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Aloving But Foolish Father

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"My dear," said a rich father to his only daughter, a very fashionablo girl, 'you are about to bo ntarriei), and I want to talk to you scriously." "Yes, papa," sho said, seating herself on his k hoi'. George is a very worthy youn man. and abundantly ablo to tako care of you, but this is a very uncertain world. Misforüines niíiy" como wheii you least cxpect Uieui, and it behooves us to bo ready to mcot thcm with a brave and oheerfal boart. If through some chanco, your luisband should loso his fortuno, and be reduced to very huinble circumstances, do you think that you coulri accept the now ordei' of things and help hiiu as a true wifc should?" you foolish pa, wiicd you kuow how I adoro George?" "That is vory well," the old man continued, -'bul could you, cducated co a lifo of luxury as you ïiavc been, resolutely put aside the past and devote yourself to household duties, such as cookinff, and mending, and marketing, and - and sweopinsr, aud all that sórt of thiug?" "What a foolish, süly papa you ato, to bo sure," replied tho girl, playfully tapping the bald spot on nis head, "and how ridiculously you talk! Why, the servants woulcl attend to all these matters!"


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