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The gupervisinfí inspector-general oí steara vessels rcported the work of the steamb-j:;t inEpectiou service ior the fiscal year endhig June SU, 1885V, as follows: Iii the "domestic servies, total númber of vessels inspected. lyïiS; total toonage of vessels iuspected, 1,008,865,65; total number of oflicers licensed, 83,335. The recclpts wero i211,4öS. The expendftures $250,291; unexpended balance in treasury standing to the credit of steaniboat ioapectlon service, S483.444. Total number of Uves lost by accident in 1884, 271 ; total number of lives lost ia 1885, 133; decrease in 1SS4, 138. O! the munber of live lost in 'S5, iortr-seven were passeugers and cighty-six wcre ofnceis or persoDS einplojêil oü teamers. The loss of life on steaiD vessela íor tho fiscal year is the miulimiis loss vet rcuorded, beliifr but one to eaci forty-tbree steajners iní-pftcted, as acainst oue to eacb tbrec stearoers üispected tht year pvious to the ttcamljoat law of 18BÖ. Tbe report says It bas come to bc generalij" admiUed tbat travel by steamboat is the saiest of all haov.'o -means of passeDger conveyance. Ia the foreign serviev tbe total number of s-teamêrs iuspected was :?:?. Tlf. expense of tho foreieo BÓJrtc bas been i3ö,641. The 6upen'is.iDi,' inspector general recorameuds anjeodroents lo toe reviej statuto. ;o atqput owtiws of inlacd toaméri on aa coualitvaith öoers oí Béá-fiOihg steaouers ÍL the matter of personal lioUiüty.


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