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JManager Watts of the Princesa rink, Detroit, was at the Palace, Saturday even ing. The largeat crowd of the season attended the rink Saturday evening, to witnesa the exhibition given by the Powere Bros. Miss Florence Foater enjoya the reputation of being one of the beat and most graceful lady skaters who attends the rink, while Maeter "Larry" Sweeney has no equal among the gentlemen attendants. All ladies attending the rink on Fridav evenings, hereafter, will receive a fine souvenir. This evening it will be tbe ■' Princesa Schottische," which was written for the Princesa rink and dedicated to W. W. Watts. The paper of the country are makinr no little ado about what Grant aaid when alive. It strikes us that it is of httle nccount. Those who reaperted Grant don't believe these after death reports. Those who would endeavor to biing him into contempt, by their allegations of kin deolarations, are not doiug his memory any partictilar honor. If Qrant waoted tci hang Tilden and was in mortal fear lest Johnson should turn the government over to the reliéis, he wonid stand lower in the eatimation of intelligent thinking men, than his worat enemy ever attempted to place him when living, and deservedly so, too. The men who make these statements are Hars. That'a the only rational aolution of tb. - entire matter. At least we prefer to rgard them auch, to accepting their theory that proclaim Grant a dangerous demagogue. - Adrián Press. A ballet dancer depends for auccesa more upon her agility than adddress. " A Western preacher refuaed to flght a man who called him a liar." The clergyman said he waa employed flghting the devil, and could not spare time to engage in a oontrQversy. with. any.other member of thè' family.


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