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COOK HOUSE, EH. HUDSON, Proprietor, Newly Furnlshed. The landing tuu In Asm Arbor. UNION HOTEL. TJ'IRST-CLASS in 11 respects. Everything new; fine rooms, well rurnished. Terms, 91 per day mi upward.i. Special rates to woathr boarders. Mels $ cent. John Schueider Jr., Proprietor. Corner of Washington and Seooud streets, Ann Arbor, Mich. NICHOLS BROS., T W. & A. C. NI0HO1.S, U. D S.D.nta vv Offlce Masonic Tempe Block, over Sivinjr Bank, Aan Arbor, Mich. WILLIAM CASPARY, f AXERY AND CONFE0T1ONERY, Cor. Fourtn uil AnnMreet. ' EDVVARD PATE, MACHINIST, and repalrer of Surgkal Jnstru ments. LocKS, Uinbr-llas aud l'arasols Fin Machine and Bicycle Work a Speclaity. No 86 North ÏTalu-st.. Ann Albor. Mich. RUBÉN KEMPF TEACHER of Piano, Organ and Theory 01 Music. No. 8, last Wasbington-st., over Rit sev & Seaboït's. Leave orders for l'iauo tuning JOSEPH CLINTON, Merchf-ntTatlor. shop over ffm. AUaby's bool 1 and hoe store All wort guarantaeJ orne cnarge. JOHN F. LAVPRENCE, ATTOHNEY AT LAW. Office, Nos. 8 Hill's Opera House, Ann Arbor, Mica. E. B. NORRIS, A TTORSEY AT LAW. Does a general law, j A coüaction and coDrevance business. A j moderate patronage is respectively nolicited. { Dince in the oourt house, Ann Arbor. O. C. JENKINS, SURGEON DENTIST. Rooms No. 1S South Main Street, opposlta the First National Bank Urn Arbor, Mich. ANTON EISELE, DEALER IN MOXUM'S.ÏS and Gravestoaes manufactured from '1 nnessee and luüir.n Í arble aud Scotch and American Grauite Shop 3er. Detroit ad Catheria sta., Ana Arbor . i aich. ; WILLIAM IIERZ, HOUSE, SIGN, Ornamental and Fresco Pato. ter. Gilding, Calelmtning, Glaiing and Paper rïangiug All work done in the best style and rarrauted to eivesacislaction. Shop, Na. 4 Weet Washington strect. Ann Arbor, Xiicüigan. WILSEY'S MUSIC STORE. PIANOS. ORGAN3, SHEET MUSIC, Inslruotlon Books, Vioüns, Guitars. Flutes, tv., ihap at Wil9y's Music Room. Hit tide I'ublio kjuar. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Th largo t and )Ht Stock of Musical Goods ever brought into iVaoiteaaw Countv. Violin%nd Quitar Strlngs a I ipeclaltT. N. B- It wll be to your interest to i all beioi-e purchasing anylhing in the Musis tab. Abstracts of Titles on Real Estáte. [HAVE a complete compilation of tho Official Records of Washtcnaw Cour.ty to tlare. incluling all TaxTitlf", Executions, any incuuibranc in Real Estat, tnal ij of Record in the Keg!s44ns fflee, is shovfn by my books. Office, in tiie iffic ïf the secretary of tne Washteuaw mtitnal inaur ince coinpany, in the baseüient of the cour ! louse. C. H. ilANLY. Ann Arbor. Mich. 3NLa,2?3s:et5. C. W, VOGEL, PfiopiuhTOR, Late of CbeTsea, at MOMAS MATTHEWS' OLD STAND On Aon Strect. WBSn AÍSD SALT MEAÏ8 K.EPT ON HAND The Ann Arbor Savings Bank Orranized 1869, under the Gencrxl liaiikii.g if tuis state has now, incluuing capital stjet, ' itc, etc, omn $eoo,ooo asskts. Business men, Uuardians Trusteea, Ladlei and ither porsons wül flr.d thís Bank a SAFE AND CONVENI1NT: Place at whlch 10 matee Deposita and do kus'iu-e. Interest is Allowed on All Savings Oepositt Of $1.00 and upward, accordini; to the rurs ol the bank. and interest compouruied semi auuu Uj. Money to Loan In Sums of S2S to L5,00o, iecursd by Uulucumbered Keai Esuto and or&er tood tecniitles. DIHBUTOK3- Cürinian Mack. W. W. KIn V7. D. Harrlman, rilliam Uetiblo, Dvid Hinsey. Daniel Ulicvck und W. !. Siulth OPlTICJEKS-ClitHUan Mao. President; w. I w Wlnei. Vicol'reuldeut: C. K. Ulacuck, Csbhlcr D. KIERSTEAD'S WINDOW 8H ADE FACTOBY, 85 Xortt. !■ í;á treet. The taioritti uf cvery Houfitk.j-j.rr. The atttiiiiion of the public is most respcti'ully called to my manufacture of Su cr'ior Wt.o-leh ■ Shades. known as the Rustic Wlndow Suodo, 1 For üurabilily, Cueapness, Co.ivenience ancí Beauty, they can not be excelled. My ann i ro surply a line of goods of genuine mei-it. pul u Inelepant stvle. nrd at fair rates. I am uv 1 manufacturing a Superior Slank-, the best of the kind ever offered In Ihls marktt. Wcutlior SWps of every variety, for doors and Windows, t my establishment. - - - ■ j Get Your Property InsuredBy C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGK1NT, No. 4 South Main street, Ann Arbor. Tht 'jlitl axencyin the city. Eütablished aquarVrofa centuryago. Representáis Ihe folímlnií flrstclass companies. with over $30,000,OOiJ aaieU. Homa Ins. Co., of N. Y.; Continautal Ins. Co., tf N. "ï.; Niágara Ins. Co., ol N. Y.; Girard Ins. Co., of Pluis.; Oriënt Ina. Co., oí Hartford; Commercial TJnion of Londoi; Liverpool und Londoii nud Globe. ty Ratea low. Loeses libM)ly adiui'.ci toj renrriy pald. (; U" M1ULR:


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