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How The Czar Travels

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From the London World. The carriages which are used by the Queen when traveling long distances ure eomfortable enough to satisfy the most exacting passenger, and the imperial train of the late Emperor Napoleon used to be considerad a miracie of luxury; but the huterwas not good enough for the late czar, who purchased it, and it was improved and altered and refurnished out of recognition before it was pronounced fit for use in Bussia. The English saloons sinkinto utter eontejnpfc when compard with it. This train, which is ai ways used by the Emperor and Empress for long journeys, carried them to Kremsier and back. There are sixteen carriages, of wbich the first is a kitchen, and Uien come one for pólice agents, one for thu military suite, three for members of tho household and two for the Imperial family, ea:h Grand Duke havmg nu entirelyseparatecompartment, which can be fitted for either day or night use. The carriage of the Empireea has a spaciousslcepingcompartment with a hainmock bed, furmture of ebony and utensils of silver, and an immense looking-glass. There is a bathroom, complctely íitted, and a compaitment for the lady-in-waiting. Tho Empruss' sitting-room contains a writins-table, a sofa and easy-chaira. The Emperor's sleeping carriage is ïtted with olive-gi-een leatber, and 3nly contains a bed and a dressing;able and bath. Th en comes a sittirjgroom, fitted very simply; and lastly :he dining-roorn, whicn is fui-nished Rith carved oak, and merely contains :ables,chairsandasideboord. There is ommunication throughout the train Erom one end to the other. She was plump ayd beautifnl andhs ivas wildly fond of hfr; ebe hated him, bt, wornanlike, shit sti-ove to cstcli lim. He was a fly.


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