilanti, was in the oit Tuesday evening. Payüe, of Boughton & Payne, is ab sent from the city. Standard time does not seem to hav been adopted in this city as yet. Heury Binder is to open a sample room in the rear of his tobáceo store soon. There will be a temperance meeting in the hall over Noble's store, Sunday afternoon. W'o are pleasod to once more see the smiling face of " Barney" Johnson on ourstreets. There has bein a slight change of time iu the running of several trains on the Central. As opening day for the university upproaohes the arrival of studeuts is of almost daily oocurrence. Messrs. Eeuwisk and Clancy have put down new tar walks in front of their respective residences on Spring street. Tkere is considerable work being done at the fair grounds on tho track, wbich will be put in good condition for the races. The work of laying the water pipes and building the reservoir for the water works, is progressing finely, a full forcé of men being now at work. Geo. Gilbert's horse, Spotted Beauty, trotted in a race at Pittsburg, Pa., Tuesday taking third money. George hae got a trotter, sure. In anticipation of a good fall trade, our merchants begin to wear smiling faces and move about with their customary vim. A good signThe new jail is rapidly approaching completion. The lower tier of cells are comploted and work on the upper ones is being pushed to a finish. Jno. W. Wise reporta the sales of Grant's Memoirs to be very brisk. It is no trouble to sell a book that everybody wants, which is the case with the one John handles. Thoro should be a gasoline lamp and post placed on Spring street, near the tone wal! at the foot of the hill on the old Bower property. The place is a langerous one for ladies to pass after lark. Our merchants and others should pond hberally to the eommittee solicitng subscriptions for the spoed preniums at the county fair, for without good races the fair will not amount to much. And still the walk at the crossing of he Toledo road on Catherine street reïains in tho same dilapidated condition. 'he first thing the city knowns it will ïave somo accident to pay for on account f this walk. n a-T i-rtTiíCT i TI "■ - - ' - itizens availed themselves of an umty to view ihe new hall being fitted ip by tbe inasonic frateruity in their new temple. The decorations are artisic and elabórate. The painüngs upon be wall are very fine indeed. Two wheat stacks belongiug to Mrs. ?hos . Fitzsiinmoua of Ann Arbor townhip, Avere set on fire by the sparks from thresbing engiue, Mondav atternoon, nd were entirely consumed. ïhey vere both insured in the Washtenaw mutual tor $;00, but the company is not ïable, as wood instead of ooal was used i the engine. We have received an attractive illusxated circular of Adrián college, giving discription of the vanous departments f this institution. The pamphlet is mbellished by handsome cuts of the ollege building, the museum, interiora, X5., and contains in a compact form ust the information desirpd by tUwoo oüicmpianng attenaing college. Any ne muy obtain copies of tkio oircular, r of the annual college catalogue by ddressing President 1). 8. Stephens, Adrián, Micü. Constable Imus arrested Mrs. Nettie jawrence (white) and John Jackson coloree) Vednesday evening ani lodged ïem in jail. Jackson is charged with ïaving set fire to a house on Huron reet in the early part of last month. [rs. Lawrence is oharged with having üred Jaukson to do ït for the sake ol etting the insurance on the furmture, hich was insured for doublé its value. ackson confesses his guilt and shows ompromising letters from Mrs. Lawence to sustain his story. She denies ïer guilt strenuously. At last Ann Arbor is to have the salation army, a squad of them making ïeir appèarance on our streets Wednesay, and holding services in the eveing at Cropsey's hall. We understand lat they will establish a barraaks here 'he manner in which the hoodlums and amins followed them through the itreets in the evening and hooted and ïisaed at them, was disgraceful in the xtrcm-, iuul bUouW Ixí put a stop to by ie authorities. 'iheso peoplc are en tled to all the protiction that is due to ny one, and tbey should have it. A writor in the Whitinoro Lake Sun uis this to say of Ann Arbor's li. li.: l'ho T. a. A. & N. M., is constantly managed by gentlomauly officials and inployees and is beooming a good road. Ono thing we notice that was a very leasing attraction, and a thmg of very are occurreuco m raüroads ; that is the irectness of this road. It runs in a ontinuous straight line for many miles. n fact there aro but two slight curves etween Aun Arbor and Toledo. If you 'int i nico ridc and pleasant mghts, go 0 Toledo with the next excursión." A Massachusetts state senator remarks: It is hard to please one's constituent. 1 few days after I went to the senate for ie first timo I made my maiden speech. luid myself out on it, and I thought it vas a daiay. After I got through I went ut, and there I met Air. Finnerty, who oastedof having 'more political infioo nee than auy dommed man in the - tb vard.' He was red in the face and very Bgry about sometüiiiíf. 'wnats tne natter?' I inquired. 'Matter,' he replied ; we want you to distinctly understaud with emphasis) that we didn't elect for ■ou for apache makiug. What we want of yoa LuLftiUyi vlLiurt nuil (iifcijovuly; iloiamed little of that.' " The Detroit Free Press in speaking of ' Burr Oaks" combination, has the folowing praise for thein: The interesting Irama of " Burr Oaks" was revived at White's Theater last night in the presence of an audionce that nearly fllled the immense auditorium. The scenio effects are a trifle lees heavy and pretrntions ;han they were last season, but there is quite euough in that way to give the ilay all needed embellishmeDts ; and he story ís one of continuous and ihnlling interest . Eyery act and every scène was received with many complimentary demonstrations last night. The principal parto are capably acted by Vliss Genevieve llogers, Walter Owen, Miss Morah Eilis-Byan, Sam Ryan, W. J. Holten and Miss Irene Worrell-Holon. The play-goers of twenty-five and more years ago have joyous memorie of Sam Iiyan's Mock Duke and kindred characters, and all such will have a special pleasure iu welcoming him now. Age certainly bas not withered, nor has onatom stalod the variety of hia funny powers. Another old friend is Irene Worrell, wlio had uot been Been hero since tiie priine of Young men 's hall, when the blooming trio was compo?ed o the Histers Irene, Jenuie aud Sophie Clever use of voice, . raceful dancing aml the never-forgotten urehness of hor girlhood remind us that time has laid a geutle hand on this one of the merry three. Oenevieve Rogere' impersouatioi if Blaggie Oabs is ueat, intelligent anc sympathetic, and Mr. Owen's Burr Oaks has Borne notable touches. The ladies and gentlemen of the company all work wcll together, and the result of thei joint endeavor is an agreeable and mov ing representation of drama that posses sea o, largo inherent interest.


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