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The freshmen lits elect officers tomorrow. The sophomore lits elect offlcers tomorrow afternoon. ü. F. Prioe, law '60, is general attorney for the C. B. fe Q. R R. The freshmen dents have organized a class lyceum with J. P. Eddy as president. Secretary Wade is taking considerable pains in improving the looks of the campus. There are 285 students in the law de partment, an increase of nine over last year. Librarían Davis delivered his last lectnre for this semester last Monday evening. The Medical Advance for October has been issued with an excellent table of con ten ts. Quite a number of students accompanied the Rugby team to Windsor, last Saturday. Wm. H. Strong, law '85, of Cleveland, O., was adrnitted to the bar in that state, last week. The Hobart guild will tender a reooption to Canon Farrar upon his visit to this city, Nov. 25. The choral union is in a flourishing condition this year, having in all 93 active members. The senior homeops haveelected H. B. Reynolds as class president, and Wilson class historian. Remember, the Chicago string quartet comes on November 20. No better leader can be found than Rosenbecker. Prof. A.B. Prescott will deliver alecture on the " Law of Self-Surrender," before the S. C. A., next Sunday morning. Do not fail to subsreibe for the five chamber concerts; it is the cheapest series of entertainments ever offered. The American Meteorological Journal for October, makes its appearance from the new publication office in this city. Thé office of president in the junior lit class is now vacant on account of the resignation of president-elect, Thomas. The Hobart guild which recently organized has G8 charter members and the outlook is favorable for successful work. J. A. Leighton, homeop '85, is senously ill at Boulder, Montana, where he is said to have many friends and a large practice. Misses N. D. Jayne and N. Daniels are attending the Gamma Phi Beta convention, which is held this week at Syracuse,N.Y. Several members of the medical faculty "set down" on the boys for having a "go as you please" concert before the afternoon lecture. . Dr. Riker of Fentou, a former student of the medical department, was in town last week, paying a visit to his two sons, who are atterfding college. President Angelí will lecture, tlns evening to the Phi Alpha Pi association at Olivet. It will b,e the first lecture on the soeiety's course this season . The junior laws held their election last Saturday, and, after balloting all day for president without auy decisive result, they adjourned nntil to-morrow a. m. F. J. Schwarzschild,dent'86, has been "sqnealing" to the facnlty on some of the medicAÏ nfcndontrï, (mcl now thnt the whole class is on his tack he realizes that the way of the "squealer" is hard. South Lyon Excelsior: Wm. Douglas of Hamburg, killed a black coou Saturday. Black coons are (juite a novelty in this section. The pelt will be mounted and placed on exhition at the university museum. The Windsor, Ont., Rugby team were defeated for the first time last Saturday, the university team winning very easy, with six pointe to spare. The Windaora will play a return ratne m the near future, in this city. Canon Farrar has informul the lecture association that it will beimpoBaible for him to reach this city before Nov. 25, consequently his lecture, which was to have beou givon Nov. 21, will be postponed until the 3Stb. A course of five chamber concerts will be offered this seasou by the university musical society, two to be held in room 24 and two in university hall. önbsoription tickets sell at $2 each and admit the buyer to all of the concert. Under the auspices of the Philosophical society of the uniyarsity, Professor Thomas will deliver, in room 24, tomorrow evening at 8 o'clóck. a lecture entitled, 'Goethe, and the Conduct of Life.' The public are cordially invited to attend. A continuation of the foot-ball game, between '88 and '89, was called last Saturday a. m. J. Duffy, captain of '8'J, objected to play on account of the wèather, conseqüently but few of the freshmen came out. Refferee Higgins overruled the objection anti the sophs played the game alon, and won without any seri ous difticulty. 'Eighty-nine' lèft thé fwlVI end the ring contesta díd no"t táke place, as is customary. The senior laws have elected the following class offic'éra for the coming year:President, J. V';. ".Hamilton: 'vice president, J Haggerty; secretary Miss.Mary Merrill; treastirer, J. W. Houder; base ball captain, R. M. Lee ; foot ball captain, F. H. MoNel; choriater, 0. E. Peel; sergt.-at-arms, A. G. Avery; chaplain, F. B. White. There yet reraains to be elected a clase poet, historian, prophet and orator. They will continue their election to-morrow. The students of the law department have prrepared and framed a memorial which will be sent to Judge Campbell. The memorial sets forth that, " We, the class of '86, deploring your resignation and the loss to the law department, in which you dellvered the opeuing address, and where for more than a quarter of a century, by your legal instrnction and kindnesH, you have won the respect and love of all who have been privileged to listen to yon, present this grateful remembrance, and with the fervent wish thát your future may be as illustrious as your past has been glorious." The memorial was signod by the committee. All are glad to notice that the chamber concerts, so popular among all lovers of music, have been revived. This year, however, owing to the absence of musical entertainments in the program of the lecture association, some of these concerts will be opened to the general public, although subscribers for the season will be entitled to special privileges, as for instance, the right to reserved seatH to all the university entertainmente at the flrst concert. This series of fl ve concerts, of which we give the full list, is the best ever offered to the public and onght to bo well attended: On Nov. 20, the Chicago String Quartet, a conoert reserved for subscribers and their friends. Dec. 7, the wönderful Hungarian band of sixteen pieces, will give selections from thoir national airs, and they will be followed, after the holidays, by the well-known and ever popular Mendels Ouintette. with Mies Giese ;is triini donna (this conrert is alsn reserved Tor subscribers and their friends). Then the Choral Union, numbering over 100 voices, will render the sacred masterpiece of Gpunod, the " Messe Solennelle" and Gade's " Earl King," and finally, as a fit onding to the series, the Ann A"rbor people will have a chance to hear again the wönderful, world-famed pianint, Kaphael Josefly. Those who have heard him once know what a treat it will be. Season tickets for the Sve concerts can be obtained of Osius & Co., and George Moore, for the modest sum of $2. Holders of season tickete, with their friends, will be adinitted to the first and third concerts, and they will have the privilege of securing their seats for the other three, at the firsf ooncert in university hall.


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