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Kit Carson's Legacy

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I. Gerónimo niel iiis inunierous band Aro raidlng the frèeta mhiiis; Western land; Toriurinu v inrn and m uíping nn-ii, Makiug of rundios anoisorne ícn, lid of eettlcments a elaughter-pen. ir. Hi ' li i ! hl ! To tbe. pale-face death ! Mu i ate sons ers tlicir naning breath! Morder motilen, mil balies braiu! Sca'.Ur Imllets lil;e peltlDK rain. And [Cour away tol be bilis utaiul iir. Bloody Apaclif s, aceurst, Over oor in mea in a. cyclone bursl, Míikítii; vrldcws of fair oung wlves, Taking Innocent ehildreii's lives, Gashing loved ones wlth reeldüg knives. IV. Merey to sucli Ís tbrown away, 'J'be rifle-bal] Iheir unlv py: Tbe bavonct-piüii and tlíc (iJtliug-irun, And the eavairy-eliarjc from wbich they run Are tbe bravest and best tbiug to be done. V. Gullty f rienda of tliat fiendlsb foe Whose trail Is wet witb tbe tears of woe, 'I hink what Kit Carson wisely sald When be s;azed on a settler's gory bed, "An Indian aood is an Indían dedil!"


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